University of Phoenix-Richmond Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at University of Phoenix-Richmond Campus know before they start?


I would tell my past self to continue to be determined and diligent. Go to school for something that makes you happy and complete, not what others want you to do. Apply for scholarships early to avoid debt and strive to become a member of honor societies and school clubs.


In high school, good grades were easy to obtain It was easy to study at school and pass over and over again But with no direction of what I was purposed to do I went to college straight out of school thinking this would be easy too I soon found out it was not easy to prevail In a school with bad study habits, I began to fail I changed my major but felt unqualified in that too Therefore, I dropped out, what else was there to do Years later, I tried to start anew To a school that would fit my schedule and build my confidence too Even though I chose a great school to attend That worked with my busy schedule and gave me peace within I had to stop attending because of the financial issues bell And became depressed because I thought I would never excel But a few years later a good friend encourage me to try To go back in human services to help others survive So as I end this poem and my advice to you Know your purpose in life, which will make your college career easier to do!


The advice I would have give myself would to make sure I went to school after I graduate so I would not be struggling to make it through with balancing work, school, and parenthood. And to better manage my financial matters. Mostly important to know that your credit follow anywhere you go.