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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would say understand the cost of college and the expenses that come along with it. Apply for my scholarships, grants, so students will not be your adult life. Take various test to understand what you like do not pick a major because it will make you more money go into a field you really enjoy. At the end of the day just breath college is what you make of it.


I would tell myself: Pay better attention. High school does not last forever and the things that are learned while in high school will benefit you in the future during college. Do not worry about peer pressure and the need to fit in. Everyone grows out of that stage and it does not matter anymore. What matters is where you will be in the next few years. Start your college career as soon as you graduate and do not procrastinate! You could achieve so many education goals by the time you are 25 rather than just starting out at 25. Set goals and stick to them.


I would tell the confused 18 year old me that I had to go to college. To trust what I was saying and go. I did not go to college after high school, instead I moved out of my mother's home and went to work. I had a family way too young and was stuck in lower paying jobs because I did not have the education to get the positions that would provide for my family in a proper way.


Read, read and continue to read. Stay on top of your assignments. Make a list of priorities for each week and then check them off as you complete them.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself I would start off by saying do not get distracted and stick to the plan. Set goals and stick to them, make them "smart and attainable." Take time to map out your goals and stay on top of them. Always think positive, stay encouraged, and motivated. Make time for yourself, but also to study. Never let yourself fall behind and if you do, just think about why you are doing it. Remember that you want the best for your family, like financial stability, high salary wage and self satisfaction. Self satisfaction in knowing you acomplished something, and for becoming my papa's first college graduate. Giving your sisters someone they could look up to in a positive light and to beleive in. If you listen to what I am saying, life will be good by the age of thirty. The current age that I am now......


The most important advice I would give myself as a highschool senior would be to take the time to have fun with my college experience. When I first started I wasn't taking my classes seriously. Five years later I decided to go back. I had a new found drive, but I wasn't taking advantage of the full experience. I should've taken the opportunity to go to a college out of town or at the very least participate in school activities. I did not make one friend during my college experience. I didn't join any clubs, didn't help with any activities, and didn't get the full experience that I would've like to. So my advice would be to join everything I am interested in, make friends, and make memories. When I describe my college experience as an old women it won't have stories of my sorority, or clubs that helped in the community, or even memories of friends staying up late to prepare for an exam.


I think the advice that I would give myself is to get out of bed every morning go to school everyday and make something of myself. Instead of making things harder on myself to remember what I never even learned. I would go to school do all the homework if there was questions that I didnt know I would guess I would find out the answer the right way. If I can redue my beginning of my college life it would be to stay in school and focus on my work instead of on my future husband to be. I was basically not focused enough on school and just like now I am a mom, full time worker and full time soon to be wife with a 3 year old and I am struggling to joggle all of it. Stay in school and dont let anything get in your way and never let any guy interrupt you in the prime of your life, that is building you a future, to have.


It is important to remember that going to college is investing in yourself. It does not matter if it is an online campus or a physical campus, accredation is important. If you take the time to invest in yourself, you are more likely to have an employer invest in you. A successful person comes with self-discipline and challenges throughout life. Do not fear the unknown. Fear will keep you from succeeding in life. Face challenges with an open mind. Everyone has a different perception of the world. Keep your attitude positive. Are you worth it? Of course, you are! There are financial solutions available. When you discuss financial aid, make sure that you keep your needs in mind. You do not have to attend a campus that requires on-campus housing. On-campus housing will just increase your debt. Student loans follow you for life, so make sure you intend to pay back the money that borrow. It is solely your responsibility. But always remember, you are worth the investment.


Remember to stay focused and never allow anyone to devalue your self-worth, especially academcially. Study hard and get enough rest, and remember that your first choice is often the right choice! Also, remember to start each new class with a positive attitude and give every assignment your all (100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}). So long as you put your heart and soul into every moment of obtaining each degree, everything will be all right. College is similar to running a marathon with yourself; therefore, do not allow the words, activities, or actions of others to distract you from your goals! Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed. If you can dream it, you can achieve it!


