University of Pittsburgh-Bradford Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The professors/upper-classmen made it easy to want to continue to earn my degree there. I am just going into my sophomore year at the University, and I have yet to meet any one on campus who was not willing to help someone out. I needed quite a bit of help from other students and professors. The professors are so genuine. When I needed help, even it if was not assocaited with their class; they were always their. The campus is very connected and friendly. I could not have chose a better University to attend.


University of Pittsburgh-Bradford is a small school where everybody knows everybody. The Dean knows you by name and the classes are small enough where your teacher can really get to know you. Everything on campus is whithin a short walking distance and surrounded by the beautiful allegany forrest. When you are not in class or studying you can go hiking and enjoy the nature that surrounds the campus.


Personal place that does not make you feel like a statistic. The professors are personable and there to help rather than there just to teach you and get it over with. The campus is relaxing and nature is all around. Still able to get all shopping done, but not like a big city. The people on campus have fun in ways that other schools do not. Foremost this campus allows you to get involved in activities and make a difference to the campus in leadership positions that are not possible in highly populated campuses.


The food. You can select from a wide variety.