University of Pittsburgh-Bradford Top Questions

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Honestly, I am not sure. I would have to go with that our campus used to be an airport.


The class sizes are small and that means better access to professors. The upper-classmen are very helpful and don't typically haze freshmen and sophmores.


To sum up Pitt-Bradford in one word: amazing. There is enough here to do both during the week and during the weekends to keep all students busy and having fun (when they are not studying). We also have a great faculty and staff that are more than eager to help students with homework or any other issues they may be having. Our faculty here gear students for the work world so that they can be successful after college, and they are always there to help struggling students. Lastly, although our campus is a wet campus (alcohol is allowed in small quantities for those over 21), the campus is extremely safe so there is nothing that new students need to worry about (except doing well in their classes of course).


It's only going to get bigger and better :)


As long as you open your heart and your books, you’ll do just fine here!!


The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford is unique because the school in a sense is like it's own community and everyone that I knew while going to school all got along and worked together to make it the best experience. The student body, staff and faculty were the nicest and most caring individuals that i've ever met compared to any other college and/or university. I felt at home at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford and enjoyed everyday while in school. The school is also located in one of the most beautiful places in Pennsylvania.