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Everything mentioned above makes UPT a unique institution. Small calss sizes, personal learning experience, easy contact with professors are all quality traits for any university. I couldn't point out one thing in particular that differentiates UPT because it was my first and last choice. I can say that I'm very happy I chose UPT, and although not everyone wants to be at a small college, if you're serious about learning its an excellent place to be.


It's a small school affiliated with a big school, which offers many opportunities. The class sizes are also small allowing plenty of one-on-one time between students and professors.


What is unique about my school is that after 2 years I am able to go to Main or another campus, which I am for my 2011-2012 year. It also gives you a sense of what college is like before you go to a bigger school.


Even thoough its a very small school, you have a great opportunity to advance and take your eduacation to transfer and complete your degree in the Pitt system. The student to faculty ratio is about 13:1 which is not bad at all. They are very persistent and very concerned with helphing everyone succeed and get into a career. They are very careful as to what we get a degree in, they are always up for ideas which will better our futures.


UPT Titusville has the best nursing program around. It is a challenging program, but if you stay with it you will succeed. It has a proven track record of 100% pass rate for the NCLEX test.


NOTHING at all

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