University of Phoenix-San Diego Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who can not retain a lot of information on a quick basis.


Any person wanting to gain knowledge and experience a good education should not attend this school for they will be disappointed and underwhelmed.


A person that is looking for the traditional/common university life style shouldn't look into this place as an option.


People who are not self motivated should not attend this university.


An individual who is not a responsible and serious about their life career. A person who has not had it all figure out in life should not be attending this school because why attend university of phoenix if you are not willing to take it serious. I also believe that a person who is only looking fo money should not go to school, by that I mean there are some people who go to school and wait to receive the financial aid and decide to leave school. I see that as a was to disrespect the school and themselves.


I would not know what kind of person shouldn't attend this school. I think it's one of the best school out there.


Anybody who wants to continue with a higher level of education.


Univeristy of Phoenix is not for students that are not interested in meeting with their Learning Team outside of class, very accelerated curriculum that requires a substantial amoutn of reading.