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At UP the community is really there. It is real, and growing. I have only meet a few people here so far who don't really care about you. Whenever I walk around the quad to classes I see at least one person who will smile and say hi to me. This makes the whole school feel a lot smaller and more personal than it actually is. But in reality, UP is a fairly decent sized school. All in all, UP has become a home for me. The people are amazing, and the environment is one of a kind.


The University of Portland offers opportunites that include interships and other netweorking opportunities. As well as, the university is small which allows for one on one experience with staff, teachers, facullty, and other students. The university has an amazing business program that allows for exeptional growth and experience in not just your specific feild of study, but other business feilds as well. Overall the university has an amazing atmosphere that allows for growth in your major and in your life.


The University of Portland has two very distinct features that make it a unique school. The first is the school's location. It sits overlooking the vibrant city of Portland, while still maintaining a very college feel because of how enclosed the campus is. It is truly the best of both worlds because the city is so close yet separate from the campus location. The second unique thing about this school is the community. It is not simply a place to learn or to live, it is a home to become a part of.


The sense of community on campus. I see at least 15 different people that I know just on my way to class or while getting food. This University is a small, but growing school and there are a ton of great people here that you interact with everyday.

Mara Ann

At University of Portland, there is a real sense of community, compassion, and passion. Students who go here care about their peers, and have the drive and desire to accomplish their life goals. You can't feel alone on this campus; everywhere you walk, you are likely to run into a familiar, or at least friendly, face, whether it be a friend, a classmate, a professor, or other faculty.


While looking at universities my parents and I didn't go about it the normal way; instead, we picked a few random colleges that had been highly recommended and started to apply. You see my family and I didn’t know much about the universities in America since we were from England, but when I stepped onto the University of Portland’s campus, something clicked. It was small yet big, close but far, and most importantly everyone seemed close-knit. Everything is enclosed by the bluff which gives it a neighborhood feel; it’s homelike.


It is a very open and friendly enviroment.


My school has a ton of free resources and opportunities. It's also located in a great area because it's near many different engineering companies that hire for internships as well as full time jobs and they are always looking at University of Portland students.


We are ranked one of the top schools that provide the best quality in food and the healthiest food. Our food comes from a catering service called Bon Appetit. Their ingredients are local and their beef is organic.


University of Portland is home to squirrels, birkenstocks, and some of the kindest people you will ever meet. In the short time that I've been herre, I have made better friends than I ever did in high school. The focus is not on partying as seems to be the case with other universities in the area. Instead UP offers a variety of different activities that allow students to enjoy themselves without risking arrest.


My school is in my favorite city, and has my some of my favorite people, and offers some of my favorite classes. The school as a whole feels much more welcoming. The most unique thing about my school versus the others I considered is that I chose University of Portland.


The University of Portland is very academically driven with an excellent nursing program. At other schools I applied to, I would not have been accepted into the nursing program as a freshman. Since I am already accepted, the pressure and competition with fellow classmates is relieved. All nursing majors are already in the program too, so we all work together and are very united. We are able to strive for the same goals and high test scores without worrying about someone taking our place in the program. In this aspect, UP is unique by creating a tight knit community.


University of Portland is respected in both the Portland community and in the business world. What makes this school so special, however, is its ability to mold its students from inexperienced high school graduates to well-rounded, open-minded, and world-conscious graduates. The professors and administrators work one-on-one with students, forming special and long-lasting relationships that extend past college life. University of Portland is an amazing school with a great reputation, but what makes it special are its effects on its students, and the relationships that are formed on, and off-campus.


I feel like there are many different aspects about the University of Portland that makes it unique compared to the other schools that I considered. The size of the University is very comfortable for me, keeping in mind that I came from a public school with 90 kids in it. Secondly, I find the University of Portland to be unique because the mission statement and goals of the university are very community oriented and I value that greatly. Lastly, I feel that the University of Portland is unique because of the people who attend.


What makes UP unique would be the people one would meet on campus. The campus is a close-knit community and everyone is treated with respect. The staff are friendly and the faculty considers the student's perspective and make it a point to know each individual as a person. Ultimately, this religiously affiliated privately-owned college, is open to new ideas as well as respects and accepts individuals for who they are. Attending UP makes one feel like they're apart of a new family whether they live close by or miles away, theres always a resource available.


One of the unique things about my school is its location. We get the awesome serenity of nature all around mixed in with just the right amount of the "hustle and bustle" of downtown, which is visible just over the bluff and across the river. It allows for the perfect amount of rest and relaxation from the stresses of work or school. This is a very great place to be young, and also a peaceful and welcoming place to grow old.


