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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school student I would advise myself not to be so afraid to start college and step in the experience confident that I will make it through and not have to worry. I would also tell myself that there are differences in high school and college education. In college your work must be done at pace with the college schedule and not turned in early as opposed to high school where you can turn them in early. I would say don't be so nervous about how hard the work will be. The work didn't turn out to be that hard at all. And I would remind myself that in college you have to stay focused and work hard as well as staying focused on the future. Lastly, I would remind myself that the goals I have for the future require me to have a good education and I want to be a graduate of not just high school but also college. These are the things that I would say to advise myself to prepare for college life and thefuture ahead.


Dear past self, Although you are thinking of skipping out on college and thinking you can have a successful career by advancing in the general workforce, I am here to warn you that you are very wrong. The reality is that you will need a solid educational background and need the proper knowledge to advance in the future professional world. You will later in your life realize that in order to be successful, happy and live the life you want that you must work hard, never stop learning, and persue your goals. Do not give up on education and furthermore do not give up on yourself, you are stronger then you think and in the future you will succeed at anything you put your mind too. Just know that with self discipline, motivation and dertermination you can have a college degree and you can have the life you have always dreamed of. So never give up on your dreams and let education lead you to the future you have always wanted for yourself. You can do it!


College was something I tried to do directly out of high school because my parents wanted me to, but I would tell myself that it could be a great experience if I simply let myself enjoy it. I would absolutely tell myself to stick with it and to let myself enjoy life more. I was so serious about life, such a heavy soul that I couldn't enjoy the learning opportunities, not just scholasticly but interpersonally as well.


If I could go back in time to when I was a college senior I would tell myself to attend school. When I was a freshman in high school I was bullied so instead of dealing with it and getting a proper education, I skipped school everyday and did not attend high school after the first semester of Sophmore year. I eventually ended up getting my GED. During high school, I didn't believe in myself and didn't have anyone there who did, so instead I sold myself short. If I would have went to high school and continued the straight A's that I received when I did attend, I wouldn't have ended up going to the University of Phoenix online. I wish I could tell you how I would have made my college transition easier but in reality there was no transition between high school and college.


I would tell myself that education is important and that there is time to goof off after you complete your goal. I would say stay focused and even when it gets hard, know that the finish line is within reach. I would tell myself that failure is not an option and the person that quits can never succeed. I would say don't give up, be an example to someone who doesn't know they are strong enough. Always give 200{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} because if you mess up along the way, you will always have a 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} to fall back on. Then I would say to myself, pace yourself, get all you can now because college life is not a joke. I would tell myself the real world loves nobody, you have to prepare yourself for what is to come and LOVE YOURSELF! Be encouraged, keep your head up and a brighter day you'll see. And my final final words to myself would be whatever you get for yourself, the things you learn, the knowledge you gain belong to you and no one can take that away from you.....I Love You.


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior would be the advice I give my children. I tell them to make sure they take advantage of every opportunity they are offered. I tell them to experience life but also develop a plan that will not hold you back when you are ready to settle down. When you start to have a family and get a regular paying job, it limits your opportunities to only opportunities for people who have time for them. I would say to take it slow and learn all you can while you are young. Going to school, holding a job and having a family is a lot to handle. You need energy, time and money inorder to complete anything. It is alot easier to accomplish your goals before you take on adult responsibilities. I would say to start with a goal and work towards it.


This can be the simplest and most complex question. The only answer is that I would tell myself to stay in school. When I graduated from high school, the econmic bloom was in full swing. Jobs were very easy to get and the salary was a major deterent for me. I made the decision to follow the money trail and pursue a career. At that time, an education was an afterthought. The on-the-job training was worth more to the employers than a degree. It was a big mistake on my part. I too, never saw our economy as anything but strong and I wasn't worried about the "what if". Well, 25 years later, I am stuck in the same boat as most, I am without a formal education and the job market today requires a bachelors degree or above. So, following the money was sufficient in the short term, but I should have found the time for the education.


