University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the amount of fun I have with my friends on the weekends. Pitt students have free access to the Port Authority transportation system in Allegheny County and we take advantage of it, so long as no one has an exam early in the next week. The friends I myself have made are all so understanding that even when I was unable to go out because I needed to study, they would shrug, grab their work, and come back to my room and study for their courses. I brag about the generosity and genuinely wonderful people you will meet at my school.


I would brag to my friends about how I have everything I need. With so many incredible alumni and awesome student organizations, the University of Pittsburgh offers everything you need to be a successful college student. As a business student, I can schedule a meeting with an advisor in the morning and meet with them in the afternoon. I can have my resume reviewed by a professional and even have a mock interview, and it doesn't require scheduling weeks in advance. I truly believe the University of Pittsburgh gives me everything I need to succeed.


The Cathedral of Learning, easily the most beautiful academic building. Classrooms are modeled after different countries and eras. Not everyone can say they have class in a room with two chandeliers and marble floors, followed by a lecture in a Roman Coliseum, but Pitt students can.


I tell them about the numersous opportunites that University of Pittsburgh has to offer. Since we have The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center it's agency allows students from all majors to get internships, volunteer work, or research opportunities. When your not in the books, the university is in the middle of a city so there is always something to do. It's a good transition school from those who are used to smaller rural areas, but also a happy mediem to those students who are used to a big city!


I brag about the closeness of the student body. We all banded together at the end of the Spring 2012 semester due to repeated bomb threats. Upperclassmen opened their apartment doors to underclassmen so they could actually get some sleep without getting evacuated. Morale was kept up through that time. Most of the student body attends the football games.


I brag most about the atmosphere of the school. Though it is a large University, it has never felt like a huge school to me. The students are all very motivated in school and you feel a bond with almost everyone whether it is through academics, sports, or extra curriculars.


The university has a world class Philosophy department and is an exceptional research university. Being such a large research university there are phenomenal academic resources if you choose to take advantage of them. There are many nationally recognized professors which is a great resource for anyone planning to attend graduate school.


I brag about many things, but I will only speak on three perks of the University of Pittsburgh. Perk 1: Free public transportation in the city of Pittsburgh. PITT knows that most of the undergraduate students attending the university are flat out broke. So they drastically cut down the cost of transportation by providing free access to the city buses. This is a great advantage because you never have to pay the $2.00 bus fee. Perk 2: We have every club you can think of, from knitting to martial arts. Perk 3: We have a WONDERFUL Biological Sciences Program.


One of the best aspects of going to school in Pittsburgh is having access to the city and all it has to offer. The University does a tremendous job of facilitating student participation in various events throughout the city. For example, the school offers discounted tickets to many concerts and shows. Many of my friends attend colleges in rural or suburban areas. and do not have the same opportunities as I do living in a large city.


The atheletic program is outstanding and I love being a member of the Pittsburgh Marching Band. The campus is great and the food is not as bad as it could be or as bad as some people make it out to be. I also brag about the fact that it's a short bus ride into downtown Pittsburgh and you can ride any Port Authority bus for free with your student ID


That the Professors are excellent. The seminars are always interesting and keep you engaged the full hour. They don't make you take on more than you can handle.


The fact that the campus is in the city, and there is always a ton of fun stuff to do and places to go.


The thing I brag about most is the Cathedral of Learning. It is such a beautiful building from the outside, but what's on the inside is even more amazing. The Nationality Rooms are awe-inspiring. There are different rooms dedicated to different nationalities. They are all elaborately decorated, and the best part is, classes are held in these rooms. It is inspiring to be studying international relations and global studies at a school that honors global culture.


i don't brag about my school. Maybe sports?


I love the sports' teams. Pitt is known, partly, for its athletic achievement. The football and basketball teams excel tremendously in their conferences, as do the other varsity sports as well. I brag about the Pitt Panthers when I am home, and I love to be apart of such school spirit. I also brag about my job. I work as a lifeguard at the university. The work environment and the people are incredible. It is such a fun atmosphere to work in and be a part of.


When I brag about my school, I tell them about all of the things there are to do on and off campus. By being in the city, everything is at your fingertips and the University of Pittsburgh allows all of its students free bus fare so it is easy to go anywhere, anytime. Even staying on campus is fun because of all of the different festivals, museums, galleries, and shops.


The University of Pittsburgh not only has a lot of extracurricular opportunities close to the dorms, but it also offers plenty of on campus activities. There is always something enjoyable to do, often involving really great food!


"The city is our campus." The University of Pittsburgh is right in the heart of Oakland, and every student's ID serves as a bus pass. While our campus is relatively isolated from the actual city, we're free to explore and experience many cultural and educational opportunities all throughout the city. One is never at a loss for something to do; whether you're craving Indian cuisine, want to go to a karaeoke bar, or want to attend a sporting event in the City of Champions, there's something for everyone.


School spirit. Everyone supports our college. I also tell them about how in depth into research our college is. There are so many undergraduated oppurtunities. Then there is our sports teams- among some of the best in the nation. Also I feel like I am learning so much more in and out of the classroom than students that go to other schools. What isn't there to brag about?


I brag about the awesome food, the cool clubs I'm in, the interesting classes I get to take, and about how much fun I have during my free time. I brag about how there's never a dull moment when my friends complain they are bored on a Friday night.


I brag the most about our basketball team and our amazing medical school.


it's a well-known school, one of the top 100 universities in the nation.


I brag most about how it is perfectly far enough from home but it is still in the state so I pay in-state tuition.


My ability to be in the city. I have the advantage of having opportunities on and off campus and I can take classes at other colleges in the area but receive credit for them at my home institution.


Easy to access the cultural events happening throughout the city.


The city is amazing. There is so much to do, and so many places to go right on campus. The campus is pretty small and easy to get around, and it's easy to get off-campus to do other things. It's really easy to get involved in things, and the school offers many options to get involved with, but you have to take the intiative to do something once you sign up for it


sports and city life


The variety of things to do on campus. Its really easy to be involved. I love the urban environment. Greek life is just present enough to have an impact but not overwhelming


I usually brag about how how highly my degree is revered despite how low my tuition bills are.


I brag about the opportunities that Pitt has. There are at least 2 dozen classes for any given topic, there are over 350 student organizations, and plenty of opportunities to get ahead academically and in future careers.


The basketball team is really great, even hard to get tickets to. We have beat a lot of teams and since we mostly talk sports, it is probably our best sport.


How much fun classes are and the great atmosphere of the Campus. The school spirit is awesome ande and city gives the student alot of oppertunities.


I attend a school that challenges me academically.


School spirit at Pitt is undeniably great. People stand in line for basketball tickets for 4+ hours; this is definitely a "jock" school. If you're not playing sports, you're probably cheering at every game or stalking the stars on Facebook. Basketball & football players are school celebrities here, and there is always a massive crowd headed to the games.


I brag about how Pitt is growing in popularity and the value of my degree will grow.


That we are always ranked very high in our health related programs (ex. physical therapy is number two in the nation, nursing is number five) and of course our basketball team and other athletic teams.


Pitt has a very good Asian Languages program, which is the program most important to my major. Also, the staff and administration have all been exceedingly helpful and kind in my experiences. Even the staff that cleans the dorms have always offered me a kind hello when we pass in the hallways. Also the career counseling and opportunities are numerous