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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would advise myself about the true responsibility of becoming a college student. Even though it may not be easy it is a wonderful experience not many have the opportunity to experience simply because of the financial side of it or the inability to reside in this country. I would tell myself that there are so many things i can learn when it comes to experiencing college to the full learning extent. I would encourage myself not to give up so early and to continue my education applying my 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} to fulfilling my career goals.


Don't wait too long. It may seem scary or too much for you to handle, but you can do this. Just stay focused. Take it one step at a time and work closely with the advisors, they are really there to help you.


My high school years were filled with an immeasurable amount of mistakes; I had dropped out and spent all my time partying starting at age sixteen. If I could go back in time and give myself advice about the college transition, I would be extremely adamant about staying in school and actually putting effort in. College is hard, but the stress and overwhelming helpless feelings that happen at times make it much worse. Any college student should be prepared with the proper mindset; be skeptical, question everything, be objective, use logic and critical thinking, and ultimately learn to use peer reviewed sources. We live in the age where many people have access to the entirety of mankind’s knowledge at their fingertips, and yet so many are remaining willfully ignorant. Of course, this brings about the need for a new a skill; sifting through the various misinformation and falsehoods to find facts. Most importantly though, I would like myself to know that future me is the one who has to reap what past me sowed. It is so easy to think about and live in the moment that we often forget to look forward. Also, go to a different college.


I would tell myself to take that extra step and do more! I regret not getting into any activities in high school as well as not getting the best grades possible. Therefore I would tell myself as a high school senior to focus on school only so that in the future things will be easier. I would suggest taking the college classes that were offered while in being a senior so that when I would be graduated I would have more opportunities to look into. I really wish that I could go back because I would do so much differently as a high school senior but these mistakes that I have made have helped me to make good decisions today and now I am on the right path to success!


To do better in high school and take my classes more seriously. Don't take a "break" of a few years and then decide to go to college; do it almost immediately after graduating.


If given the opportunity to go back in time to my high school years I would tell myself to take school seriously. When I was in high school I did not realize that those years would follow me forever. Everything you learn and do shape who you are and what you become. In high school I had the opportunity to do much more than I did. It's important to make good grades, take advantage of college classes that I could have recieved dual credit for. I would also tell myself to make sure to take advantage of social activites. I didn't play sports or join any clubs. I now know looking back that all those memories are important. I see it in my brother with his sports teams. Time passes so fast it is important to take advantage of every minuet.


My advice to Me: When people say "You hold your future in your hands and You are capable of reaching the stars!" believe every word. Know that life has tons of obsticles but they never stop nor do things ever slow down. Put yourself first and know that your education is very important. Sure you can put it off and sure you can get around to it next year or when you have more time or when you're done having a good time but trust and believe that you need and can benefit from it along this amazing journey of "life". The sooner you make time the better you will be. Stop and put yourself first. Everything else will work itself out!!!!


When I was 18-years of age I entered college with a young, immature mind, which my decisions reflect. My first choice was Spelman College, which did not provide me with financial aid. I spent three years, from 9/2009 - 6/2012, fighting for finances to cover each semester. I became extremely tired and could not focus 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} on school work. What I should have done was chosen a school that would have my best interest at heart. A school that knows my needs and understands my dreams. I was offered scholarships from other schools, full and partial, but I chose a school that gave me NO financial aid. If I could go back in time and give my high school self-advice, I would have told myself to choose a school based off of the personal gain I will receive from it in order to achieve my goals and not due to the popularity of a name. When applying to the University of Phoenix, a school on-line, I was chastised by others due to not going on campus. I am in a better position, school wise and financially, than they are. Do what is best for you.


My conversation would be as follows: " Virginia, I know that high school is a time where you get to know yourself and explore new things, but the time is here for you to take the time and settle down. You need to concentrate more on your studies, and start thinking about what you want to do with your life after you graduate. Start paying more attention now to the talents that you have and try to start finding ways to nuture those talents for later. You may also want to consider taking the time to speak with your teachers; ask them what areas you need to focus more on. All I am saying is that, it is time to buckle down, do not make the same mistakes others before you have made, this is your chance to break the cycle and jump over the hurdles that a lot of people have been knocked down by. It is time for you to start doing what you promised you would do-make things better for yourself and others! Get up! Get moving! Go out and start making good things happen!