I was a stereotypical teenage drop-out in high school and left when I was pregnant as a sophomore back in the early 90's. I went back and got my GED but didn't start college until I was in my late 30's. If I could go back I would stress the importance of staying in school and continuing onto college no matter what it took. I struggled a lot back then so the struggle to stay in and do well in school would not have been much harder and the rewards would have been much higher. I am juggling a fmily, a job, and school right now. Back then I would have only been struggling a family and school because there are housing options for students. I was an orphan so I would have qualified for more financial options than I have now as well. Dropping out and going back to school as an adult is much harder than just starting on the right foot in the first place.


I would tell my younger self to be smart, be driven, and be yourself. I would tell me first of all, the amount on the award letter is not the amount of money you will receive, so don't focus on the amount, focus on the quality of education. I would also tell myself to find whatever it is that you are truly passionate about and do that, because that’s something you will stick with. Another thing I would tell myself is have fun but stay focus. If you have to choose a night of studying or a night of partying, choose studying because it will pay off in the long run. Finally, I would tell myself to stay true to yourself, don’t worry about the transition. As long as you are yourself you will always shine and everything else will fall into place. (For the record my younger self would probably be pretty freaked out by this back to the future moment.)


There a few things that I would tell myself if I was able to talk to myself as a senior in high school. The first thing that I would tell myself that it really does matter how well you do in your senior year and that it is more important to study and stay on track than sociallizing with your friends. That you should try to find an equal balance of the two, and to stay focused for it will help you in the future obtain a better job.


Teresa you should continue your education to make your future plans look as bright as possible. With an education you can make something of yourself, be a postive role model and a better person. Your family will be proud of your accomplishments and you can internally feel stronger as a women and mother. Don't let your education stop at high school, continue to strive for a better tomorrow. The college life will be difficult but it will be rewarding at the same time. With each class that you take it is the next step to completion and your degree will bring you a stability that no person can take away from you.


What I would tell myself in high school would be, do not hold back. I was very introverted in high school, with a very few select friends. I would tell myself to try out for the softball or volleyball team, and not hold back because of fear. I would tell myself to follow through with volunteering with "habit for humanity". I would tell myself to enjoy my life more and do something outside of school instead of just working. All of the regrets I have are because I was too afraid to step out of my comfort zone; what I would say to myself back then would be to do just that. All things I did not do then would have made a big difference in my life, especially college. The very last thing I would tell myself to the me back then would be, to pay attention more to the classes. What we do not realize until we are adults, is that high school is very important to our futures and when you are an adult it is too late to take advantage of the things it offers us.


Advice I would give myself would be to not rush into anything because in time I will find the best school solution to getting my degree and I can still take care of my family. Be patient and persistent but your time will come and you will enjoy as if you were that 18 year old fresh out of high school young adult. Also please apply for all the scholarships you can because they will make the difference of not putting too much stress and financial burden on you. Good Luck and I love me!


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would say that a college degree is obtainable and that there are ways to financial support yourself to get an education. You can apply for scholarships and grants. There are resources out there but you have to put the effort in finding the funding but anything is possible if you want it badly enough.


Don't attend college unless you are truely ready. Take some time so really figure out what it is you want to do. I know most of your friends are going to school right away and it seems like the right thing to do, but only half of them will get a degree. HALF! Think of all of that money that was wasted. Work and save up some money so you can pay for college yourself. Loans will really bog you down, especially if you aren't sure what you want to do. You will be thankful that that's the path you take. You may finish later, but you will be more focused and determined to get your degree and more importantly, do well while achieving it! You don't want to just barely get your degree. You want to be proud of what you accompish! Attending a college and staying in the dorms is a good experience to meet new people, but as for school itself, do your research. Would online school be a better path for you? I don't necessarily regret my college decisions, but financially they have really cost me.


I would like to tell my high school self to please follow your dreams. Either your friends will support you or they are not true friends. When I completed high school I wanted to go to college to become a school teacher, this was my dream since I was probably 5 years old. I did not attend college after high school because a lot of my friends were not going to go to college and I was afraid I would miss out on partying with them. I now see in my adult life that I should have followed my heart and went to college. I regret this decision everyday and my heart is broken because I am now 40 years old and my dream of becoming a teacher has desolved. I would still love to become a teacher but I feel that my age is a factor in the barrier for this dream. I wish I could go back and shake my high school self for not at least attempting to make this dream a reality.


