University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It is in a beautiful location and offers me a new and diverse cultural experience as well as many internship and career opportunities. I have lived in Arizona my whole life and am ready for something new. This school offers that to me. I am also a very hard worker and I feel like PITT gives me the opportunity to display my skills and presents me with many occasions to learn new ones.


You can get a really good education here. You will be challenged and have to work to learn and get good grades.


I consider the flexibility of my department to be the best thing about my school. I have been able to pursue a lot of different opportunities, like study abroad, because of my advisors' commitment to providing me with the most fulfilling academic experience.


I just transfered to the school but so far the best thing is that everyone here loves the school. I have yet to hear someone say that they don't like it here or that they want to be anywere else. It makes me feel like i made a good choice in coming here and I know that I'm going to love it here just as everyone else does.


The best thing about my school was the quality education and the support from the professors to ensure success.



My advisor and professors. Both are well qualified and do nothing but look out for me.


We've got one landmark that no one else does - our 40-floor gigantic building called the Cathedral of Learning. It looks just like you imagine the beautiful cathedrals of England to be, except tall, skinny, and secular. The architecture and atmosphere inside is awesome, especially on the first floor in the common room, which is open 24 hours for students to study. The view from the higher floors is magnificent, and you will definitely have a couple classes there in your time at Pitt. If you're lucky, the class might be in one of the cathedral's "nationality rooms" - rooms decorated to with aspects of the culture and architecture of a certain country.


The cathedral of learning. It's one of the tallest and nicest academic buildings in the country. They have these really nice (and expensive) nationality classrooms (google it, there's lots of info). However, I hate having class there because the desks are cramped, and they blast the heat really high, making the room uncomfortable. Another thing that makes Pitt's campus unique is that it is so close to other schools (CMU and Duquesne). Besides that, not much.


The cathedral of learning. It's one of the tallest and nicest academic buildings in the country. They have these really nice (and expensive) nationality classrooms (google it, there's lots of info). However, I hate having class there because the desks are cramped, and they blast the heat really high, making the room uncomfortable. Another thing that makes Pitt's campus unique is that it is so close to other schools (CMU and Duquesne). Besides that, not much.




The professors care about the students and work hard with them to help them succed.


I love the atmosphere at Pitt. There is a huge amount of school spirit, and students and faculty alike always seem happy to be here. It feels like a community, even with a huge student body and a city campus. There's always something to do, and somewhere fun to be!


Pitt had a plethora of interesting classes and excellent professors. It is staffed by friendly and helpful people nearly across the board. There are many exciting opportunities in the sports and the arts, such as Pitt's program to sell cultural event tickets to students at discounted prices.


The university provides all students with a well rounded education. The professors are willing to help you succeed in pursuing your dreams.


For me, the best part about my school is that it is the best of both worlds. I was not sure if I wanted to go to a really large school or a really small school when I started applying to colleges. At the University of Pittsburgh, I get both. The university itself is very large, however I attend the business school where there are less than 2000 students enrolled. It is nice to have both large and small classes.


The thing that I consider best at my school is the environment. I come from a very small rural town anthe the University is located in almost a suburban place. The campus is just city enough to allow me to escape from a tiny rural town, but at the same time not too much like a city so there are not too many cars or people. The campus provides the perfect environment for me to learn and have fun.


My favorite part of the University of Pittsburgh is its location. There are so many unique neighborhoods surrounding oakland that you never run out of new places to explore. There is something for everyone here!


The best thing about my school is probably its place within Pittsburgh. It really gives you a good opportunity to land internships and the like, which are very important to any college kid. Also, the career center is amazing. They hold all kinds of networking events and job fairs. They are also always available to review your resume or give mock interviews, as well as help you to find resources about your potential career path


The best thing about the University of Pittsburgh is the amount of courses and options it has open to its students. It seems like theres a class or program for anything.


The best thing about Pitt was its urban campus. Granted, this is a subjective preference, but I, personally, loved the fact that I had access to professional and collegiate (Division 1) sporting events, great shopping, theaters and special events all within minutes of the school I was attending. Pittsburgh is typically regarded as an old steel town, but anyone coming to the city for the first time will quickly learn that that's not true. It's a very cultural town and it's growing. It's a big small town, but students have access to just about anything.


The best thing about my school is the numerous oppurtunities the city of Pittsburgh offers. With numerous places to immerse oneself in culture, such as at the Bynam theatre, and many opportunities for internships within the health care field, the city of Pittsburgh has something to offer anyone.


