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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would want to come into college knowing what I would like to do so I can get right into my major core classes instead of having to change my major many times. Also to pick somewhere you will enjoy being and have the college experiences. Also picking a school that I could afford because its so hard paying for school being outof state.


Once I graduated from high school I was on my way to Sam Houston University. But one week before leaving, I found out I was pregnant. If I could go back to that time and talk to myself l would have so much to say that would make the next few years a little easier. First, I would stress that everything is going to turn out for the best. Dont be upset about no longer going to Sam Houston. Instead be excited about Blinn College which is closer to home. Here you can have family support and you will learn everything and more from professors who care about you as a single mother. You will learn not only about your major, but about life as well! Second, I would tell myself that it is alright to take your time with school, as long as you are making good grades and enjoying your time doing it. Third, I would say to soak up every minute with your new child as you can. These past four years have gone by quickly and watching my daughter grow up has been exciting and full of rewards no school could give me.


As a high school senior it is common to assume a level of world knowledge that is unattainable without life experience outside of public schooling and home living. If I could speak to myself as a high school senior I would suggest two things. First, I would comment on the importance of professors in college and their ability to impact a student's life. Consider the classes you select to be more than subject material. Do not take classes, take professors. Their life experience, educational background and professional advice can, if you let it, teach you not what to think but how to think. Find professors who will help you in this respect and take their classes as often as possible. Secondly, know that your life is unique. Strive to be like those you admire, however do not fall into the temptation to become them. Satisfaction and fulfillment comes from contemplating and embracing this uniquely human situation (that is, individualism). Your heart will be restless as you take your life and try to fit it into the mold of another's. Instead, take your life, your mold, and fill it with that which makes it truly come to life.


First off, it's not as scary as our highschool teachers made it out to be, so don't be worried because things are much more laid back. Just because homeowork isn't mandatory. do it anyway!! Otherwise, you'll just get behind and won't understand the material. Also, if they're serving something in the cafeteria that they served the day before, I'd advice you not to eat it. Obtain as many friends as you can; you'll need and want the company and perhaps help. Never forget who you are and what you believe in. If there's something you don't want to do, speak up. One last thing: don't feel bad if you have to drop out of a class. You can always re-take it or maybe even skip it altogether. You might as well be as comfortable and happy as possible.


I have gained life long friendships and skills during my college experience. It has made me a better leader. Being involved on campus also added to my leadership skills. Becoming a leader is very important in the career field that I am going into.


I have gained a determination unlike the kind I had before. In high school, I had the drive to finish so that my mother would be proud. College is for self fulfillment. I am passionate about teaching and about the arts, so why not be a creative writing teacher? I want a career so that I can take care of my children once I and my husband-to-be decide to bring them into this world. I want to be financially stable to handle anything thrown at me. College has also given me that "trial and error" lecture that will help me and my children when they decide to continue their education. I now know a lot of things that I blindly walked into, whether they turned out good or bad, that will aid them along the way. I was alone in my children won't be!


From my freshman year at college, I have made so many friends that I know will continue to be friends for a lifetime. Everyone is very close and cares about each other very much. I have also gotten a whole lot of enjoyment out of being a member of the Women's Soccer team. It is a great group of girls, and being in a sport in general while attending college is a great learning experience and helps to make the transition from high school to college very easy.


Life will bring you many twists and turns as you become older. You must remember that this is not a sprint; you must prepare yourself for the marathon of life. All of your aspirations will eventually come to fruition; however, you must take some time and effort to focus on your education; this will ensure that you are not looking back on all the time that you have squandered saying to yourself, "Why didn't I just get it done in the first place?". Life at college will be enjoyable as well as hard work. These next four years or so, will ensure that you are not spending the next 45 years regretting a decision to put it off. This being said, remember that you can enjoy college life and still attain an honor roll status with some careful planning and balance within your life. Don't let a party tonight take away the life's party that takes place for the rest of your life. Stick with it, and you will find that every sacrifice now, will pay itself off ten fold in the future!


If I was given the chance to go back in time and give myself advice when I was a high shool senior I would have to tell myself to work a lot more over the summer to save up more money, to make sure I really want to be where my college is located, and to get involved in as many campus activities as possible. Ever since starting my college career I've learned that I don't want to be in this kind of campus setting and that I would be better off in the city. Overall, my biggest, most important piece of advice that I would've given myself is to know what I want and not give up on my dreams of achieving it.


