University of Phoenix-Southern Arizona Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about the UA South campus is the lack of foreign language classes offered. Almost all UA undergraduate degree programs require 2 years of an approved foreign language in order to graduate. Students wishing to fulfill the language requirements must use the main campus in Tucson or "self-study" with CLEP exams.


The worst thing about University of Phoenix is that instead of learning in the classroom then doing the homework, the homework is done first and then discussed in class. This is not the standard at some education institutions. It forces you to learn the material then ask questions and review the information.


The worst thing would be that the school is primarily focused on academics. Therefore, no sporting activities of any type are offered or . The school also does not provide classes to learn a foreign language.


The worst thing about University of Phoenix would be that the classes are 5 weeks long. I feel that the class flys by which is nice but I feel it is to quick to learn all the material that is needed.