I would tell my high school senior self, to plan ahead financially for college and to seek financial advise wisely on my student loans. College is a struggle and you have to be able to handle it and there is a lot of responsibility so be wise with your choices.


Take more extra curriculum classes, take more duel credit classes and do not miss a lot of days of school. Pick a college that is best suit for you.


The advice I would give my self is go to college right after high school and stay determined. Do not let life and obstacles get in the way of an education, keep going until you reach the finish line. Education is everything and without it you can not gain much in this society that we live in. The faster that you are done with college the faster you are able to gain your dream job and push closer to fulfilling your dreams. No one can stop you from chasing your dreams, be smart about your decision making when it comes to school. Study twice as hard and ace every class that you take, you are amazingly smart and I have faith in you, you can definitely do it. I would drown myself in self encouragement to push myself harder than what I was pushed growing up. I let every obstacle in life slow me down from gaining my degrees and dreams. I know they say its never to late but it would have been nice to already have my degrees and pushing closer and closer to my dreams.


Do not wait so long after high school to start college so the information will continue to flow smoothly. Find every resource available to you and use them as much as possible. Continue asking questions no matter the subject at hand. Take all classes online if possible, but if you feel you need to take the class on campus do it that way.


I would have been the biggest nerd and worked hard to bring my GPA up. I would have attended college before I had a family and adult responsibilites. I would have not worried about being a cool kid with lots of friends, but would have actually opened a book and studied. Currently I have a GPA of 3.89 in an MBA program, the difference is, I am older and wiser. I wish that I would have applied myself in school in all subjects, not just the one I liked. I would have not selected to go to travel agent school, to please my mother, I would have actually enrolled in a state college and completed my degrees prior to turning 30.


There is so much that I would tell myself, such as focus and make sure to do more than what is required to pass. I would also tell myself to pay attention to deadlines and do not procrastinate because when you start on assignments early you give yourself more time to produce your best work. Instead of taking regular classes I would have told myself to take all APA classes because it prepared you more for college than the regular classes did. While in high school I would have told myself to take some college course and prepare better for my ACT.


Don't be afraid. It might have felt like you were alone in high school or that you couldn't find a superior to connect with to help you through your high school journey. This is a new world. The reality is every student here is striving for the same goal. A meaningful future. Your advisors and instructors encourage you to continue and surpass your challenges to see you succeed. Failure will only come if that is what you seek to achieve. It's a crazy roller coaster ride. It will have moments where you might think you will eventually hit the ground but the embracing of others will pick you right back up until the end. Sometimes you might have to take a sharp turn and change directions that might hurt but the goal will always be the same. Success. Don't be afraid to go on the ride. You're not going alone. You're not the only one who doesn't know how this will end. The ride is always worth it when you see it to the end. Just don't be afraid. Let go and ride.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself I would tell myself to follow my dreams. I was someone who never did homework and always "just got by" I would tell myself to focus and for this short time buckle down and study so that I could enjoy the rest of my life. I would push myself to create structure and stick to it. I would also try to stress that an education will help in all aspects of my life, personal and professional.


I would tell my high school senior self that once you leave high school that real life begins. That you must stayed focused and keep your eye on the prize and not let anyone distract you from what you really want out of life. You are the only person who has the say so to determine what your future holds. When you get older all the partying, girls and fun will seem like best thing ever, but all of it is just one big distraction and can cost you if you don't stay focused. Don't let the words of others changeyou because once you let the outside world in then you will start to lose who you really ar and then come to the point where finding your original self will be hard. Your future self wishes that he has paid more attention in school and now is paying the price, but if I knew what I knew now back then, I wouldn't be int he place I am today looking for a way out.


Sillly girl! Don't wait! Going to college was the best decision you made. Everything you thought was important, in high school, was not as important as furthering you education and creating a better life for yourself and your family. You are smart and have a bright future ahead of you, start your future now so you can enjoy the amazing feeling of beginging a new chapter in life!


