University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who needs a lot of independence and seeks a big city and a lot of opportunities.


Really, it doesn't matter who you are to be here. However, you shouldn't be here if you're not going to take everything here seriously.


Someone who is looking for a very large school with larger classrooms should not attend UPJ. Also, someone who prefers to live in the city should not look at a school like UPJ. Any football athletes should not look at this school because it does not have a football team and more so focuses on basketball.


Someone who is not willing to work for what they want.


Person who has trouble with hard classes and a person that does not like small class sizes or campus


Anyone who would injoy a bit smaller campus, somewhat a wilderness setting.


Someone who is not serious about succeeding and learning to think critically. An individual that is not interested in being active socially probably would not feel comfortable at UPJ.


A city a person that likes likes the night life.