University of Phoenix-Southern Arizona Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Students who have full time jobs should attned this school because it allows flexibility since all of the classes are online. This school is also great for students who are also looking for a fast track classes to obtain their degrees without going to a vocational school.


Any kind of person should attend the university of phoenix. It has such diversity from people with families, people with full time jobs, people just trying to get a couple classes here and there people just starting out or just finishing up. The University of Phoenix is literally for everyone.


Someone that is motivated to go to school and spend time online learning processes and information. Anyone with a busy schedule that cannot go to campus, can go to school online and they can find time because of the flexible online option.


I attended the University of Arizona South Campus. It is a school for students who need online courses that might work or be a mother of 3 young children and take these course at night when the children sleep. It offers many classess and most professors are great at what they do. Great school to get a degree in Education.


The type of people that attend the University of Phoenix should be self motivated and able to teach themselves. Also they need to be able to absorb information quickly with five week course blocks.


The University of Phoenix is designed for the working adult. I believe that this school is great for people with actual experience who seek promotions or opportunities. Also, a student should possess a strong desciplined personality because the courses are fast paced and mostly independent studies.