University of Phoenix-Southern California Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to "smarten up". I didn't really care about grades back then. I didn't like homework. Now I would have loved to have cared more about my grades. I would stress to myself how important it is to put in your best effort. I would tell myself to work on my time management skills and my sleeping schedule. "Go to bed earlier and plan your time better" is something I would say. "Listen to your mother" cause believe it or not she's right about needing to work hard and get good grades. I would probably tell myself to get a good job and start working to help pay the loans that pay for school. I would also remind myself that I need to work on my college applications early so that I am not scrambling last minute and only applying to one school. These are all things I would tell myself if I could go back in time. I wouldn't want to though. Not knowing made me learn the hard way. It made me who I am.


If I could go back in time and advise myself of the future, I would tell myself to stop being so arrogant and selfish and be more productive in finding a good college to go to. I would also let myself know that our father has Veteran's Affairs benefits and I could go to school for free on count of his service. By doing this, I would be saving my highschool self from having to join the Marines like I did, potentially getting sick and becoming disabled because of that illness that was obtained from service over seas. Even though I now have two young children that I love and adore to no end, I would at least like to give myself a chance to work smarter, not harder. His life could be much better than what I am living now.


I would tell myself to stop procrastinating. The reason that I am not living on campus in a four year university is because in my senior year, I slacked off and didn't even apply to a university simply because I doubted myself. I didn't think that I had what it takes to be accepted into a university, so my plan was to wait a year and then start college. I waited a half of a year and was accepted into a two year university, then transferred to the University of Phoenix. Looking back, I did have what it took, and I wish I could go back and influence myself to try harder my senior year and to apply to as many universities as I possibly could. If I did encourage myself, I would be a sophomore living on campus at a four year university like the rest of my graduating class, and a whole year closer to getting my degree in Journalism.


I would tell the high school senior version of myself: "Life is not going to happen all at once. You are not entitled to the best version of higher learning just because you want it. You have to put in the work. Commit to volunteering at The Children's Clinic not just because it's mandatory. But because it will help you in the long run. Be realistic about what you can afford. What will work for you is making a plan--not depending on a hope. I believe in you. Believe in yourself, too. I love you."


The advice I would have given myself would have been to push forward in researching and applying for scholarships and financial aid. Because I was first generation to apply to college, my parents did not understand much about the financing process and options. I was able to secure a $1000 scholarship to the college I was accepted (UC Riverside) as a high school senior, but because my parents were so wary about how the balance of my education would be funded, I had to decline the offer. Eventually it took me seven years to return to college, where I applied for financial aid on my own as an independant student and enroll at UC Riverside. The other bit of advice I would have given myself as a high school senior was to participate in more student organizations in college, to provide better networking connections for future opportunities.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self I would say that you will go through allot in the future but that you will not regrete anything at all. I did not start college when I graduated high school immediatly because I was not sure about what I wanted to study. I did not and do not have the funds to mess around. I worked in many fields and now I know for sure what I want to do for the rest of my life. I am not perfect but all of my mistakes helped me to grow and become the woman and mother that I am today. So relax and enjoy life.


Live! This is the one word I share with my high school self. Do not be afraid to live and enjoy every opportunity that comes your way. You may not want to go to college, but the college experience is something you will remember forever. Join clubs, meet people, but most of all live as if there is no tomorrow. Do not be afraid to do the work needed to be successful. Being a 27 year old single mother, I will share these words with my child. Time waits for no man, take advantage.


First of all, I would tell myself to take study time seriously. Once I began at the University of Phoenix I tried to continue my school life the way I had been spending it in high school, only to realize that it's not that simple. At the University of Phoenix I have learned from experience that it is necessary to take good notes and study, whether it be indivually or with a group. Actually taking the time to do the required reading for each week will not only help with the assignments that are given that week, but I've also learned from the reading a lot of knowledge that I know I will put to use once I am working in the social work field, So in a few words again, my advice to high school me is to take notes and study!!! It will help you in the long run!!