University of Portland school is unique because of the area we are in. Portland offers so much to young people! There is a bustling downtown fifteen minutes away with coffee shops, pubs, hipster shops, and a constant stream of events such as chocolate festivals or "poetry slams." No matter what type of person you are there is something for you! University of Portland is also in a awesome geographical area. There areas to hike, ski/ snowboard, and an hour away to the beautiful Oregon coast. Needless to say you will never get bored.


Since UP is a small school, it seems that everyone at least recognizes everyone. This allows a community feeling where everyone is comfortable being who they are and finding long-lasting friends on campus. The class sizes are small so the teachers know all the students names and are willing to do whatever it takes to aid in outside help either in school or non school related issues. I love being able to ask questions during class and not feel out of place when doing so. The food is impeccable and the company encourages healthy eating habits.


We have a good ROTC program..


University of Portland accepts freshmen into their School of nursing, and that was my deciding factor between UP and other schools I was considering. Instead of having to wait two years to be a nursing student, I was a part of the school of nursing as soon as I was admitted into the school. This was extremely important in my decision for what school I wanted to attend because I didn't want to commit to a college that asks me to reapply to their school to declare my major two years later.


UP is a very small community and it is truly a place where everyone knows everyone. It's unique in the fact that none of the other schools I looked at began to have this community sense and can fit in.


This school really fosters a unique community within itself, bringing out the best in everyone. The small class sizes make it hard to skip class, but you won't want to! As long as you are committed to furthering your education, you won't run out of support at UP. Pilots stand out in their field, whatever it is, and we push each other to really be the best we can be. That means that no matter what major you are here, you will leave UP not only with a degree, but with character as well.


My school focuses on the wholesome development of its students, thereby fosters an environment where students can freely express themselves. It creates a haven for students to explore and consider new and varying perspectives, as it seeking to ingrain the values of service, leadership and scholarship in its students. It also recognizes that the inward development of its students as a critical aspect in their students’ ability to live a fulfilling life.


University of Portland (UP) is unique in that it is a private college compared to the many public state schools I was otherwise considering. It is nice to attend a private college because all of the class sizes are small, which makes it easier to correspond with your professor. It's also really easy to form study groups with other people.


My school has an amazing women's soccer team which is awesome because most schools don't focus on femals sports as much. We don't even have a football team! The University of Portland is focused on service, faith, and leadership. My school is centered around community service and encourages every student to get involved in the local area to help make the world a better place. There is no other place I would want to spend my four years of college than in Portland at the University of Portland.


The University of Portland gave me significantly more financial aid than any other school (that's pretty unique from what I can tell), and this is not unique in to me; many other student attend UP because of the financial aid, and stay because it is a great school.


The studnets on our campus are some of the most friendly and welcoming people I have ever met. From the first moment students walk on campus there is an overwhelming feeling of acceptence and happieness.


It is a small, Catholic school that allows you plenty of opportunities to worship, whether you're Catholic or not. If you are Catholic, there is a chapel in each dorm, with weekly mass, and daily mass in the church on campus. I took part in handbell choir and the chapel choir is amazing. There are many ways to continue your faith and help you grow.


This school is an amazing and supportive community that thrives to ensure everyone will be able to graduate within the four years that we're enrolled. It's amazing how willing the teachers are to meet with their students and keep up with us even when we aren't still in their classes. Also, a lot of the teachers are very willing to assist you in finding a good network that will help you find a job once you have graduated.


The University of Portland is unique in that it gives you hands on experience in your field of study from day one. Education majors are in the classroom right away, Nursing majors are accepted to the program from the beginning, etc. It is a great college that gives an individual to grow in knowledge, friendships, and faith, all while learning how to live away from one's family. The school year is set up very nicely with when the breaks fall so that it's pretty hard to get homesick. People are so welcoming here.


At University of Portland everyone is very friendly from proffessors to the students. From the very first moment that you walk on campus you feel welcomed and that you belong at the school. The campus and class sizes aren't too big and aren't too small. As a fresman you feel like you're still in a high school setting, which helps you adjust for the first couple of months.


University of Portland has an urban city feel and a private campus feel. The studnets get the best of both worlds because our campus is located in the heart of Portland. It's only a five minute drive to downtown Portland and a thirty minute drive to Mt. Hood.


