University of Phoenix-Sacramento Valley Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who desires a traditional brick and mortar school experience should not attend this school. Students who desire to be student athletes should select another school.


If someone is not computer literate they should not attend the University of Phoenix. Due to the amount of online work needed to complete assignments.


The type of person best suited for campus life at the University of Phoenix is autonomous and dedicated to his or her education. I have seen many students in my courses that do not take their education seriously and only do the minimum to pass the course. University of Phoenix is an institution of higher learning and students should be prepared as well as committed to dedicating their time to get the most out of their education. Students that believe they only need to do the minimum work required to graduate should not attend this school.


Anyone who will take their school work serious.


person don't have good time management skill and like to learning in traditional way such face to face lesson instead online communication.


Someone who is not self disciplined or is a procrasinator. If you need more lecture and more than one class per week this is probably not the right school.


People that have no common courtesy and have no respect for others should not attend this school. For the most part this school is focused on the furture, meaning that some students are already professionals and either looking for a possible new career or a higher degree. A person that has no motivation to do well in school and would bring the rest of their team down.


The University of Phoenix is on an accelerated program. I just completed my first course, each course lasts 5 weeks. The class started off with 18 students., since then 4 students have dropped. At the beginning of our class this might have surprised me; after going through the course, and seeing how fast paced it is, it no longer does. A person cannot be on the fence about going back to school, time management is of utmost importance, and it is team based. If you do not work in a team, this school is not for you.