If I could go back and talk to my high school self I would say take advantage of all the learning oppertunities that my school and teachers have to offer. I would say start planning for college now and start saving money. Money is one of the biggest reasons for why people dont go on to college or back to school. I would say don't stress the little things. Consentrate on getting better grades so you can apply for scholarships. Be prepared! See what the school will ask of you and make a plan. Be prepared for things to happen and have a backup plan in case things don't go as you plan. And lastly I would say that college is a commitment and to make sure you put your best foot forward. Believe in yourself always and never quit. Have a great and positive attitude and you will go far.


Having since struggled with life knowing the things that I know now, it would be better if given an opportunity to tell myself that the easier way would be to continue on with school right after finishing high school. Ths would have made it easier before more responsibilities presented themselves. It will be a challenge of working full-time and then going to school full-time as well as having a family.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior, I would tell myself to take school after highschool seriously. I would tell myself to give it my all in order to reach my career goals sooner. I will make more money, and live more comfortably.


I never made it to being a high school senior. During my sophomore year I had become pregnant, and attempted to continue school but in the end dropped out. Two weeks after dropping out I received my GED, and a year later started at University of Phoenix online. Looking back now, I would tell myself that it's not worth it to drop out. I would tell myself that I'd miss it more than I ever thought, and that I regret not having a senior prom, or graduation ceremony along with my friends. There are many things I would tell myself, but the main thing I would tell my self is to ignore the bullies, and finish school. It'll be worth more to you in the end than you think.


College is much different than high school. It is important to have excellent time management skills. I would also highly urge myself to research my career potential in multiple occupations that are directly related to my chosen degree program. The tuition is costly and there are scholarships available to help cover the costs, but there are many hidden costs to the college life that scholarships do not pay for, such as socializing and certain materials. Most importantly, I would tell myself to always strive for an A, but be conscience of the fact that there may be some assignments that I will fail horribly at. As long as I learn the lesson and complete the course objectives, I will do just fine. An easy way to keep track of my education journey is to organize my files on a jump drive and save them for future review. The transition to college life can be fun and simple. It only takes a little bit of preparation and willingness to adjust to the occasion.


Your going to be fine. You will be scared. You will think that it is too much money to spend on yourself, that you should buy a house instead. You will think you are not smart enough. You will think that your to old. Don't listen to any of that because sometimes the best things in life are the hardest and scarriest ones. You are worth the investment, you can buy a house later. You are smart enough, smarter then you even know. You are never to old. Actually your age and experince will be to your advantage. College will help you grown. You will be able to voice your opinion on all kinds of topics and people will actually listen. I'm going to let you in on a secret. The best thing about college will be how proud all five of your children are of you. You not only show them the value and importance of continuing their education, but you become their hero. You work full time, go to college fulltime, and raise your children full time. You are superwoman! You will be exhausted, but every second if it will be worth it! Enjoy the ride!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would tell myself to hurry up and start sending college applications everywhere and apply for financial aid, grants, scholarships, and anything to help pay for my tuition that I wouldn't have to pay back for the rest of my life. I would also stress to myself how important it is and probably how different my life would be (possibly for the better) if I just stayed in class and paid attention for the last four years. I needed to just do my assignments when they needed to be done instead of procrastinating. If I just participated in class discussions whenever I had the opportunity.


I would advise myself of a few things. The first thing would be that you need to stick with school. Do not drop out for a boy ever! You need an education to be self-sufficient, and then worry about boys and a family. The second thing is stay motivated and be responsible. Make sure you press on, even when it gets really tough. Get your assignments and readings done on time, if not before. Apply for as many scholarships as possible so that you do not end up with tons of financial debt. Get the best grades you can and do your best overall. Make sure to persevere and you are on your way!! Keep on keeping're doing a great job, self!


Germaine, As soon as you finish high school go to college, Ignore boys, and Do Not have children. At least wait till you have completed college before starting a family. Your education is precious and it cannot wait. Financial stability will be your greates asset and one of your greatest accomplishments. If you recieve your education first you will always have it to fall back on or to build upon and when you do start a family it will giv your children a goal to strive for. Be an example for yourself and for others. I want you to enjoy life now and in the future, so go to college early, enjoy the experience and enjoy your after college life when you obtain your degree and achieve your goals.


I would say make sure you do your best in high school. Stay focus and stay away from the party crowds and just strive to do your best.


