University of Portland Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


In one sentence, the University of Portland can be described as a small, tight-nit community where you walk outside and run into multiple friends, your professors know who you are and care about your academic success, and school pride runs deep in the veins of everyone on campus.


At the University of Portland, every student matters.


University of Portland, which is a small Holy Cross institution, is filled with professors who truly care about their students, students who take their education very seriously yet still make time for fun, and staff members that go to great measures to ensure that the students are receiving the ultimate educational college experience.


I haven't started school there but the campus is beautiful and not to spread out. All of the staff I've interacted with have been wonderful.


A small school that is accomadating to every students needs.


The University of Portland is a great place for young people to receive an education and prepare themselves for a world run by money and technology, however, if one does not affiliate with the catholic church, has little to offer in terms of personal and spiritual growth and critical thinking skills.


The University of Portland is an academically-focused school that provides a multitude of academic, service, and social opportunities for ALL students.




University of Portland is the most beautiful, friendly, and academically engaging place I have ever been, and I love it.


The University of Portland is the school of new beginngings; where students RISE to the challenge and take charge of their future.


University of Portland is a school that invests all of its resources into its students, in order to produce the next generation of community members.


University of Portland is a smaller, close knit, very spirited school with a learning environment that encourages student success and enjoyment of their studies.


The University of Portland is a very friendly and welcoming campus that offers students many opportunities to grow academically, socially, and spiritualty if they so wish.


The University of Portland is a incredibly fun, culturally and ethnically diversed, academiclly challenging college where the students are able to grow as an individual and become an adult, all while reciving an amazing education and having fun through all the activities the Univeristy provides, and also making friends that will last a lifetime.


A tight-knit community where one will find outgoing, upbeat, and enthusiastic students and faculty that encourage all to become involved on and off campus, particularly with community service.


University of Portland is a school where students truly come to learn and get an education not only in the classroom, but also in real life as the faculty encourages the students to move beyond their textbooks and learn from the world from downtown Portland to rural towns in Kenya; in sum, this school is populated with students and faculty that are committed to learning, exploring their curiosity, opening themselves to the world surrounding them, and applying their gained knowledge through academia to life.


My school is a place with the capacity for us to grow in life and in our self-image, here, we can find individuality and push ourselves to our utmost potential.


A smaller, easy to navigate campus with friendly students and staff if you are willing to open up to new ideas, points of views, ways of life, religion, race, culture, etc.


The University of Portland is an institution dedicated to teaching the whole student and helping them to grow in mind, body, and soul.


University of Portland is a small university with a lot of pride because it offers countless opportunities to get involved and feel at home on campus.


Everyone, teachers and students alike, are all equally eager to teach and learn from one another making the enviornment a very comfortable place for growth.


University of Portland is a wonderful institution where you find a family of professors and peers who enrich your learning experience. At UP you a wonderful academic education as well as the guidance that only a family provides.


UP is a private school and it gives the very best attention to students and I love it.


The University of Portland is a school that cares about the academic success of its students.


University of Portland is a community, educating both the mind and heart.


In the spring, the cherry blossoms bloom and in the fall the leaves turn all kinds of beautiful colors; University of Portland has a beautiful campus.


Kent State University is a public research university which offers a wide variety of majors and educational opportunities to fit every students needs.


No matter whom you speak to, Office of Admissions, Financial Aid, Teachers, Counselors, everybody genuinely cares about you receiving a great education with a firm belief that it will get you far in life.


A slice of paradise set amidst the eclectic city of Portland where students of all interests and backgrounds can be found blissfully enjoying the beautiful scenic campus, each other's company and the rigorous academics.


University of Portland is not only about academics but about teaching and learning how to become a well-rounded, steward of the Earth.


In spite of the many rainy days that one experiences while attending the University of Portland, the students, faculty and staff of this community never forgets the importance of hope in all the activities they carry out throughout their time here.


The University of Portland is a welcoming campus that has been extremely helpful at giving me, and other students, the opportunities and resources needed to succeed in college and in life, both as academic scholars and well-rounded individuals, while still providing a social environment.


The University of Portland is a school that is best for students transitioning from small high schools into a college community; it provides multiple opportunities for students, even new students, to get involved in the campus' community and has small classes led by enthusiastic professors that genuinely care about their students' well-being.


The University of Portland has an engaging and welcoming environement whose people are accepting of all and willing to help all those in need.


University of Portland is a close-knit community of wonderful and friendly people.


UP really lives up to its mantra of, "Rise", they give their students all the tools they need to succede in life; through their rigourus course load that makes you comprhend more than you thought possibel, to thier focus on service learing and justice, and their dedication to finding you a vocation, they make their students "Rise" up to their fullest potential.


The University of Portland is community based, friendly, and down to earth.


A very driven and green campus.


Close to home.


The University of Portland is a place where service and academics are intertwined.


The University of Portland is a friendly, environmentally friendly school that offers a sufficient education and career path, but is lacking due to its small size and somewhat reserved community.


Small and close: students and professors mesh together.


Small institution where you can get individual attention in classes, the professors know you and care about how you are doing.


The University of Portland could be descrided as a small catholic institution, where students are dedicated to their studies, community, and school involvement, with the opportunity to foster long lasting relationships with students and faculty alike.


The University of Portland could be descrided as a small catholic institution, where students are dedicated to their studies, community, and school involvement, with the opportunity to foster long lasting relationships with students and faculty alike.


University of Portland's main goal is to make an educated alumni that will always consider making ethical decisions and strive for a just society.


The University of Portland is a beautiful campus that sits on a bluff overlooking the city and is surrounded by nature, but UP is also a community of people who are dedicated to their studies, friends, and having a great time in college.


The University of Portland is a school that will give you all the resources you need to be able to achieve all your educational desires, and the entire school community will be there supporting you the entire way.


Beautiful campus with a close knit community with people who want to help you succede.


UP is a small school with religious beliefs, but does in no way enforce those beliefs upon you, and is very beautiful.