University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone looking for a small quaint campus should not attend this school


Somebody who does not love a city atmosphere. Located just outside of downtown Pittsburgh, two major roads run right through the university. 24 hours a day, cars constantly run to and from the city. The university truly never sleeps. If you enjoy a peaceful and quiet setting, this urban campus is not for you.


If you are not hard-working or willing to put the time in to get good grades, this probably is not the college for you. It is also not a good college for people who do not like to get involved. There is so much going on here that it is almost impossible to not join in a club or activity. People who do not join things have a hard time adjusting and making friends because the campus is so large. You really have to make an effort to get involved and meet new people.


If you're a person who is comfortable in quiet places and doesn't like the city, don't go to Pitt. Also if you're the type of person who likes knowing everyone on campus, you won't. It's a bit harder to make friends here but no impossible.


Someone who is not open to a diverse, city way of life.


You shouldn't come to the University of Pittsburgh if you're looking for something quiet or boring. It's a loud, vibrant city, not for the faint of heart or those who prefer the country. We're right in the heart of the city!


Univeristy of Pittsburgh is a busy place. I like that there is so much to do here. If you are someone who doesn't like busy streets and lots of people then Pitt may not be the place for you. There are a ton of museums, places to shop and eat right here on campus but unfortunately there isnt alot of green space. If you like the outdoors and being surrounded by grass and trees, Pitt is the opposite. Its concrete sidewalks and tall buildings. Also the weather is cold and wet for most of the school year.


I think the only kind of people that shouldn't attend this school are people that don't like a city environment. Other than that I would say this school is open to any type of person.


A person who can't deal without a lot of personal attention and a close-knit community.


Anyone who wants to pursue a career in the performing arts, or anything artistic. There are theater, music, dance, and art programs, but this is really not the place for you if you are serious about any of these fields. Also, it can be hard to find your way here if you don't know what you want to do with your life. There is career counseling, etc, but ultimately no one's going to help you unless you seek help.


This school is perfect for mostly everyone! There are great professors, friendly students and again, the fit is good for most people. There might be some kids who would prefer a smaller school, but other than that, it's great!


I really don't think there is any type of person that shouldn't come to Pitt. Pitt is a diverse school where there are opportunities for everyone. Even if you are shy and have trouble meeting people, there are various activities and programs that force you to meet other students in your building or on campus.


Someone who get easily lost in a crowd or cannot handle themselves in a city.


Someone who is afraid of getting lost on a large campus. University of Pittsburgh has a very large student population, so don't plan on attending this college if you easily get lost in the crowd- and don't like it!


Anyone could!


Any kind of person can attend this school. Although, I would recommend it be a person that enjoys the hustle and bustle of a bigger campus life.


Being that this university is located right in the middle of a city, a person who doesn't like many people or an urban setting should not attend here. Oakland is always bustling with people, busses, and cars. Additionally, if you're a person looking for small classes with extra special attention, the University of Pittsburgh is not for you. I had a few lectures with 200-400 people. They had recitations which gave an opportunity for discussions. So I should say, if you're a person who wants to ask their questions right then and there, forget about it.


Someone who is very shy, quiet, and doesn't like people should not attend the University of Pittsburgh. Also people who do not like cities, should stay away, because Pitt is a city.


If you hope to be at an "enclosed" campus, don't. Pitt is a part of the city and so commerical buildings are interspersed with classes. Also, if you're not used to a faster pace and a cooler climate, you won't feel at home. It's in the city, it is a major hub of pittsburgh so there is always traffic and buses running through. And the dorms are varied,throughout campus, so be prepared to walk.


You have to like an urban environment to like it here. While we are not in downtown Pittsburgh, there is street noise, crosswalks, and a city atmosphere. You also need to be comfortable with a large amount of people around you most of the time. With a large undergraduate body, you should not attend if you are looking for a small school. So I would say someone who is looking for a rural small town feel, shoud not attend.


A person with an attitude that is not academically focused may find this school to be much more of a challenge than someone who is academically focused. Someone who is not truely focused or motivated to learn should not attend this school.


I think this school would be good for most people, but anyone who does not like a lot of people should probably chose a smaller school.


People who think that large classroom settings are going to be a problem. If you sit in the first few rows it whould not even matter but some people get really bothered by it. I think that this school offers courses and activities for every student.


someone who does not like the city life. We are located in the center of hospitals and the business community


Do not attend if you do not like big campus, or campuses that are not secluded from the rest of world. Do not attend if you want more personal attention from professors because many classes are big, and in introductary classes teachers will not know your names. Do not come to Pitt if you need to have your hand help.


People who don't like learning from great professors and getting to know the poeple around them


Anyone who does not like the city, needs silence to sleep, or doesn't want to go to a large school with large classes.


I think that a person who does not like the city, because this school is immersed in city life. Also, a person who likes a small and more private school should not attend this school.


Anyone who enjoys an urban environment but doesn't want the craziness of a huge city. The Oakland community is very college oriented with downtown Pittsburgh within a few minutes drive. It provides the best of both worlds; big city during the day, yet quiet and peaceful at night when the workforce has gone home.


A person who cannot balance their schoolwork and social life shouldn't attend this school.


Someone who doesn't like a city environment or huge lecture classes.


People who are shy, are more comfortable in smaller, non-urban campuses should not attend the University of Pittsburgh. The size and sheer numbers of students who attent Pitt can be very overwhelming, especially for someone who is more comfortable in a smaller, more rurual setting. If a student prefers smaller classes with fewer people and more individual attention from their professors, then Pitt is not for them.


Pitt is very large, urban, research based university so if you are looking for a warm closely knit student body tht emphasizes liberal arts and a prevailing culture, you probably won't really be happy here.


I think there is someone here for everyone.


Closed minded individuals, people who are paranoid of city life, and anyone who hates to walk.


Anyone who is not willing to be involved or enthsiastic about the school, their area(s) of study, and all of the exciting things such as activities and festivals and opportunities for involvement socially an academically that Pitt has for its students should not attend.


Someone who likes an urban setting and is motivated to do work on their own


Very conservative people who dont like cities


Independent, Fun-loving, Hard-working


Someone who likes a lot of pleasant, sunny days should not attend this school, because there are mostly gray, rainy or snowy days.


Students that aren't focused and just want to party.


People who should not attend this school are those most comfortable with really small classes, those who are artsy, and those who want more than the status quo academically. Pitt is, besides Penn State, your best choice for a state school in PA. However, as a student who lived in the freshman honors dorm, I know there were a number of students disappointed with the overall quality. You can certainly make it work here, and many do to get the bargain, but if you want the classic liberal arts education, this is not where you'll find it.


Someone who hates school spirit. Someone who doesn't want to go to a big school. Someone who doesn't like the city. Someone who doesn't like the colors blue and gold.


A drug addict, alcoholic, non-motivated student, rude, non-accepting of others, or someone with anti-social behaviors should not attend this school.


If you dont want any adventure in your life, or if you are turned off by a lot of people on campus, although it never seems overcrowded.


For those who like to indulge themselves solely into their studies and not make time to better round their experiances and skills, pitt would be bad choice. Usually students who thrive amongst others and involve themselves in a lot of extracurricular activities do well, while the opposite type end up dropping out or transfering. There are an overwhelming ammount of activities at Pitt, which would be easy to get lost and distracted by, so a good ammount of focus and time management is required to succeed.


Someone who likes a small campus environment and wants someone to hold their hand through school- At pitt you have to be self motivated