There is so much I would want to teach myself if I could go back in time. However, I firmly believe that life is only experienced forwards, not backwards. If I could, I wish I could have told myself to be more prepared for college. I thought going into college would be all fun and games. I learned that was not the case at all when it came to college. I know college is a new place to be, to discover ourselves outside of what we have grown up in; but we must remember that life does not work that way. Every choice/action we make has its pros and cons. But like I said before, life is about living in the present moment and planning for the future. So If I could go back, I would still tell myself to live in the moment, to make mistakes and ultimately learn from them. Because we aren't supposed to have all the answers the minute we graduate. That is how we learn to spread our wings and fly.


Go to college and get your education, do it while you are young and do not have all of the family obligations of children. Do not waste your time at a job when you could gave a career.


"Marlina... I am here to talk to you about the way you are viewing your future. And the way you are seeing your high school education. I know that you believe in hard work. And I know that you believe in having to work to get what you want. However, I really believe that you need to work your hardest and get scholarships now. Don't wait. Don't waste any time working a minimum wage job, you could be out there making something of yourself. You see your parents. You see the struggles they go through, neither of them have a degree. Do you really want to be a grown woman with a family and no way of providing the life you wish to give them? No. I know you don't. I am you. And I know that you have higher ambitions for yourself. I know you want to make your family proud, I know you want to become someone who matters in this world." If I could go back in time, I wouldn't waste any time at community college like I did. I would be taking my own advice and becoming someone geat that much faster.


I previously attended Arizona State University. I loved that it was huge. The teachers were nice. There was always something going on on campus. Whether its a mini concert, a snowball fight or just a set up station to tye dye shirts, me and my bestie always had a ball. I was currently pregnant which did make it a bit more challeging than the normal student but the people I encountered helped me keep my head up high. Though that was in the 08'-09' school year I plan to attend there again in the future. I am recently enrolled at Glendale Community College in Glendale,AZ for the 10'-11' school year. Smaller school but much much cheaper.


Eventhough there are a lot of negatives as to not getting the ultimate college experience in the university I am currently attending, there is still the satisfaction of being able to go to school. I know that I have made many mistakes as to my choices in the schools that I applied, as well as choosing a different school due to financial struggles, but that doesn't take away the opportunity of being able to attend school and pursuing a degree. I am very grateful for the opportunity and the challenges I have to undergo in order to get my degree in the field that I want, just for the very reason that I get to learn from past mistakes as well as gain further knowledge for future references.


I have gained the realization that college is important in finishing in order to get the job of my dreams to make a difference and help people dealing with some psychological problems. I attend school, to continue learning new material that will help me become a marriage and family psychologist, and then help me apply myself to a Law School to become a Marriage and Family Lawyer in the future. Honestly, I have gotten out of college experience so far the time management and have been making more mature choices to focus more on my school than going out to have fun. It's made me value the fact that I have taken out a student loan to not waste every penny, and use every penny to my advantage in geting a full education and career in studying psychology and law. Learning helps me make it a goal to protect families who struggle in personal problems and situations that need counseling and encouragment.


The satisfaction of completing a degree program at night for one thing is very valuable, the entire experience of meeting new people, and being serious about the coursework. Everyone there is paying a lot of money, so one must assume they are serious about being there, and so the time was not wasted with frivilous activities or conversations. I am happy to say that I have a degree, and how I achieved it. I know how difficult it was sometimes to do the work; so I believe I am capable of working and going to school at the same time, and still having time for recreation.


My college experience has been one of hard work. You need to work hard to succeed, no matter what you do, what degree you want, or what your major is. I have been attending college since my junior year of high school, through dual enrollment, and I have learned that you need to have the goal to succeed, and strive to attain that goal, or else you'll just coast through college, get average grades, and you'll have an average life. I want a successful, fulfilling life, and in order to do that, I have to work my hardest to make sure I get it. No one is going to hand you money just for breathing. You need to get out there, make yourself know, enjoy life, and most of all try your best, because even if you don't land that interview, or get that internship, you still can say to yourself that you did your best, and you can still hold your head up high and know that you worked hard enough to get that far.


