University of Portland Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I don't start there for another week so I haven't met my classmates yet.


My fellow classmates are kind and fun to navigate college with, all while pulling their own weight in group projects as well as being helpful and understanding.


Imagine everyone working together harmoneously, giving everything they've got to achieve the bigger goal of helping those in need; those are my classmates.


Hard working coffee addicts with minds set on attaining a degree, a job, and ultimately financical stability.


There is a high population of white people


University of Portland is a very unique school in that almost everyone you meet is approachable. What I mean by that is that most people at the University are always willing to answer a question, nice, and, most importantly, do not think they are too good for you. This is something you do not find at every school and I appreciate that a lot here U.P.


Students at the University of Portland are very supportative and encouraging both in and out of the classroom. They student body at the University of Portland is made up of very down to earth and compassionate people.


My classmates are outgoing, lively, introspective, intelligent, laidback, engaging and determined. They put others views into perspective and strive to be the best they can be, without giving up their freetime to be the youths they are. A day with them, is like flipping through a traveling magazine, your excited to be with them, and they with you.


My classmates come from all sorts of varied backgrounds and cultures, and most are friendly and determined to succeed. There are students from every socioeconomic class and religious background. This variety allows classrooms to be an open place for students to express themeselves and provide different opinions on various issues or topics. Class sizes are small, so it is easy to form close relationships with classmates. Study groups can often transition from classroom topics to social justice issues, and students are usually willing to have an open mind. In class relationships extend past the walls of the classroom.


The rigor that my classmates approach both their academic and social lives come in many different flavors; for example, some have their heads down in the books their entire four years, some are incredibly outgoing and maybe do not pay enough attention on their schoolwork, but the people I like to surround myself with are those that are shockingly vivacious in their studies and their interpersonal relationships.


Students are nice and welcoming!!


Ethnically, UP is not very diverse. The majority of staff and students being Caucasian. The student body population, ethnically, mirrors that of the Pacific Northwest in general. I would say more than half of the students are from out of state. You are not required to be Catholic or convert to Catholicism to attend UP! From what I see online, only about 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student population is Catholic. I have met students from many different religious backgrounds. As of last year, the university has added sexual orientation to their non-discrimination policy, which also includes race, nationality, religion, and disabilities. Students, in my opinion, seem to be pretty open minded at UP. As one does throughout life though, I have met several students with narrow minded views about poverty, race, and sexuality, but just a few. Politically, UP seems pretty mixed. I honestly cannot tell sometimes which way most students lean politically. Economically, you will find most students are well off. Not super rich, but have enough to go through school without worrying much. There are students who do struggle financially and work full time or almost full time to stay in school. I am an example of that. I am yet to meet any "snobby rich kids" here though, which seems to be a stereotype I suppose. Most people are truly down to earth and are well aware of the realities of life.


My classmates are kind, engaged, and eager to share in a learning experience while making friends along the way.


Different, smart, creative, and talented.


My classmates are awesome individuals who are talkative, kind towards everyone, and smile and say hello when seeing each other.


All of my classmates are unique in their own way, however every single one of them is intelligent and bright.


My classmates are excited to learn and competitivie towards reaching their career goals.


My classmates are friendly, willing to learn, diligent and diverse.


My classmates are often friendly, invested in class, and happy to be at the school.


Classmates are friendly and good colleagues.


Portland students are introverted. They'll hold doors for you, but they'll never go out of their way to make a new friend. That's what made it hard for me to make friends, but through time, I asserted myself and gained a group of trustworthy people. My peers don't judge and know what it's like to be ridiculed. Though it may be hard to make a friend, once you do, they seem like they'll be with you for the next four years.


My classmates are excited about learning, determined to reach their goals and are some of the most supportive people I've ever met.


My classmates are fun and outgoing and willing to help you understand the material, and they are also very open and friendly.


Everybody at UP is incredibly friendly and happy to help you, from the students to the staff; never hesitate to ask your professors and fellow students for help if you're feeling lost, as all will be more than happy to lend you some guidance.


The people in the background, the ones I go to for help, my study group, my best friends.


My classmates are determined, hard-working, focused students who strive for excellence in their field of interest.


My classmates are friendly, intelligent, and overall tolerable.


My classmates always go out of their way to say hello and provide a great learning environment.


Students at UP are outgoing, smart, and dynamic.


My classmates are focused on their school work and engaged in class.


My classmates are very intelligent people who are ready to buckle down and get done what is needed to be, and they also are people who still like to have fun but know that school comes first.


There is a reason why my classmates got into UP, because they are smart.


Most of my classmates are fun, nerdy, engineering students, talkative, and interesting.


The typical classmates I encounter are friendly, respectful, on time, participate in discussions in class, and are eager to learn and perform well. Although there are always a couple exceptions, this description fits 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students I encounter.


I would describe my classmates as diligent and resourceful.


My classmates are outgoing and friendly, working hard and playing hard.


The people I spend time in class with all have amaing qualities; they are intelligent, dedicated, and deteremined.


My classmates, though unique in the way they behave and appear, are intelligent people who are looking to obtain a great education as well as structured four year college experience.


You will see people you know everywhere you go, it is unusual to not know anyone in your classes, everyone is friendly.


My classmates compose a class of little diversity, and primarily come from strong family backgrounds and have worked hard throughout their lives either academically or in sports, bringing their values and work ethics with them into the classroom.


My classmates at University are dedicated to their studies, involved in the school and community, and provide UP with the energy and school spirit that makes it great.


My classmates are awesome; they are very friendly and very accepting. I enjoy meeting new people each semester, everyone is generally very friendly and open. I can't describe them in one sentence because they are just too awesome for one sentence.


My classmates are outgoing, smart, and always willing to help out.


The stereotype of hipsters in the NW is very apparent at UP. Don't worry though, if you don't fall into this category (I do not) you will be fine. Most people wear jeans, vans, Northface rain jackets, hoodies, and for some reason the nurses find it necessary to dress up everyday. Lots of people wear sweats too and this is totally acceptable. Most students are from WA or OR with a large handful from CA. It is rare that there will be someone from the midwest or east coast.


My classmates at University of Portland, are fun, intelligent and very friendly.


My classmates are intelligent, diverse, fun individuals who strive to learn all they can and do their best in each task they take on.


My classmates are from all over the country and the world, are extremely intelligent and a pleasure to work with.


Students are very purpose driven and goal oriented, so getting into University of Portland is not easy, and those that do understand the importance of working hard and getting good grades.


My classmates are nice, religious and work hard.


They are here to grow emotionally spirtiually and educationally; but the majority of people here are sheltered, and remotely entitled: you have to search to find truly down to earth people, but its worth it.