University of Phoenix-South Carolina Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to stress less because we have to take one day at a time. Stay focus and use time management skills to ensure that I can stay on track and not get overwhelmed by all the school work that i have to do.


The best advice I could give myself in college was to take advantage of all of the free knowledge offered. I would advise myself to study harder and read more; knowledge is essential and if applied properly is the difference between success and failure in college. I would also advice myself to take advantage of all of the scholarship offers available, with the rising cost of college it is partially impossible to pursue an education without accruing an immense amount of debt. Not only do you accumulate a large amount of debt you also take on unnecessary stress with the thoughts of how you will attempt to pay off student loans once you finish college. I would also advice myself to enjoy life and appreciate childhood, that once you enter into adulthood then you can grow up until that time take it slowly.


The advice that i would give my high school self would be to not let your surrounding distract you. Being in an area where the peolpe only hope to make it out of high and look no further should not make it the normal or acceptable thing to do. You should want more than that and just having a high school dipolma does not guarantee a stable life. Furthering your education is the way to make our dreams and goals become a reality.


The advice I would give myself is you can do it and it's needed to change my situation