It is unique because it has various types of people, but they all seem to get along. It is also located on a bluff but is only 15 min. away from the city so it still has the city feel to it. The campus is extremely big on being green so you will always see the freshest food and compost bins everywhere. The overall atmosphere of the campus is friendly and inviting, even with all the rain you rarely see someone frowning.


The dedication of the students, instructors and clinical faculty, the unique education model, and the high quality of the people really stand out at University of Portland! This is a warm, fun place to get an amazing education. I know I am supported as a non-traditional student and do not have to sacrifice my family to meet my educational dreams. The School of Nursing in particular has a unique focus on providing the students relevant education and experience to prepare student for what they will really face in a professional position upon graduation.


Haha. Wow. Well first of all, I thought that I would be going to a conservative university, with similar political and social ideologies. I was very wrong. The over culture of the UP is very diverse. Yes, there are a few Priest/Professors, but most of professors are very liberal. Apart from that they are not biased what so ever and really care about your advancement not only within the class but in your college experience. Professor here, really care.


The difference between my final choice of school, and schools I applied to, was size and religous affliation that the school has. When applying for schools my senior year, 4 of the 6 I was considering were state schools. With state schools, you have a larger student body, and no religous affliation. I had considered UW, WSU, CWU, and WWU as my state school choices. However i settled on UP, which is a private catholic school, with a student body less than 4000 students. Big difference from what I thought I was going to do and what I did do.


All classes are taught by full professors who have Phd's. The campus is small enough to have a strong community, but not too small. UP places a strong empahsis on community service and attempts to be environmentally responsible.


The school feels like a community. All the professors are willing to help you succeed in any way they can. The University of Portland has an education program which enables education majors to graduate in four years with their masters and teaching credential. And upon graduating education majors will have had over one thousand hours in the classroom.


The small class size. My largest class is 30 students and it really allows a student to get to know their professors.


The faculty really care about the students and the size of the classes is very condusive to learning. The people at UP are very kind and outgoing, so are the staff and the faculty. It is really a close-knit community here and is a great place to grow and find out who you are. Whether you know what you want to do or are still searching, the resources at the University are great for everyone.


Everyone says hi to each other no matter who the other person is or who they are friends with. People are very accepting of each other.


This school has one of the prettiest campuses that I've seen. It is well kept, and is very enjoyable to even just take a walk through. It is very neighbor-friendly, and many families with small children can be seen walking through campus.


The University of Portland is unique because of all the incredible opportunities available to you. All of the administration only wants to help you progress. If you ask for help, you will get it. Unlike some schools, all of the classes here are taught be professors who will meet with you anytime to discuss homework or anything else. In addition, the student body is incredibly welcoming and unique. Women's soccer, not football is the main sport of UP. School spirit is apparent through the loud cheers, purple paint, and men wearing kilts and togas.


University of Portland is an extremely green and environmentally concerned school. The Business program is absolutely amazing. Your professors are extremely intelligent, the advisors are extremely helpful, and during your time at University of Portland you develop a portfolio that will help you secure a job once you graduate. U of P also helps you connect with great companies like Nike and even offers internships for them once you reach your junior year.


The environment is what set my school from other schools I considered apart. It felt "right" when I first stepped on campus: small, tight-knit community with a big generous heart. The people were down-to-earth. Student workers during the summer were approachable, and if not at least acted like they were approachable, and always willing to help me get my way around campus when I needed to finish some last-minute errands before school started. The campus just felt inviting.


My school is unique because the campus is beautiful and very green. For the Education program, you are placed into schools your first semester as freshmen so you really get a feel for whether or not you are passionate about teaching. This is useful because you don't have to wait until your junior year to enter the classroom and that's when you realize that you don't even like teaching. Professors are also very caring at my school and it is so easy to make new friends. You see a familiar face almost everywhere you go.


The women's soccer program is our best sports program. Therefore we have a higher number of women than men, making the campus very welcoming and non-aggressive. For me, going to a college with hundred of thousands of kids was not appealing. I succeeded in high school for being able to easily communicate with my professors, and the University of Portland does that for me. I can also live at home, which enables me to extend my knowledge of the great city of Portland. Everyone is extremely friendly and supportive of each other.


I chose to attend the University of Portland because of their amazing education program. I am just a freshman in and Intro to Educaion class, but I am already observing and assisting in a classroom. I have already begun my career as a teacher while I am just beginning my classes at the University. The University of Portland gives first hand experience for future careers and makes what you learn in the classroom applicable to its students lives after they leave campus.


its catholic


The campus is wonderful and - for the most part - the teachers really care about their students. They want students to succeed.