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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear Self, I am as certain as you are that you know everything and that you have planned out for your future as a college student. Listen! You will not die if you move away from home for your first year of college. You will not die if you stay home and attend a junior college your first year. However, your dreams will die if you sit around and do nothing! So get up and get out there. If you want to continue as a student athlete, then by all means, do it! If you choose the Arts over athletics then that is fine too. Just take your time, research your school options, research careep options as well. Enjoy life. Truth is, most college students don't really know what they want or how to get it until their mid-20s. Do not stress yourself. Live and enjoy your life!


I owuld advise my self to get into college sooner. If I would have gone to college staright out of high school I would have been set inmmy carreer by now. Going to college saved not only my carreer but my life as well. College helps to get a person focused on the future and working towards that future. I would not be struggling now if I had went to college sooner.


I would tell myself to continue taking college prep classes and that I need to start looking into colleges. Joining the military after high school is ok but, joining after finishing college would be alot better. waiting too long to go to school allows for distractions to fill your study time.


Shannon, twelve years from now you will be a professional student at the University of Phoenix within one year of completing your bachelors degree. I know the way you feel right now you are unsure about what it is you want to do with the rest of your life and you are excited at the opportunity to be independent. If I could impart a piece of wisdom with the hopes that you take it to heart and really understand, I would tell you not to wait to start your education. I know you are burnt out from homework, getting up early to go to class, and coming home late from work, but the effort you put into yourself is worth it; you are worth it. You have potential to do so many great things and the experiences in your life will shape who you are. Continue to grow, to learn, and to succeed. You are capeable of so much greatness if you take advantage of the opportunities ahead of you. One last piece of advice, stay away from a guy you will meet at training in California he may look and act nice but he will break your heart.


If I could go back in time to my high school senior year, I would tell myself to not grow up too fast. I started working at sixteen and moved out of my parents home at nineteen. I was too focused on gaining my independence that I could not balance both school and work. I prioritized work and my academics suffered because of that decision. Today I still have to focus on both school and work but also my own family and I want to emphasize to my daughter that higher education is very important. I now realize that I should have prioritized school first and taken advantaged of the help my family offered when I was young.

Rev. Kenneth

I would say finish you military obligation, go to school and earn a PhD. At work promote, promote, promote. and in the words of Winston Churchell, Never Never Never Never give up


I would tell myself to make college more of a priority. Don't get married at 18 and think that a higher education isn't important. Look into a feild of study that you really care about and feel that you wold do well at. Focus and apply yourself. Be proud of yourself and succeed to the best of your ability.


Do not give up on your dreams no matter what obstacles come infront of you.


At this point, it's hard to make a big impact on your GPA to assist you in getting scholarships, schools, whatever. Focus hard on actually learning the material so it will be easier in college. Find a job that you enjoy the people you work with, and don't be afraid to take a higher paying job as your coworkers don't take it personally. You need to keep up a savings of some sort and always be looking towards the future: job, car, holidays (the things they require you to spend money on), etc. Budget your money and always make sure you are making more than you are spending. College life can be tempting with parties, various drugs people try, and just in general over-socialization. Stay away from the parties if you have important things coming up like tests, don't ever try the drugs (I haven't, but I've seen enough to know it'll mess you up) and keep your focus where it should be: ON COLLEGE. The money and time isn't worth wasting when there are so many other things you can do with them. Work hard and get your dream job.


I would say to put my social life on the back burner because education is the most important part of accomplishing my lifelong goals. I would have waited to have my daughter so that I could better provide for her rather than working full time and going to school full time and barely making it by. I would say to go to college right out of high school rather than putting it off because it is much harder when you are older.




I would make sure that I paid more attention when it came time to decide to go to college. Make sure that I wasn't worried about the funds and whether or not Icould afford it. I would tell myself do it and don't wait, it is not worth it! There are ways to make my dreams come true and I shouldn't wait.


First, I would tell myself that I do not necessarily know what is best for me. I would also say that I am still young and the future will come and it is up to me how prepared I want to be. Then I would tell myself that having a degree makes a difference in choosing the right career. A degree opens doors to otherwise impossible dreams.


