University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus Top Questions

When you step off campus what do you see?


It really depends on which direction you step off campus toward. If you step off campus toward downtown direction, you see so many tall buildings, a lot of buses, a lot of businesses, and perhaps bad air if you hate the city air. If you step off campus toward Shadyside of Squirell hill direction, there's a lot of residence buildings for students in the Pittsburgh area and trees. If you step off campus toward Botanic park, you (DUH!) enter the HUGE Pittsburgh Schenley Park, where you can ice skate, hike, play frisbee, and play your favorite sports at the sports complex.


In one direction, you'll see Carnegie Mellon University's Campus, and in the opposite you'll see Carlow's campus. Being right in between these two other colleges means there's even more students around, and it also allows for cool partnerships between the colleges which ultimately means access to more stuff and more opportunities for all the students. Step off in another direction and you'll find South Oakland, where most students live when they move off-campus, the home of parties, bars, and so many cool little food places.

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