University of Phoenix-Southern Arizona Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


From the perspective of an online format, I haven't gotten to know my classmates well.


Having classmates like the ones I have at University of Phoenix is rewarding and uplifting, which excites you to excel and want to learn more.




My classmates at the University of Phoenix have been a huge support and people I can relate to because we are all working full-time with other reasonability?s. The support they give me is unlike any other school because we all work together to finish the same project or presentations; without their motivation and knowing that not finishing my part affects the whole team makes me want to do more and the quality and effort put fourth is more.


All my classmates are extremely helpful and friendly, since the school focuses on adult learning, we all have different views but get along well.


My classmates are fun, compassionate, and competitive.