I did not graduate from high school. I started college later because of receiving my GED, joining the Army, and starting to have children. I would tell myself how important a foundation in high school is and the time in my life to set myself on the right path so that I can make my life easier in the future. When I was in high school, I never even thought about going to college. I would tell my younger self that I can be successful. To be successful all I have to do is put in the effort. I would also tell myself if I worked hard and received good grades in high school I would not have to retake the classes or spend as much time in college taking high school level classes. I would talk to my younger self about how quickly the need for retirement and wanting own a home will become a reality. One way to make these things a reality and easier is to get a college education to improve my earning power. Anything is possible. I went from a high school drop out to being in the process of earning my master's degree.


SHOW UP TO CLASS!!! And I don't mean to merely be present, but to actually make the best of your time there. School is not cheap nor do you want to be 30 years old and going back to school since it took you this many years and make up classes to get your GPA where it needs to be in order to get into graduate school. Justin, just imagine, you could already be in your nursing career with a better quality of life if you didn't be so apathetic about your future. But nonetheless, you decided to smoke this and drink that and you must pay the consequences of not applying yourself.


My greatest piece of advice to my younger self would be to not give up so easily. To take advantage of that full ride scholarship and not try and sabatoge my life by throwing away my education. I would also advise myself to not let others have such a big influence on my decision making and to be a stronger individual. Now I am a 30 year old mother of three having to work and go to school fulltime and it would have been so much easier to just finish what I started when I had the chance so many years ago. would have more time with my kids and to focus on my other goals. Nothing is handed to you in this life, you have to dig in and do the work whether you want to or not, whether it comes easily to you or not. Do not be afraid to ask for help or admit that you can not do all things on your own. Use the resources you have and push yourself out of your comfort zone and at the end of the day do not forget to have a little fun!


If I could talk to my high school self I would tell myself to be more confident in who you are and what you want. Do not listen to those who tell you, you cannot do it. Stay strong listen to your internal voice becaue the truth is inside you not in the voices of other opinions. You are smart, beautiful naturally and god has given you a gift. Love yourself and be aware that not everyone is going to be nice. You will get hurt, but the best is what you make out of it. Make the most of this gift because the world is waiting for you.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would say "do better, and try harder". The transition to college life can be intense. As a returning student, having graduated in 2006, I wish that I would have just gone to college. I wasn't much of an "achiever" back then, and I wish that I had been. I would tell myself that there is nothing wrong with striving for more, and pushing your limits. In order to succeed, boundaries must be broke and new ones put up. I wish that I had had the drive then that I do now, I want to do better, I want to do the best I can, and if I had known back then what I do now I would have changed many things and pushed myself more.


When I was a college senior. no one had ever told me the importance of the ACTs and SATs. Nor did anyone tell me the importance of A.P classes. Had I known the importance, I would've performed a lot better and I'd probably be a student at my dream school now. Now, I have to transfer there in two years. The horrible thing about being a transfer and attending your dream school as an out of state student is the fact that the scholarships for transfers are worth next to nothing. If I could go back in time, I would have challenged myself to take AP Math and AP English had I known that acing AP Courses could help pervent you from taking the actual college math course! Now, I am struggling to pass the course with my current school. Also, I wish I would have spent the time I was working to get my GED on SAT & ACT prep coursesinstead. And the worst part about the GED is that you can only take ONCE a year. So if you fail the test, you have to attend classes for another full year until you pass it!


I would tell myself to pick ome major and stick with it. I would also say dont take out loans you dont need.


If I could go back to my senior year and start all over, I would begin by searching for colleges closer to home instead of avoiding college all together. When I was a senior in high school I got pregnant. Due to my pregnancy, I allowed myself to believe that college was no longer an option. Having a child at such a young age, I figured I wouldn’t be able to take a newborn baby away with me to college. Had I would have thought things through a little better back then, I would have used all of the resources that were available to me and attended college near home. I do not regret having my child and I know that life has been a bit harder for me without a degree, but over time I’ve learned that you have to learn from your mistakes, move past them and give life all that you have. I have that same mindset for completing college.


I would tell myself to work harder and pay attention in science class. Study study study!


I have stated previously that if I would have gone into the past that I would have told myself to go into the military but not aware of the ramifications of the future there is a chance that I may not have met my husband and had my son. There is no knowing what could happen if you change the past. That is why changing the past is so taboo. In order to keep my life on the same path I would tell myself that I fall in love with this seaman that we will meet at my hometown at a store that I would love to go to before I deploy. Having an opportunity to be in the military will be the highest honor and I would feel good knowing I earned my college credits that way as well.