As a High School Senior, I believed life could offer anything as long as I was willing to work for it. And I still believe that’s true but I would tell myself that as fun as it was to be a part of the extracurricular activities on campus, to focus your effort on being the best student possible. That there are so many ways to pay for your education other than just grants and student loans. I would explain to myself to not take any of the experiences in college for granted, because these years will fly by and before you know it you are expected to have a career and provide for your family. I think the people you meet in college will change your life, so network as much as possible and don’t ever be afraid to start your own study group or join a club. Also to set strict goals about when you should graduate, get an internship, and choose a career. I would explain to myself that even though I am stubborn to listen to advice from teachers, parents, and relatives. All in all, just be open to all potential opportunities.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to focus on sharpening my grammar and research skills. Also, I would tell myself how important it is to avoid procrastination. Although, I may have been able to earn good grades while procrastinating in high school, it is a challenge while in college. I would encourage myself to enroll in college sooner because it is a great learning experience and is not as scary as I once thought. Explaining to myself that college will change my outlook on the world, broaden my horizons, and continually quench my thirst for knowledge, is the most important information that I could share with my younger self.


The key to college success is developing good study habits. Make school a priority taking one week at a time and one project at a time to feel less overwhelmed. Don't be afraid to ask the instructors for clarification on assignments as sometimes assignments can be written vaguely. It's always better to ask than assume. In team assignments volunteer to participate in areas where you are strong. Team mates have varying backgrounds academically and professionally with different opinions. Listen constructively to ideas. Team projects usually equal one grade for the team so read the assignment and offer input before the assignment is turned in to catch any errors or omissions. Keep in frequent contact with your academic counselor as they are a great resource in helping you through the challenges of school.


I would actually go back further and tell myself to go ahead and take the Algebra class in the 8th grade. I had my chance to excel at something I was good at, but my father talked me out of it by saying that "it would be too much work for me." I feel that if I did take that class, as well as continued on the path I wanted to take with earning an Advanced High School Diploma, I would have done a lot better than my current backward situation. I would then tell myself to contact my grandfather and finally meet him. He is the reason I went back to school, and also the reason why I'm on the path to earning my degree in Information Technology. I would have been successful younger, and I would have the great career now if I didn't wait that long to finally take the plunge and continue my education. I'm learning a lot thanks to the University of Phoenix Online. And I am also having a lot of fun.


If I could transcend time I would tell my eighteen year old self to not only seize the moment, but to keep the future on my mind. I spent three years pursuing my dreams playing music, and while I wouldn't have changed it for anything, I wish that I would have focused more on the next dream. Online universities would have allowed me to continue my education while still following my dreams. I would tell myself to cherish every moment, but to never lose track of the future.


WOW you made it you really made it! You did it! But I must tell you take this very seriuosly, yes you will have freedom you never had and you will finllly get out of your over baring parents home. They love you and only did what they needed to do for your education. Go to school and finish it regarless what you major in. You will have something no one will be able to take away from you. Have fun but always know that these are your easy years. Take nothing for granted and stay friends with your friends, do not date them. Save your heart for your great husband that God will put in your path. Lov your siblings with all your might and keep family always close. Always Always wear a condome and Ruben does not love you. Lov yourself first then you can lov someone else.


The advice I would give myself would be to follow my first mind and stick to the plans that were laid out as I finish up the senior year, going directly into to college and know that a boyfriend cannot come between educational life with success versus having to struggle and learn later. It is harder the older you get.


Do not wait to start college! Finish now while you are young so you can get your degree, and focus on your career and family later when you have one. It is hard being a mother of two toddlers, working a very demanding job, and being a student. Why wait and stress yourself out? Plan ahead, and get it out of the way while you are young and single. You can not compromise or get by without a degree. No matter how smart or exeperienced you are; you will not make as much money as someone else in the same position with a degree.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition I would tell my high school self to be educated in financial decisions for college. I was too quick to sign up for classes and agree to take out student loans without really understanding what I was agreeing to. I would tell myself to look into all the ways to financially support my way through college, like scholarships or internships, without the burden of hefty student loans.