If given the chance to speak to my younger self: I would give the advice of living each day to its fullest. Be true to whom you are as a person and that standing up for what you believe in is always the best thing to do. Always go for what you want and never back down, that way you are never disappointed in yourself for not trying your hardest. Also, never back down from something you firmly believe in. Making the decision to stand when everyone else has fallen, that shows true character. Dr. Seuss said it best: "Be who you are and say what you will because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." I feel with this advice I have become someone I can look up to. However, this would have been much helpful advice in high school as well.


I would tell myself that getting a job early would be better when going to college because even if you apply for financial aid, you still need some spending money to go and do some activities. I would also tell myself that college might seem hard and times might get rough, but faculty and staff are supposed to be there to help and and that the first couple of months and or weeks at school may seem nerve-racking, but college is not all about being on your guard.


The only way to learn about life and what life has to offer is to experince it head-on and with a totally positive attitude. I know it's said so many times, but don't take yourself too seriously. God only gives you as much as you can handle, and if He brings you to it, He will bring you through it. Take pride in the fact that you are continuing your education. College is just one aspect of your life....embrace it, live it to the fullest, continue to be successful, and pay it forward!


I would definitely tell myself to listen to my heart and not my head as far as choosing a major is concerned. Go with the choice that will benefit your future happiness and not convenience, otherwise, you'll always feel like something is missing in your life. Unless you are going for what you want, and this is due to experience, then you are just going to feel hopeless and lost. Don't worry however, for we eventually get out of that rut and land where we're supposed to be!!


I would have to tell myself that it is important to do well and take it seriously. Be open to everything, new friends, new jobs, new anything. It goes by so fast remember to enjoy yourself and don't get mixed up with drama, it isn't worth it. But above all else I would tell myself to take my time and do things right and to follow my intuition, if it doesn't feel right then don't do it.


I completed high school in India. At that time my parents had made the decision of going to the States to study without consulting me. I feel I am competent enough for UPG, the faculty are well-versed in their field and most are willing to help students. However, I feel I am not academically challenged enough. More importantly, the transition was quite rough. I faced alot of racism, both subtle and direct, and noticed most students socialized within their own racial group. This was something quite disillusioning for me. From this experience, if I were a high school senior, I would advise myself to look at all college options in India before considering the USA. This would provide a more sociable and academically stimulating environment for me than at Greensburg.


Try to go for a class you are going to attend


I would say to go visit all of the colleges first before making a decision


Always approach everything with an optimistic, glass half full type of attitude. It's much easier to close yourself off and not make the most out of your experience rather than maintain an open minded attitude towards everything. You want to look back on your college experience and remember it because there is no second chance after this! Get as involved as possible and as early as possible because you can always pull yourself out of clubs and other extracurricular activities rather than wish you had actually tried them out once it 's too late. Also the study habits that you form within the first month of your college experience are going to make or break you, so figure out what works for you right away when it comes to studying because that's more important than going to parties and blowing off class. You are paying for an education, make the most of your money so you look back on your college experience and smile rather than wish you had done things differently!


Make sure you do your research on the schools you want to attend like what programs they have available and what they say about finding jobs for graduates. And visit your school... once you visit a school, you will know if it is right for you or not. You want to feel comfortable where you are because that will be where you make friends, work towards your career, get involved in/off campus, etc. You want to feel safe and be able to get a good start where you go to school. The settings of the campus and the level of comfort you have has a major impact on how you feel and how you perform in school.


Finding the right college is a tough decision. It's a decision that will not only affect the next four years, but the rest of your life. I would suggest to parents and students who are looking to find the right college would be to start searching early on. Start out by making a list of the students interests, size of schools the student wants to attend, how far away from home the student wants to go, and the cost the student is willing to pay. Once those key factors are determined then search for schools that meet that criteria. Also, visit the schools and take full advantage of tours, meeting faculty/staff, sitting in on classes, and even trying out their dining services. Try and get the full feeling on what being a student there feels like. After the student has made the decision of which school to attend, I would suggest to the student to become involved on campus. This is one of the best ways to make the most of your college experience. Joining clubs allows you to meet new people and gives you a little needed break and time to enjoy yourself.


