University of Phoenix-Oregon Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I am enrolled in the campous class and the classmates are fantastic, they are older and very helpful and outgoing. The classmates/teammates are very excited about being in the class and you can feel the enrgy in the room. The classes I have taken through this university continue to gert beter, the classmates stay in communication off campus well with emails and phone numbers . Univiersity of Phoenix has each class biond with mulitple teams where you not have just a class mate but a team marte and a friend during class and even possibly fater the class is over.


My classmates are very knowledgeable and come from many places around the states.


My classmates are all online students, they are mostly men and women in thier 20's-40's I who want to better thier lives by going back to school; most of them have children, and online is a way for them to suceed while still working and parenting