University of Phoenix-San Antonio Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I like that I was able to do it online and it was 5 weeks course, one class at a time. I didnt have to worry about take 2 classes per semsester it was every 5 weeks I was in a new class.


The best thing about attending the University of Phoenix is how the classes are mainly based online but I have a class every week. Gives us an opportunity to talk to the instructor even through all the work is done online. This has help me slowly re-adjust to returning to school.


I'm an online student but I have never felt at a disadvantage becasue of this. My professors, advisors, and fellow students interact with me on a regular basis and never give me the run around. There is always help available to me when I need it-something that I had trouble with when I attended a physical campus.