University of Pittsburgh-Bradford Top Questions

Describe how University of Pittsburgh-Bradford looks to someone who's never seen it.




My school is a small close knit place where people really get to know and familiaize themselves with one another and the professors.


My school is small, caring, outgoing, academically challenging, great, clean, and I don;t regret my choice to attend this college.


The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford offers students an experience that goes beyond anyone's expectations for several reasons that can include a home-like environment, small class sizes, dedicated staff and faculty, diversity, comfortable and affordable off and on-campus housing, extracurricular activities, beautiful location and surroundings, and a friendly, hard-working, and sincere student body, faculty, and staff.


My school is a diverse group of people from around the world joined together to help one achieve gain the best possible educational experience.


The campus is a wonderful campus the Professor are great but the social aspect isn't so great there is not much for the students to do outside of campus the town is small and not very diverse, the weekends are dead but the school is a great place to learn.