I didn't take college seriously right after high school and dropped out to pursue a career in insurance instead. Now, I would tell myself to focus and be more pro-active with school. I would tell myself that I do have what it takes to get a degree and accomplish my goals even with my parents not giving much importance to school and my education. I would tell myself to not be afraid and have confidence in believing in myself. I would tell myself that the BEST feeling in the world is stepping outside your comfort zone to chase after what you want because the rewards for taking that couragous step beats the feeling of being scared. Believe in yourself and feel proud of yourself for every little positive step you take because it is a big deal and you are a big deal.


If I could go back in time to when I was a high school senior, I would have told myself that it is highly important to focus on my career path and opportunities. Although I focused largely on my education in high school, I always thought my desired career path would fall in front of me. I wish I had done more research into the classes I would need as well as finding internships. Now I am a mother of one and have much less time to do internships than when I was a graduate fresh from high school. I see how beneficial it is to not only have the education I do, but I could be in a much better professional standing if I had some internships behind me.


Don't wait - the world is still moving! Many things in life are more important than money, but money is still necessary. Get your education so you can have an easier time doing the things for which you need money. You'll be a better person just for the education. Plus the degree will enable you to do with your life the thing that will make you happiest. You can enjoy a vocation instead of trudging through a job. Teaching, too, is so important because of the measurable change in the world teachers produce.


If I vould go back intime and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to make sure that I stay focused in school. There are things in life that are going to happen, like losing a loved one, but that doesn't mean school should be put onto th eback burner. I would also tell myself to use my outside resources if things aren't going right because if I don't reach out for help then things can take a turn for the worse. Advisors are there for a reason and if anything is going wrong they should know about it so that they can help you rather than your grades suffering.


I would advise myself to go to college right away, and not wait so long to start. Also, I would advise myself to complete what I started and not stop just because I became pregnant. I started out at ITT Tech for Accounting, and if I stuck with it I would be done already. I would also tell myself to never give up on your dreams they can be accomplished with hard work and determination. You are a smart woman who is very strong, and education will get your farther in life than anything else you can imagine. Do not let hard times dictate what or who you will become.


Dear Self, Make sure that you take school seriously because you will save yourself time in your future. It is okay to drink once you turn twenty one, but do not party and get crazy because it is not worth it and it will just make life harder and you will be unhappy, trust me. Make a contribution to the world in the form of environmental work and grassroots programs. You think you want to do all sorts of things, but your main passions are to write computer software and also to begin environmental research on alternative energy sources so that humanity can stop using finite resources. An idea that you have is to build a filtration device in the sky that will filter the air and get rid of the CO2 and other harmful emissions. Start researching this project possibility immediately and talk to professors and scientists about your idea. You are on a perfect path and you will love how your life turns out. Oh and stay in Pocatello until at least 2013 trust me there is an amazing surprise in store for you! Love, Me


I would tell myself everything works out, stick to my plan but don’t hesitate when looking at furthering my education. I would also tell myself that if I wouldn’t have hesitated I could have had my degree even sooner in life.


There are two basic things everyone entering college should know. The first is to relax and enjoy the freedom of college life. There is much to be learned about responsibility and accountability in the freedom that college provides. The second is far more important. College is the beginning of your networking opportunities. Build as large a network of friends and associates as possible while you are in college, because just as you are a future leader so are they. By building a strong network now, you ensure yourself greater resources in the future.


My main advise to myself would be start financially planning for college; throughout my entire scholastic career i have had major trouble in actually paying for each class and this still remains a problem for me. This has substanially lengthened the amount of time it has taken to get closer to recieving my degree. I would also advise myself that college takes a lot of hardwork and there must be substantial time set aside where i only concentrate on school work.


If I could have the opportunity to talk to myself as a senior, I would tell myself to work harder on my school work and study harder. I would also explain to myself that college is very expensive and that I should get a job and save money for books and other supplies. I would want my high school self to talk more with family about future college and career plans.