Time goes by very quickly, so when you think about the time you are spending in school, and feeling so impatient about how long it is taking to finish, don't quit. That time is going to pass by anway. Stick it out, finish. Quitting things becomes a habit very easily and as you get older and life becomes more complicated, the opportunities to return to school will grow smaller and smaller. Don't look at time as your enemy, finish school first so you can go out and set the world on fire. If you quit before you have the degree, your flame of success or career satisfaction may not have the chance to burn as brightly


The best advice that I could give myself , was to make sure you know what you really want to do with your life, before you go for something. I began cosmetology school directly out of highschool, and although it was a tremendous learning experience, it was not a career that I was happy with. Another peice of advice that I would have to tell myself was that school and a career is much more important than partying. Unfortunately when I was younger , I was really only concerned with the party scene, and I would have to say that I slacked off. I finally went into realization, that I could not be living my life this way , and that is when I decided that I needed to go back to school, and do something with life, so I can make something out of myself.


First and foremost, forget about girls, popularity, partying, and getting in trouble. I would most definitely tell myself to stay focused on my grades. You can attain everything in life that you could ever wish for if you go to a great college and graduate from that college. Then you can worry about girsl later in life. Popularity really does not matter. You are better off if you become a book-worm and stay focused on school.


I would encourage myself to sit down and think about my future. I would ask myself, what am I good at? What would I enjoy doing? What would I want to do if I didn’t need to worry about money? What would I be proud to do in my life? Who would be proud of me? I would tell myself to plan out goals for my future. Plan how I will achieve those objectives in a step by step process. The thought process would include why I should begin college immediately or why I should wait to attend college. I would suggest listing the pros and cons and mapping out the outcome of each choice. I would make myself set expectations for my academic performance that would be realistic. I would suggest listing out my top priorities for my life. I would propose that I look at role models and the people who have influenced my life and to consider if I want to be like them when I am settled.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would tell myself not to stop. I have been attending college on and off for about 10 years and have not completed my degree. My excuses were always, I needed to work more and receive a paycheck but in the long run, had I completed my degree I would have obtained a job that paid more than the dead end jobs that I've been working over the past 10 years. I see jobs now that I know I would be great at but I'm not qualified to apply because I do not have a degree. Also, my children are now older and the statistics show that if one parent graduates from college then it's likely that their offspring will attend college as well. My advice would be to myself to continue until I complete my degree no matter what.


If I knew back in high school what I know now, I would have put off having a family and gone to college right out of high school. I have waited 25 years to go to college. So yes, I have a beautiful family with kids in college but I could be working a career with my Master's and supporting the family more financially. The disadvantage of waiting is that alot of curriculum has changed in that time so I am having to learn things all over again. Going to college right after high school is an advantage because things are still fresh in your mind. You also build the foundation to your life by getting a degree and then a good paying job. In today's economy it would have been easier raising 7 kids and I would have been able to give them more of what they wanted and needed. Why wait to go to college just to work a minimum wage job when you can go and be on the road to a great career with better pay and benefits. These may not sound important now in high school but later in life they are essential.


Dear Amanda, you have come to the point in your life where you are looking at colleges and scholarships. You will need to think very carfefully about this decsion, as there are many exceptional colleges to chose from. Television portrays college as all fun and games, but that is not the case. College is rough and can get you stressed out. You need to buckle down and make sure you study for everything! Go to bed early and wake up ready to learn. Amanda, always have a postive attitude on new challenges. Challenges are what make your brain stronger and healthier. Stay active in the classroom and do NOT forget to turn in assignments, as this could cause bad grades and failure. You are not a failure, Amanda! Stay positive and achieve your dream of Social Work!! Sincerly, Your future self


The advice I would give myself in my senior year is to apply for scholarships on time and to attend a physical campus. Also to tell myself that I am smart enough to attend a University and that I am capable of learning and getting good grades. Lastly, I would also tell myself that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.


