University of Phoenix-Southern California Campus Top Questions

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There are many unique things about this school, but one of the things I like best is the 5 week programs for Bachelor's Degrees. Most schools require you to take full semesters and endure pain-staking lectures that most students do not really gain anything from. Here, the classes are small and interactive, and the 5 week courses make it seem as if time really does fly by!


This school is very different than a actual community or state college, because they don't baby you in explaining much but with giving you instructions of requirements. You don't work on a college's schedule but on your own schedule because it's an online class. The students you work with are sometimes not ever the nicest, and it's difficult to work with sometimes. You get to be claimed as a full-time student by taking a 3 unit class every 5 weeks and getting to be done with college faster and you can work full-time


The University of Phoenix atmosphere is for working adults, and the courses are advanced and accelerated. The coursework appeals to the students' life experience and that was why I liked the program. Most of the people in the course were around my age, and the exchange of experiences among the students was just as important as the information from the books and the instructors.