University of Pittsburgh-Titusville Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


what there was to do in the town.


I wish I had know the actual population of the students living on campus...which is seems since ive been here has been left than 200 students.


How many culturally diverse people were going to be there. It's Great!


I wish I would have known that the closest transportation was about a half hour away from the school before coming. That's about the onlything because everything else is fine.


I wish I would have known that this is a very small campus. Also that its not a lot of places to go on or off campus. I really wish I would have know that there is no transportion off here that will take you anywhere other than walmart.


Before coming to University of Pittsburgh-Titusville, I wish to have known about how far away all the main shopping centers and grocery stores where.


I really wish I would've know what my classes were going to be like before I attended them the first day. I really anticipated and pondered that question, so I was really nervous. I think if I would've known what the classes were going to be like, I would've been more relaxed and more prepared for the college life.