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Describe a typical weekend.

This is a compilation of seriously funny footage of some Pitt Students....Check it out....I love Pittsburgh!

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A typical weekend for me (starts on friday) is to go to class on friday morning, go play basketball. Do a little work for a few hours and then meet up with my friends to play racquetball, get food, and/or hang out for the rest of the day. Saturday is pretty similar, I'll play basketball, work out, do some work, and hang out with my friends for the rest of the day. Sunday I'll wake up at like 12 (sometimes I'll get up an hour or two earlier to play basketball) and go watch the steelers and the other football games with my friends. Sometimes we'll play a pickup game of football after. If I don't have too much work, I'll also watch Sunday night football at my friends dorm, and then do an hour or two of work after that before I go to sleep.

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