I would first tell myself don't give up or get discouraged. You are destined for greatness. Don't let anything or anyone deter you from the path. There will be roadblocks but if you just stay focused on the goal then you will do just fine. It may take you longer then intended but when you reach the finish line everything will positively change. You will have so many people supporting you that the process won't feel so bad. God has truly blessed you and you need to hold tightly to that. Keep fighting for what you want. You are an amazing person and I am so proud of you.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to really consider that my actions can truly affect my future, even in high school. I always used to think that high school was more of a waste of time and what I did or did not do while in high school would not matter. This led to me not taking classes seriously and goofing around more than I should have. Now that I am grown and have some life experience as an adult, I can honestly say that if I would have taken high school more seriously, my life might be a lot easier. I have had to find very resourceful ways to be able to afford a college education and those are the kinds of things that I might not have had to do if I had gotten better grades in high school. If there is one area of my life that would have been easier if I took high school more serious, it would be my college education.


Live your dreams and let no one get in your way. Remember that you control your life. As a 28 year old now, I realize that education is very important and that you must be your own person. You cannot impress everyone, no matter how hard you try. You are beautiful, intelligent, and dedicated. Use those skills to create a better life for you and to help Mom financially because she's going to need it. You will have a beautiful daughter and happy life no matter what because well, you're me. Cowgirl up and live your rodeo dreams.


If I could go back in time to my senior of high school, I would tell myself to be very careful of using student financial aid loans. I would also tell myself to attend a community college right out of high school for two years to attain an Associate's degree and transfer to a 4-year university directly after graduating. I would tell myself to mindful of how I use the student financial aid loans to help achieve my Bachelor's degree. I would also tell me to wait on having children until I have completely finished my education and have a more stable work history and financial means to take care of them as a parent. Attending college while raising five children is very hard for single parents to do, including me but I am make more progress at where I want to see my life going for the future. I would also tell myself to strive for the best in making grades and achieving at the very least, a GPA of 3.3 before hitting my thirties while attending a well known university or college.


As a senior in high school, the word college left me confused, scared, and with a sense of fear for adulthood. Looking back now I would tell myself to not think about it just do it. Life is far to short to dwell on what to do with your future. Just dive into a major head first and take it from there. Do not worry about things such as cost or rejection because that will only hold you back in life. Most importantly, do not wait because waiting may just leave you with regret when you look back.


I would tell myself to never give up , always keep following the dream of becoming a collage graduate. There will be times where it gets really tough, you might feel like you want to give up, but it is worth all of it. When you keep pushing forward and continue to study and work, you will have that collage degree and you will have been sucessful in following your dream and will continue to be sucessful in whatever you want to accomplish.


I come from a town down by the Rio Grande valley. No one ever told me or showed me the value of education. My parent’s barley finished the high school level. If i would have some guidance growing up going thru high school and working my way thru college i would definitely have coached and advised myself not just to get by. I would have strived to be better. I would be in the top ten graduation class. I never knew what class rank was. Never knew the value and importance of achieving good grades. This could have benefited me tremendously to transition to the college life. If i had the guidance of an adult that cared for my education like i do for my children i would have been able to excel beyond my ability’s. It would have been easier for me in college. I would have had a better fitting chance had i gotten my grades higher taken my college exams. I wouldn’t have wasted my time in high school. I would love to have had a role model to show me the way. Time is gone but i have learned.


I quit high school and got my GED because we did not have the money to even buy proper school supplies. I decided to quit, get my GED and then get a job. I regret that decision because it set a pattern in my life. Every time something was to hard I'd get frustrated and quit. I would tell my high school self to stick it out! No matter wht do not give up---purse education with everything you have, and make sure you do it while you re young. It is not only easier but you get more support from people. My family was not supportive when I was a teenager and they are still not supportive of my pursuit for higher education. However, I have learned through trial and error that the most worthwhile pursuits take time, persistence, and hard work. I would tell my high school self to value education because there are little girls in third world countries willing to die or be killed to pursue knowledge. I would remind her that she is fortunate to be born in this country where education is encouraged by most people--so treat it with respect!


When high school is over, people go their separate ways. It's not about fitting in and rebelling against your parents or guardians, it's about discovering you. It's about figuring out what you want out of life- what brings you happiness and success. It's about learning from mistakes, embracing the obstacles, and moving forward. As yourself "What can you bring to this world to potentially make it greater?" If you cannot answer that right now, it's time to start your search. Write down a list of your strengths and weaknesses. I promise your strenghts overpower the weaknesses. It's time to sit back and reflect on what is really important, what you want in your future, and how to get it. Now get started!