Listen Felishia. Remain focused on your future. Hold fast to your dreams. Hard work and discipline are the keys to success. Remember that every goal is achievable, but you must believe in yourself. Set backs may come, but it's not the end of the road. Always have a Plan B and C. Always keep your priorities in order. One day at a time, you can do it!


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to continue with school and not take a break. I woud tell myself to finish college before starting a family and that in doing so this will create more substantial income and security for my family.


Vince Lombardi said it best "Success only comes before work in the dictionary". Remember to always strive to meet your goals, and never let anyone try to talk you out of what you really want to do with your life. There are many ways to complete those goals so look outside the box there are options! It is a long bumpy road so be sure to buckle up and enjoy the ride - since this ride will be the one to pave the way of your future success.


I would have told myself to focus on school rather than other things in life. Because I was pregnant by 16 . Although I graduated highschool I did not get the oppurtunity to go to an actual campus and or experience campus life. I would not have chose to attend university of phoenix but rather the schools i was accepted in. Dont wait. Waiting is hard and causes a major education block....


I would tell my high school self to take high school more seriously. I would do a lot of things over if I could. I would have been more involved in clubs and extracurricular activities. I would have paid attention to my grades. My biggest regret is not going to college directly after high school, I was afraid of the unknown, now I wish I would've took the risk. So I would advise all seniors to not be afraid to jump out into the world of education. I feel like I have missed so many oppourtunities. If I knew then what I know now!


The greatest advice I could give my high school self would be to go to college right after you graduate. Take the summer to have some fun, but then get right back to the books. Don't get married twice, have a kid, and then decide to go back after 7 years. Doing all that before college makes it more difficult to gain the momentum you once had for studying and the like. Also, never give up your dreams for a guy; the guy may not always be there, but your dreams and aspirations will be. Do not put your life on hold; take it for all it's worth while you still have the time.


I would recommend that you discuss your options with a school counselor in high school. They will help you understand the process in applying into schools and guide you with resources to use based on what you want to be when you grow up. Also direct you to someone who can help you with minority scholarships and mentor during your attendance at college level.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self about college, the advice I would give myself would be to really buckle down during my senior year and get the best possible grades that I could. This would allow me to develop a really good work ethic toward college work and studies. I would tell myself to make sure that I study A LOT when I do get into college. Sometimes the first few months in college can be vey different from high school, and it takes some getting used to. Lastly, I would tell myself that I am going to be great in college and that I am going to come out of it with many skills to help not only in my future career, but in the rest of my life.


I think that I would have told myself to push my parents harder to use the scholorship for the beauty academy that I was awarded as a senior. My parents were not supportive for me to to go there, because it wasn't a "real" college, so the scholorship that I won just went to waste. As far as me going back and telling myself to not worry about what the other kids thought, use your brains that you're gifted with, spend your time studying- it will be worth it.... I'm not so sure that I would, and here's why. I love my husband. I love my kids. They are a result of the path I had chosen. I chose the person who I used to hang out with, who set me up on a blind date with my now husband twelve years ago.. Sure, I might be some successful person somewhere fabulous, but I love my life- and I have the power to make it better. This is the very reason that I decided to go back to school. I have my passengers, now we're going for the ride.


Well, Lori here you are a senior. You have worked hard to get where you are. College is hard yes, but it is fun. It is different than high school. You will have your general education classes which does require. You can get help do not be afraid to ask for help. Do this now. It is harder when you are married and have kids but you can still do it. If you are unsure of what you want to do it is better to wait until you are sure. This is your future. Remember, no matter what you decide to be true yourself. Work hard don't lose focus on your goals but also take time to enjoy life also. You can do whatever you set your mind to with dedication and hard work.


Go straight into college dont take no breaks or short cuts. life is what you make it .


First and foremost, I would tell myself to not get distracted on enjoying the non-career life. Also, I would tell myself to look into many options of college, either away or near home and get information on the colleges that interests me first. I would also tell myself that college is very important and to attend a college right away before I lose interest. After going kindergarten through high school, I know that college doesn't seem so fun being "back to school" but it's a very smart decision to do so and it will pay off in the long run when you're living your dream you had back as a kid.