The best thing about my college is that it is so diverse and I am able to be about people from all walks of life. I can only live once but it is a unique experience being able to learn about the culture and customs first hand of people from around the world. I love that I am able to live in a city where so many walks of life are not only accepted but are encouraged and thrive.


I love the fact that the University of Pittsburgh gives its students a vast array of opportunities to gain experience in virtually any field of study. Numerous student organizations exist, and students are involved in so many activities outside of the classroom. Additionally, I enjoy getting a great education and having the opportunity to learn in an environment that is competitive, yet friendly and helpful.


The computing services and libraries located on campus offer an excellent resource for students to use throughout the semester. Many computer programs are offered at almost no cost to the students and they also have great repair services if you are having problems with your computer. I have found that the libraries will bend over backward in order to retrieve books, articles, and other resources at no cost as well.


It's a good name and well known. People respect it and the school has managed to rebuild Pittsburgh after the fall of the steel industry.


Just the right size


Living in a dorm is probably the best thing about college. These are the relationships that will last a liftetime, and actually living with people is the best way to get to know them well.


The University of Pittsburgh offers students a great education in one of the best cities in the eastern United States. I've learned a lot and have grown as a person while doing it. Coming from a small town to the city has been an eye opening experiance that I wouldn't trade for the world.


The best thing about my school is the push to be a well-rounded student. They don't want you to just be capable of doing well academically, but they want you to be diverse in every other aspect of your life. Whether it's joining a club for sports, language, the arts, etc., or becoming a part of a fraternity or sorority, they want you to have that college experience that will enable you to enter the "real world" with ease and confidence.


Diversity. I love hearing other languages wherever I go. There's all different types of food and all different types of religious, political, and moral views.


Large campus..I get to meet a lot of new people


The diversity and the welcoming of freshment students.


The best thing about Pitt is there are so many students and so many things to do. You meet so many new people and make new friends. Pitt has a great campus with a lot of different, diverse people. You meet so many people that have different opinions and views. It's nice to hear others' perspectives.


This school has so much going on and so much diversity that it's never hard to find something to do, someone to hang out with, or a place to go. The teachers are so helpful and encouraging. I feel completely at home at school and I can't wait to get back!


I love that the University of Pittsburgh a city campus school, meaning we are emersed in the city. There is always something to do! Personally, the best thing, though, is that my school is surrounded by hospital systems which allows for amazing opportunities to those pursuing health related professions. The health professions really excel at this university and many of the programs are nationally top ranked. The specific program I am in is one of only 50 accredited programs in the nation.


I think the best thing about Pitt is just the whole atmosphere here. The students in classes are driven and take this serious and its a fun school to be involved in for the whole college experience. There are so many opportunties here for all differernt kinds of people.


The community


Pitt is definitely large, but it isn't too big. You can get anywhere on campus within 15 minutes. The buildings are gorgeous. The campus is like it's own little town, with downtown pittsburgh only a 15 minute bus ride away.


There's a lot of diversity and even more opportunities as far as extra curricular activities and opportunities to gain life experience in the city.


Cross- pollination of classes and studies. The psychology kids can take classes with the theatre kids and so forth. It lends itself to a more rounded education because everyone brings new thigs to the table


the diverse racial and cultural atmosphere


I can't vouch for my school in particular, as I haven't been to any others, but I enjoy having the option to live on my own, without a roommate, and I really love a lot of the classes I take, and I get along with the professors I have.


The city of Pittsburgh.


The best thing about my school is the community and the quality of education.


The location is great, there are a ton of opportunities for students to have educational experiences. Also the faculty, students, and other employees of the univeristy are extremely friendly and helpful.


The school is located in an area that gives a small school feeling to the students. At the same time though, it is a larger school with great opportunities to learn and gain the experience needed to succeed in the real world. After a long week of school work and studying, there are no excuses to be bored either. If you cannot find something fun and exciting to do in the surrounding area of campus, there are many other exciting places to hangout (other than bars and night clubs) just a bus ride away!


The best thing about the University of Pittsburgh is its location; it's in a very cultural city and there is always something exciting to learn.


The campus is big enough to have something for everyone, and buses to go out are easily accessible. The classes are great and although a number of the dorms don't have air conditioning it's really nice living here. The best thing, though, really would be the Japanese program, because that's my major and the qhole reason I'm attending here.


Pitt Band because it's an amazing organization that brings a lot of school spirit to the school and allows for amazing travel opportunities