I have learned how to use the computer, I now know how to do research papers, and write papers apa format style. The university requires all students do participate in learning teams, I apprieciate having a team to help me get the best out of my studies, the team is invaluable, when I need help with an assignment the team is always there. The team is my second family, we spend alot of time together, we help each other with out personal life as well. The most valuable part of the learning team is that I will have a group of friends for life. The purpose of the learning teams is to prepare you for working with teams in your careers after you graduate. I have learned how to put myself in others shoes and not to judge others based on what I percieve about them. I love doing the volunteer work required for my courses, it has taught me to not take life for granted, as my life can change at a blink of an eye. I learned to be humble and to count my blessing and be thankful for what I have.


I waited ntil I was 59 years of age to attend school, mostly out of fear due to my learing disabilities, but I forced my self to stay in school , in the beginning when I first started I alsmost quit, my learning curve was just not up to par, my daughter and the school kept pushing me to stay and continue, I am so happy I did, if I could go back and apply for my MBA, I would, just do not have the money to continue on, my struggle with finances right now just does not allow me to continue on.


I have realized throughout college that it's time to grow up and examine my priorities. I've learned to take my education into my own hands instead of relying on someone else to manage how my education will go. Learning about all these different life lessons has opened my eyes to the world beyond high school.


Since returning to school five weeks ago I have learned the importance of researching my idea before commiting to it. In the last five weeks I have written three essays in my Business Information Systems class. I started out with an idea for each essay and created the outline. As I researched the details of my idea I found that there were much better options available and the whole essence of the paper changed dramatically and I had to start over. This didn't frustrate me as I felt I was learning valuable lessons with each experience. Students are also required to do presentations using Power Point. I have done three of them. Putting together the slides is easy enough, however, the presentation itself is a challenge for me. After rehearsing several times at home I still stumbled over my words and was sweating profusely. I accept my nervousness and speak up in class every chance I get so that I will overcome this problem faster. The second and third presentations were easier than the first. It is very important to overcome my presentation delima and the University of Phoenix is providing me with the tools to do so.


I would try to explain to myself the truth of school. Something I was so blissfully unaware of back then. I just didn't realize the real importance of school. I always assumed school was just a requirement to call yourself an adult or something. I did not realize that school was designed to educate, and thus transform ones dispositon from an ignorant dependant, into a functional, informed part of society. The truth is without education, there is no set goal, no destination, and therefore no stability in life. A degree gives you a background. It gives you a sence of identity. And above all, knowledge brings about the capability of unsurmountable scenarios. Knowledge is the gateway to self enlightenment . Without it, you are bound for mediocracy. Yes ignorance is bliss, But knowledge is power!


If I could go back in time as a high school senior there are a lot of things that I would tell myself. I have learned everything from trial and error. I have grown up so much since attending college. When I was in high school not so much. I was very young when I graduated high school and did not take real life seriously. From being out there in the real world and being in the classrooms and learning all this valuable knowledge has made me realise how important it is to take it seriously not only for yourself, but to build a better future. I learned the hard way, so I would definitely tell myself to have a plan laid out of how I want to obtain my educational goals and if obstacles arise, how to overcome them. Also I would tell myself to always reach for my fullest potential and extend out all my resources to succeed.


As a senior in High School I was a mother of two children. I had my first during my sophomore year and my 2nd my senior year. I had good grades and desperately wanted to attend college. Having the kids I thought I had messed up that chance. I put it on the back burner and decided to work to support my kids. I was living on my own. I would go back and tell myself that I have it in me. That my children will benefit from the education I receive and nothing is more important than being a good role model for them. I would tell myself that there is financial aid, scholarships and Grants to help and that I 'm not alone. I would explain that if I go to work it WILL take me years to move up the corporate ladder and if I sacrifice now...while I'm young, while the kids are young, it will payoff. A degree is important, not only for monetary reasons, but for my own self esteem and self worth. Being a young mother is going to be tough, why make it harder than it has to be


If I could go back in time, I would have taken the necessary classes required to get me accepted into a UC school. I would also make sure to start my college career off with better study habits and more focus. I would also tell myself to make friends and develop better study groups. One of the best things that happened to me at University of Phoenix, was my study group. Had I known the impact study groups could have when I first entered college, I would have successfully graduated my first time around and never even had to go to Phoenix. I would have worked much harder and graduated at much younger age saving me quite a bit of money and possibly making more money at an earlier age.