I would tell myself to study harder. Life is hard and requires hard work to achieve goals. Nothing will just be handed to you. Push yourself and the rewards are endless. You will fail, you will fall. The key is to get back up and try again. Get back up and fight for what you need. This applies to all aspects of life, even college. You may think you did really well on an exam and receive a different result than expected. Don't let it consume you. Study harder and do better next time. College is like an extension of high school with more concentration on a focused set of skills. Enjoy it, create memories, and learn life lessons. You will only go as far as you push yourself so push hard. Above all, enjoy your life because you only have one. Being too serious will only serve you wrong.


just be yourself do too much


First and foremost, the advice I would give to my high school self would be to tear up the drop papers and go back to class. I would tell myself that although dropping out of high school seems like the best choice now, it will make continuing your education more difficult in the future. I would advise myself to seek out positive role models who can see my potential to succeed regardless of circumstance. People who will encourage a victor’s mentality opposed to a victims. I would tell myself that there is no barrier that cannot be overcome when you believe in yourself. Furthermore, knowing what I know now I would tell my high school self that transitioning from high school to college life is not as scary as it seems; there will be people to help you along the way. I would tell myself that it does not matter when others think you should go to college, or where; that is a decision you should be comfortable with making yourself. Perhaps most importantly, think for yourself and practice critical thinking as if it were your religion; you will use it more in college than you ever have before.


I would listen to my teachers when they were advising me to pick an career while I was in my junior year because this will help me progress threw college. Make decisions that will future you in life because life have its times of twist and turns that will throw you off track. When this happen you need something to fall back on and when you get an idea of what direction you want to go while you in your junior year then that would be the one that you can fall back on when you get off track. High school courses give you the options to explore many avenues -math is require in many area include business, archirtech and teachers. Science- is another area that can go into many different fields so this is why high school is the best time to have a couple of careers pick out so you can study in those areas.


Hey Girl, No you are not losing your mind, this is future you here to tell you to "Wake up". You think you need a break from school and all the rules and restrictions. But trust and believe that is not realistic. Do not wait until half your life is over to get serious about your life and education. Start now!! Make a plan. You do not necessarily have to decide what you want to do with your life right now, but stay in school, get an education while you are deciding. The longer you wait the harder it gets. Life gets in the way and before it you will have a demanding husband and three children and you become invisible. Be smart, get a degree and stand up and be seen.


I would tell my high school self to take some time off after graduating high school and travel first. I also would tell my younger self to stay focused, and open to more possibilities in careers than my younger self was dreaming about doing. Another important piece of advice my younger self could have used is to have self-confidence and know that the journey and goals are worth the road travelled.


The advice I would give to myself is to go at ypur own pace when choosing a college do not let others or emotions make the choice for you. Be more perpared when taking on a job that is demanding of you time and make a plan to ensure that all assignment will be completed without stress.


Jennifer, You are going to have a great future. I think that having a family first is the best decision you could ever make. If you would have went to college right away you would have probably given up on it or would have taken the wrong degree. At the age of 28 was probably the best time for going to school because you realized it takes hard work. You also worked long enough to see your strengths and weaknesses. Having a family first has taught you patience and what is important to fight for in the end. Jennifer you grew out of you self conscience stage and become aware of the things that you are good at. You knew Math was a strength from when you were a young kid so you started out with an Accounting degree. It has been great to now be starting on a third degree and thinking of the future and a possible fourth degree. It is wonderful to be thinking of the future 10-15 years from now and what you want for yourself. You are finally thinking of yourself over what other people think. You have done a wonderful job in life.


Finally, I can travel back in time, I am so excited. What do I do? To what time in my life should I decide? Ugh, so many thoughts traveling through my head. So many questions I can ask my self, but if I can only go once? Maybe make myself rich, but would this make my life complete and worth wild? I got it, I know what important thing I can do that will enrich my life and make it fulfilling, full of knowledge and accomplishment. I tired of leaving pay check to pay check. Thinking how am i going to survive? I am 34 years old and just now going to college. What is wrong with me? I am barely making it by. I know what I can do ill just go back in time, to my senior year, and talk to myself. I will tell my high school self, " don't be like me, make something better of yourself. Go straight to college get it done. Don't take the path I did, nothing there but heartache, and stress., You can do it I know you can." Phew, finally made it home, mission accomplished, I feel awesome now!


