University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I believe a motivated student would be compatible with Pittsburgh. If you do well in school and tend to not slack off, you would be a good fit. Pittsburgh is highly interested in students with career goals, and many students are motivated to get internships and co-ops to reflect that. If you are serious about pursuing your passion, while still wanting to be in a fun, loving environment, I would recommend Pitt to you. I would keep in mind that Pitt is an expensive school, especially for those out-of-state.


I believe people who are strongly driven should attend this school. Pitt strives to produce excellence in each and every one of its students. Therefore, Pitt creates an environment of academic excellence. Not only does pitt produce academic excellence, but it draws people from diverse backgrounds through athletics and the arts to create a well rounded community.


people who love cities


Someone academically modivated. Someone who wants to study hard science as well as the fine arts. Someone up to the challenge of living right in the middle of the city.


If you are someone who is always on the go, the Pitt would be perfect for you. We love going out and exploring the city and the surrounding neighborhoods. There are so many resturants and cute little shops lining the streets. And the bus system is free for students and so convient when we want to go somewhere.


Somebody who likes a more urban environment and a large campus environment. Classes are a bit larger, so if you like a big school population and a busy environment this is the place for you.


Someone who strives to do well for themselves while reaching out to get the information needed. Additionally, someone who is a self starter and can differentiate themselves.


Someone who is willing to put work in to get good grades. Students should also want to interact with other people and learn about new things while they are students.


Every kind of person should attend this school it has a good social and academic atmosphere.


Students that attend the University of Pittsburgh need to be exceptionally driven and focused inividuals. The campus is large and the majority of core classes are held in large lecture halls with 300+ people. You need to be able to learn outside of the classroom, because professors are not always available to help when needed. With such a large campus, there are tons of distractions nearly all the time - parties, festivals, events, etc. - that can really inhibit your study time. If you can balance a demanding academic schedule and social life, then Pitt would be the school for you.


Anyone who wants to have fun learning while attending a great state school.


Somone who definitely likes sports and school spirit. They don't mind being in some larger classes. And they are willing to try new things because there are countless opportunities to pursue.


A person that is able to handle both themself and the strange sensation of being a small part of a larger group.


Anyone with an open mind and a positive attitude that appreciates a very outgoing student body.


Someone who wants to gain experience for their future career.


Anyone who is serious about getting a degree that can actually take them somewhere later in life. This school has fantastic programs in any field: math and sciences, arts, nursing, pre-med, pre-law, psychology, and anything in between.


Any student that is looking to greatly better there future. Just by attending the University of pittsburgh it has helped me my job search this summer and making it possible for me to coach a youth softball team over the summer. I am very glad that I chose Pitt because I will always ahve good memories to share and will graduate with a very high chance of getting a job out of school.


This school is best for people interested in science. If budget is tight or is a main concern for you, welcome. The teachers here are a mix of best and most renown, therefore a student must be resilient and dedicated. This is not a school for drifters; no one will nudge a student in the right direction unless asked.


Someone who is looking to enter the medical/science field. The school has a huge medical center that offers A LOT of opportunities for research, shadowing, volunteering etc.


Those that want to accel in the sciences.


Ambitious, flexible


A person who is ready for an academic challenge. It can be hard to focus on schoolwork with so much to do in the city.


Someone who wants to challenge their talents and get the education and credentials to turn it into a promising career and life.


Someone who likes a good mix of a great education with a great social atmosphere. Any type of person will be happy at Pitt. There are so many opportunities in so many different areas. It is important to be focused on education and not get too caught up in the social scene.


The University of Pittsburgh is great for a student who knows exactly what he/she wants to do, or someone who really has no idea, like I was. There are so many opportunites and an enormous variety of classes. There are also many extra-curricular activities, volunteer and research opportunities, clubs and Greek life. I myself volunteer at one of the nearby hospitals and work for a Biology Lab on campus. Pitt is great for someone who wants a lot of opportunities and is open minded.


Someone interested in Science, Business or Engineering majors since the University caters to them the most.. Grr..


Anyone that is willing to work for their grades and take advantage of the many opportunities here.


The type of people who feel most comfortable here are those who like to party and enjoy a city setting. Although there are a lot of students who like to drink, University of Pittsburgh also attracts ambitious career-driven individuals. It seems to be one extreme or the other.


A somewhat liberal person should apply to this school. Any person interested in the engineering or medical field should definitely apply to this school also. The campus is in the middle of a city so it is likely best suited for someone who is not used to quiet towns in the country. Athletes with promising futures in sports would also do very well at this school.


Students who attend this school are hard-working, focused, and driven to succeed. Most of us love to go out and have fun with our friends, but we do not let that interfere in our school work/load. People planning on applying and those that will attend this university should expect to work hard, because it is very competitive here in everyone's particular field of study. and expect to have fun.


Someone who is not afraid to get out there and meet new people / try new things.


people who like big schools


Someone who loves the city should attend Pitt. In order to love Pitt life, you have to love having constant motion around you and constantly having something you could be doing.


Someone who wants to be immersed in different cultures and live in a wonderful city.


A lot of middle class and upper middle class people attend Pitt. However, an increasing amount of adults and lower middle class students are entering as well. I think someone who is interested in changing the surroundings by offering more environmental concern and social diversity should attend Pitt to reshape the population.


Pitt would be a good choice for someone who is ambitious and expects to do big things with their life- there are a lot of research, intern, and job opportunities at this university, and it would behoove students to take advantage of all that is offered here. Incoming students should enjoy being around people, being busy, and being part of something much bigger than themselves. There is room for individuality at Pitt, but not much space for the anti-social. Pitt is best suited for those who intend to assume some type of leadership position, and for the self motivated.


The kind of person that would attend this school would be someone who is very outgoing and could deal with the pressures of living in a big city.


Anyone who is interested in learning a lot. Particularly those interested in research.


An open-minded person should attend this school. Students, professors, activities, subjects are all very diverse since the school is so large. A college student enrolled here should be open-minded and willing to try and learn about different people, cultures and ideas. If they are close-minded, they will not make friends or experience the other unique opportunities offered.