University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


There are many oppurtunities that proceed this school. People who want to have a small class size along with the idea of a beautiful outdoor campus. There are many activities and it is very easy to make friends since it is a small school with big possibilites.


I feel that this school has something everyone could need. There are 80+ clubs at UPJ for individuals to join. We have everthing from soroities and fraternities, Language clubs such as french, german and spanish. There are Outdoor Clubs, Intramurals and so much more!


Anyone can, because if you need help you can get it! However if you aren't there to learn then you shouldn't come because as much time as the teachers give, they aren't going to hold your hand the whole time.


Someone who likes country type areas and a peacefull setting. Deffanitly not a city person.