If I could go back in time and visit myself as a senior in high school, I would tell myself to not give up and to keep my chin up. Although at the time college seemed like it would take so long, the time passed regardless of whether I went to school. I would tell myself to stay in school and finish, because the time was going to pass anyway. I would tell myself to not be scared, because eventually everything would fall into place and what seemed like an overwhelming decision (regarding my major and school) ended up being one of the easiest decisions you would make. I would tell myself to go for what I really wanted and to not be too scared to pursue it, because everyone was once scared, but we have all found that once you jump in, you will find ways to stay floating.


The advice that I think I would give my high school self would be to not be afraid of college because there are so many advantages to being a college student. Not only will you feel better about yourself and your life, but you will be making a difference in your future. I would also tell myself to use my time wisely and create time management plans to help me get through tough assignments during high school so that I will already be in the habit of doing so upon entering college. College takes dedication and time, so I would let myself know that I need to acknowledge my goals and use them to motivate me to continue with my education directly after high school so that I am still in the student mind set. I would also tell myself that college is a completely different ball game and that you are not alone in your studies but you are more independent and need to stay on track in order to keep up with the pace.


If i could go back in time as a high school senior, I would tell myself "YES I CAN." As a 33 year old mother of three kids, I didn't think I would be at this level in my life, a single mother going back to school to further my education with pre teens at home. In high school I never thought my life would be like this, but I can say im truly happy that I made that choice to go back to school, I had that "I CAN'T DO IT" mentality. I was nervous, scared, didn't think I would be good enough or accepted for school once I graduated high school. I thought it was about getting a 9-5 job, with benefits that was going to help me, but I realized it was about furthering my education that was going to benefit me in the long run. Now, back to the questio, my advice to myself would be "YES YOU CAN," "GO FOR IT," AND "YOU CAN DO IT."


I would tell high school self to take advantage of the opportunities that were afforded to me. Stay at home and live with your dad, so you can save money for the important and fun things in life. Do not be so eager to grow up, but take the time to enjoy being young and having minimal responsibilities. If you can cut back on bills and expenses, then you will have more time and energy to devote to your school work, which is an opportunity and privilege that should not be ignored. Enjoy your family and frends, because you never know when you will be separated from those people, permanently or temporarily. Continue to work hard, but do what you can to make life easier on yourself. School is very important, more important than working when you do not have to, but it is much less important than the people you care about. If you create positive goals for yourself and live to the best of your ability, you will find a way to make things work, even if it is not in the time frame you are imagining.


If I could go back to 2001, I would tell myself to go to college and stay focused. I would explain the hardships that I have endured since high school and pray that I would take my own advice and do things differently. I would warn myself to stay on the right path and be focused on my studies. I would tell her not to get involved with alcohol, sex or drugs. I would stress the benefits of college life and the importance of obtaining a college degree. I would let her know how much essay writing would be easier and fresh in her mind. Most of all, I would tell her to rely on her faith in God to get her through the process . I would also tell myself to manage my money more wisely and apply for as many scholarships as possible to pay for college.


The advice that I would give my younger self is "Do Not put off for tomorrow what you could do today'! I would tell my younger self that getting an education is far more better than starting an immediate family and hanging out with friends. I would tell myself that it would be so much easier to go directly into college from high school because I already have the disciple and there isnt anything that would hold me down like, children, a husband and bills. As a young person, we have no bills, no worries and no stressors that would prevent getting that college degree!


If I was to have a talk with my self. I would say to me, to Stay focus and get your education. Everything that looks good too you isn't good for you so be very selective about the people that you have in your life. When you attened college make sure that you don't go girl crazy because you fail college the first time. Follow your dreams without hesitation and be confident in your ability to be successful. Last but not least, never let anybody tell you what you can't do! If you want it then go and get it and don't stop until you do. Love you a little better because you are better that you realize.