Focus, give your best at all times. Communicate if you have a problem with other classmates and instrctors. They are there to help and want to see you graduate.


The advice I would give myself is to go for what career you really truly want in the end instead of working your way up the ladder and acquiring large amounts of experience and degrees and not to exhaust your lifetime max of funding that you can receive because in the end you are going to have to get some assistance to help you finish paying off your tuition. Make sure what you are doing is what you really truly want do long term.


If I could go back as a high school senior and talk to myself I would tell myself to ask more questions. If there is something you don't understand, don't be afraid to ask. It might be something you need to know for later.


Go to college before you turn 30!


Danielle, you are much smarter than you realize. Ok smartass stop laughing and listen because you will thank me later. Do not worry about what your friends are doing tonight or tomorrow. Pay attention in class, raise your hand and ask questions. Stop worrying about what others think. Mostly start applying yourself. Spend more time with your family, they are the ones that will be there for you later. Life is too short to focus on today, think about your future and how much better it will be if you work now and play later. Do not get me wrong you can still have fun, have fun learning. Get some sleep and study more. Parties, boys, and all that stuff is not as good as people make it sound. The right man is no one you even know right now. You will meet your future husband sooner than you realize, but for now focus on school. You are the only one in control of your future right now so make it a great one. A few years from now you do not want to be thinking to yourself "I really wish I would have paid more attention in high school."


Dear Jennifer, Almost ten years have flown by since high school. I can still remember your stubborn personality. I watched you drop out of college. When it was mentioned it brought you down and you said that you weren’t going to college, that it was a waste of money. You also thought it was a waste of time you wanted to be with your “friends”. Where are they now? You said you could find a decent job, work your way up, and you would be happy. You’re really happy with the past ten years of your life? What have you achieved? I know you have been working hard. Do you feel accomplished? Do you have the things you need, let alone want? If you could change the past would you? Jennifer I have been here with you all along. I was with you every time you fell and was with you when you got back up. I am delighted that you returned to school. I am happy you finally see what you need to get what you want out of life. I couldn’t be more proud of you. Love, Yourself


The first bit of advice I would offer my long ago self and anyone in High School now is simply: READ! Then again read some more. Read everything, from the cereal box on the breakfast table to newspapers, books, magazines on any and all subjects. Fill your mind with information that will be there to mine as in prospecting for gold. The next item of advice is: Write, and then write some more. Write on any subject, whether familiar with it or not. Much of college education revolves around reading and writing, regardless of major. You are going to have to do it anyway in the future, so may as well practice now and develop two skills that will help you go a very long way.


College is a leap of faith. There will be no more mom to wake you up, no more mom to call you in sick, no more mom to make you home cooked meals or to do your laundry. You are on your own so prepare yourself. Second of all, stay true to yourself and do not be a follower. Do not do anything just because "everybody" is doing it. Do not do things to get attention from people. Your true friends will love you no matter who you are so do not change for anyone. Be a leader and learn to stick up for yourself, you are an adult so act like it. Never give up. There will come times where you will have to pull all nighters and times where friends abandon you, but it is okay. Lastly, If there is anything I have learned in my first year at college, it is to fight. Fight for what is right. Fight for what you believe in and what is important to you. But most importantly fight for the ones you love, and never forget to tell anyone how much they mean to you while they are still alive.


It isn't as scary as you think. You will not have all of the answers to life.


I would tell myself not to waste my time going to my local community college and to go straight to university because I ended up spending a lot of money at my community college that was essentially a waste because none of my credits was transferrable and I started over with University of Phoenix. I would also tell myself that panicking over grades and assignments is useless because I can do this without hesitation or much negativity. Finally, I would say that I need to start school immediately because I did not want to be graduating from college at 34.


If I had the chance to go back to my younger self I would tell myself to focus more on school work and less on silly high school drama, keep up those grades, you know you are smart enough. I would emphasize how important a higher education is at a younger age, unlike the age I am now. I would tell myself to stop being afraid of the unknown and go to college. I would say how much fun college life can be whether it is at a campus or online, although I would not know what online is way back then.


Truly consider going to college right after high school, it will be so much easier than waiting until you get older. Going to college will make your life easier and better. You will have a better quality a life, you will feel more confident and prooud of what you have been able to achieve. Not going to college is a mistake, the time for you to do this is now.