University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The thing I consider to be best about my school would be how friendly people are and how well people get alone with on another.


The staff they have makes the campus such a wonderful place. The professors work hands on to make sure everyone understands the topic at hand. If a student’s needs help they make sure they make time and work on a one to one level until that student understands fully and they are where they need to be with the class. This means a lot to the students. It’s not just the professors who make the campus great; the staffs in the offices are very helpful as well. They are very polite and eager to help anyone.


How helpful the teachers are when you need it the most, plus the area in which the school is it. It's set in the middle of the woods but everything you need is only a ten minute drive away!


the friendly environment, its not too big and crazy or too tiny and boring. you can keep a car on campus and you dont have to take a bus just to get to class. there are lots of things to do you just have to be open to trying new things


The sand volleyball courts becuase they are regulation based.