Look into colleges with the major you want. If you do not get into the main campus of a school branch campuses are a good way of starting off with a better GPA, and you are still able to transfer to the main campus. Make sure you visit the campus before committing to attending because you may change your mind on which school you want to attend based on their campus. Join clubs, and be social. By making friends you will have fun at college. You do not always need to go to parties to have fun. Have a few friends over to your place and hang out there. It does not matter how many friends you make, it is about making those lasting friendships because you have to spend the next 4 years of your life with these people, so make sure you pick them good!


I think research is the best thing you can do to prepare for college. Search the internet & ask lots of questions of the administrators at the schools that you are interested in. Research all of the different types of financial aid available in general and at the schools of interest. Find out about the scholarship opportunities at the schools. Research as many scholarships as you can, find the legitimate scholarship sites on the internet and sign up for them. Don't just research the scholarships but apply to as many of them as possible and as often as possible throughout your college experience. You will be surprised at how many scholarships you might be eligible for and even small awards help out a lot financially! Every scholarship you get is one less loan you will have to take out. Understand that if you work hard and play little, you will succeed. Be sure to exercise or take up a comforting hobby to decrease your stress level. Remember that your wellbeing is also important to having a good experience! Be sure that you choose the school that best represents your needs as a student and a person once research is complete.


Make sure you can fit into the campus community and that you will be able to balance your social and academic life.


In the end, College is about obtaining a higher knowladge not only of the world around you but also youself. Higher education serves the purpose of providing detailed information to help you choose what you want to do for the rest of your life, and to choose the right college for you to do that is so very crucial. Take a couple days out of a semester (or a 9 week period) and just visit a college. Take a tour, ask questions, to others and to yourself. if they offer overnight tours do it. Chances are you will be staying with a student and get the feel of the experiance first hand. Never ever be too close minded, or stubborn. Always have your mind open for new ideas and ways of life, you never know what you might like or don't like. Finally do whats best for you, I'm talking to the student here. To succeed in life you need to be true to yourself first, then you can be true to those around you and your school. P.S. I know it will be hard parents but let your kid/kids spread their wings.


If you know what you want to do and are 100% positive that you/your student will not change their major, pick a school that excels the most in that major. However, if there's even the slightest possibility of the student changing their minds, pick a schools that offers a slew of majors, allowing the student to have access to options.


You can't tell if a school is best for you just by the way it sounds. You really need to go and experience it for yourself. Don't follow your friends be your own person. Parents support your child's decision even if you believe its wrong, because usually they'll come home and tell you they want to transfer to the school you wanted them to go to all along. The best thing is to let them make their choices and mistakes (if that may be) on their own.


One main point of advice that I would give to parents/students is that you can never apply for too many colleges when searching for the right school. It's extremely important for prospective students to select the right school for them. Attending college is a life changing experience that will effect the future of all graduates. Students should do extensive research when it comes to attending the right school.


When choosing a college you'll have to do research and visit different campuses in different settings. This is the most important thing that can be done so that a decision can be made. It will give you insight on how the learning experience will differ between large and small schools, schools in the city and schools in rural areas, and the overall general atmosphere of the campus. You'll find that after you do this you can begin to eliminate some of your former choices due to the fact that you know what to expect when you get there. One more important to do when you are visiting the campuses is to talk to the students. Ask them all the questions about the school that you have in mind. Afterall, you will be one of them, so in my opinion, there is no better way to get an accurate answer.


The best advice I can give to students and parents is to start looking early and not to limit themselves. There are so many choices out there. Students should think about what is important to them. What do they want to major in, what kind of campus do they like, what is their social scene. Parents should think of how much is this going to cost, where can I get grants, what fincial aid is avialable. Students should not be afriad of being rejected, it never hurts to apply to a school even if they think they can not get in. Parents should make sure to start the search early so it is not a rush for deadlines and so all options can be researched. Both students and parents should realize education is worldwide and comes in many shapes so the early they start the more likely it is they will find something that fits them perfectly. As for having the best college experience, the only adivice I have is...just that, experience it all. Students should stay open to the possiblities, be a sponge, soak it all up, this is life and life is meant to be lived.


When you chose a college, chose one that you feel most comfortable. If you try and get into a major university and are denied but accepted to a branch campus don't count them out because they can turn out to be the best possible solution.


Make sure its a place where your kid wants to go, not where you want to go. It makes the kid more happier which will allow him/her to do well academically.