University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg allows each individual to be his or herself. Each individual has the opportunity to find and experience what they are searching for in terms of individual success, happiness, self-fulfillment, and whatever it is that makes them feel important. The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg is a unique place that allows each individual to bring their own uniqueness to share and explore. Every individual brings something special to the college and that's what makes it the best around.


It is a major and respectful school with a small town-like campus. The area is beautiful and everyone I meet is so very nice. It's everything I ever wanted and more in a college.


I hardly brag about anything regarding my college


The campus and my teachers.


Low cost, great faculty and students, indepth classes. Awsome atmosphere.


How well i'm doing and how its a nice, looked up to, close to home University.


The accessability of local bussiness and shops.