Now age 24, everyday I experience the importance of an education. Orginally from Scotland, I am in my second year of my two year college with the intend on transferring to a four year college. Since I am on a student visa, finances are a great concern. However my education is my number one goal, not only for the learning experience that it provides me, but the security that it will provide me later on in my career.


I have learned much about the criminal justice field I knew very little about. In the class enviornment, with learning teams, we work on projects together and see different ideas and way of handling prodject from a different point of view. Wotking with diferent personalities, energy levels,and types of people opens doorsforteams to be abletowork together. Every class I finish is valuable because it is needed formation for my chosen profession. Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement is a popular field to enter because there arenoeshortages in criminals. The coures I am taking at University of Phoenix is exactly what I need. The Criminal Justice Program is hard. The research is long and boring and the professors are tough, but it is a good program.


As I go back in time I start to realize how simple life is at that point in time. All I had to worry about is getting to school in time and completing all of my assignments in order to graduate. As I come accross myself, I stop. I see myself being very careless about school and how foolish of me it was to drop all of important classes I could of completed there instead of a junior college. I then tell myself, it is going to be a hard life you will be dealing with in the next fifteen years to follow graduation. You will go through many choices in life when it comes to your education. Do not stop going to school, no matter what happens. It will be very hard the first year in college and that is okay. You will need to study hard and your personal life will interfere with your education but you cannot stop. It is best you finish school then persue a career and a family after you finish.


It is May of 2008, and I am getting ready for graduation. I wonder what college life will be like, if I am going to enjoy the field of study I am going into, and whether or not I should have applied for scholarships already. I run into someone who looks exactly like me, it is my future self. I begin asking her questions, what is my life like in the future. She says that I shouldn't worry about anything except for my college life. She says that I should be focusing on getting myself into a good college, and apply for as many scholarships as I can, since that is one of the things that will help me get through college. She also says that I should get my head in the game even before I start college because it is going to be hard, but very rewarding, that I should apply myself as much as I can after i get into college, because in the future, when I am looking back at myself, I will know that I had accomplished something very crucial for my future and the future of my family.


You're going the right direction and you're going to make it!


If i were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice i would give myself would be to stay focus and not alway hang around the wrong crowd. Know who and who's not your friends. Don't let negativity keep you from doing what you have to do to make it. There alot of people waiting to see you fail , but the best thing for you to do is prove them wrong. you can do it, you and me both know this i don"t understand why your being so lazy. It's really not that difficult , you just really have to study and work hard . I don't understand you, you tell me you want to graduate and become a vet and own your own business , well not with those grades, your not going to get anywhere. right now it's your job to become an adult and take responsibility for your action if you really want to prove your mother wrong just do it . I know you really like dancing but you have to give up something you love in order to get to do something you love.


I would tell myself to make sure I went to college no matter how much money I was making at my current job. Do not get seduced by the money!! Going to college is alot of work but it gets even harder when your 33 and have kids. I would tell myself the truth! You will be 33 years old and have a child and have to go back to school because the economy will be so bad. You wont get a decent job w/out a degree. You will make lots of money while your friends are in college but at the end of the day your money will run out and they will make more money than you when they graduate from college. You will be left with nothing! You will have to sacrifice time away from your husband, son, friends and family to do something you should have started 15 years ago. I would also tell myself how lucky I am to come back in time and explain my future. It wasnt something I had and if I did, I may have started15 years ago.


Gosh! If only the possibility could be true.... If I could go back as a high school senior I would tell myself that their are only a few thing's in life more important than school. I would tell myself to always keep school as one of my main priorities and never allow anyone to destroy my dreams. I would also tell myself that I have a mission in life and that school is my first step!


The advice I would have given myself is that once you start college you need to finish. Don't take any breaks because they always last longer than you anticipate. Stay at home as long as you can while in school, being financially strapped is no fun!