Well, I wouln't be able to talk to my senior self because I dropped out of school my sophomore year. If I could go back and talk to that girl I would tell her to not give up. To keep pushing forward and not listen to the bullies, because five years from now she won't even be able to remember what those girls called her. All she'll think about is how different her life could have been if she would have just stayed in school. How she could have started college at eighteen instead of twenty three. How at twenty three she could already have that dream job instead of just sarting the process. I would tell her that life does get better, that is becomes amazing. She will have an amazing husband and two beautiful sons that will give her life so much joy and laughter. She will make so many wonderful memories that she won't even be able to remember the names of those girls. So, please don't give up. Get help and move forward.


I would tell myself that you can not give up when times get hard. Running away from hard work and failing grades is not to option to choose. Stay in school and have fun. Highschool years fly by to fast and once your older and on your own, you're going to miss the time you had in high school. Take an extra ten minutes on your school work to make sure you have all that you need. Take more time and get with study groups to work on class projects but more importantly make it fun. College life is amazing and it will only be enhanced if you have the mind set of wanting to be in school and doing well at it. That comes from laying that foundation in highschool.


Please do not just stop at getting your High School diploma. Apply for all kinds of grants and scholarships. A High School Dipolma is just an opening into the doorway of your dream. College life so far is not all that bad. There is nothing to be scared of. All the things you see in movies and tv do not happen at all college campuses. Going to college will allow you to have more opportunities in life with careers and salaries. Going to college is a great life experience.


I would tell my high school self to stay focus to not be distracted by friends or worry about being accepted by the crowd. Remember to ask for help early when you run into a problem there are always people that are willing to help you. It is better to do what you have to do now so that you can do what you want later. Most of all remember what your goals are keeping moving forward and don't worry about what is are behind you.


I would tell myself that college is mandatory. I would also let myself know that if I want a career the only way to reach the top is to have a degree behind myself. Another thing I would remind myself of is the fact that the older I get the harder it is to pay for college on my own. I would make myself get a full scholarship coming straight out of high school. I would also tell myself that as I get the older the more responsibilities I'll have such as bills and a family so I need to get my college out of the way.


Dear Past Self, You have choosen no road along the way that has been easy, yet do not ever change a thing. Through the parts of your life that are going to leave you confused, nervous, tired, deployed, frequently feeling lost, just remember that your gut instincts are right for you and no one else. Trust yourself on all of the paths that are right for you, and never feel guilty. I promise, as long as you remain clear headed and focused, you will be very pleased with how things turn out. Best Regards, 30 Year Old Self


To venture into the world of college life is no different than transitioning from an earlier grade, like from 8th grade to 9th grade. The course taught, teachers who teach them, are all going to be the same from year to year in school. Somethings will seem the same while others will not. One advice, I will offer though is that college is the foundation to a great future. Without college and doing well in college, ie: do not party during your Freshman year, you will find yourself in great shape for the struggles of adulthood, both in career choices, families, and your own personal happiness. The more willing you are to succeed well in college will be advantages to you in the long term. Also, do not worry about the financial costs too much of college as your chosen career will be enough to pay for the loans you received for going to school. Above all, enjoy college, get your degree, and think of this as the final step to a fun and happy life.


Be more focused on school work and stop getting high.

Rose ann

I would have stuck heavily to school and tried for athletic scholarships. I would have also told myself to get a degree im a good field.


Use the college benefits I already had at graduation of high school. Remain single until after my college education is complete, and drop that girlfriend (because she really WAS bad news, after all). Ask Marie out to dinner once (because nobody ever did, and she turned out to be angelic). Regroup from prior negative activities, and focus primary energies upon coursework with emphasis in mathematics. Study effectively (because I never did, and I had to "learn HOW to learn" to get my current 3.95 GPA). Spend more time enjoying my parents and siblings instead of heading out from home after school. Save money from my part time jobs to use later, and make that a habit. Set aside 10-20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} from every dollar made in those jobs for retirement, and continue to do so, habitually. Stop listening to negative people who told tell me I was a nerd because I didn't want to follow their examples of poor behavior. Listen to parents instead of attempting to escape their influence. Last of all, stay attentive to the GPA through graduation, and IMMEDIATELY get myself into (and graduate from) an accredited college, because the degree would have changed my life.