University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown Top Questions

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UPJ is a cozy, well organized school with a lot of character. If you are looking for a school with just the right amount of students and prefer a smaller classroom size then this is the place for you. The teachers here are very available to their students and genuinely care about them, unlike what one may experience at a larger school. Overall, UPJ is a wonderful branch campus of the University of Pittsburgh and continues to become the best of all of them with its rising student body, state of the art fitness center, and growth of academic programs.


The unique thing about Pitt- Johnstown is all the natural areas surrounding the campus. The campus sits on over 650 acres in senic Western Pennsylvania and features walking trails and nature areas along with a state of the art campus setting. This is just one of the reasons I chose Pitt-Johnstown.


My school offered a small town atmosphere while still experiencing the great curiculum and above standards of a city university. The smaller classes allowed more one on one attention from professors if needed, and the atmosphere allowed less distractions from studies. Attending a smaller university allowed for greater involvement in school acticities, greater recognition and feedback for contributions, and an overall greater sense of belonging.


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