University of Portland Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing is that it is in a rainy area, so walking from class to class can get you really wet sometimes. But it is beautiful when it's sunny!


Thinking of the worst thing about my school was a lot harder than I expected it to be; however, I was finally able to think of something! Portland is one of the rainiest cities in America, and myself, coming from California where there is a severe drought, appreciates any rain at all. What really irks me is when the grounds crew runs the sprinklers as soon as the rain stops, or even while it's raining! It is so unnecessary!


The worst thing I consider as the worst in University of Portland is the financial aid. Statistically said there are 77{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students applied for need base aid but only 5.5{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students's need were fully met, I understand that in such a small campus it's hard to met everyone's need but I do strongly encourage the staffs and students work together to solve this high tuition fees.


It's inability to adapt to the changing world. Views about sexual orientation and things like that are changing, but this University has had some issues with that. They are very set in their ways and it doesn't seem like there is always a chance to be free as a college student. Some requirements of the Unviersity are very uncommon in other places such as intervisitation hours and requirements for Theology classes. However, it is a Catholic University, so this is kind of expected.


It rains a lot. And I'm currently in my sixth semester here, and I have not had a non-white professor. I've only even seen one non-white professor.


The smallness of the school. Sometimes it feels like some classes are too big and the administration couldn't adjust for the increasing number of students. Because the school is so small it's sometimes hard to find new people and new things. People tend to make friend/social groups, like cliques and stay in those groups. There's also a small amount of racial, cultural, and political diversity, which is limiting to students' and the school's progress. It's a very Catholic minded school and administration, which can be oppressive to other students and faculty.


I would like to see more healthier options in the on-campus cafeterias, as well as longer hours.


There is very little support for athletics. UP does not have a football team, which is what most colleges are known for by sports fans, so most students as well as the community around campus are not interested in sports. This affects school spirit because it eliminates the large gathering of students cheering for their classmates.


The worst thing about my school is just the expectations the professors have for you. Coming from a small Catholic high school I glidded through school pretty easy but coming here and UP is a very good academic school, it was a shocker how much harder I would have to work. I am still working on getting into a routine but it is getting easier everyday. Another thing which I wish could be better here is it is hard to find an on-campus job. Other than that I love the school and have no bad things to say.


The worst thing about the University of Portland is probably the lack of variety in the food. More healthy options would be great: I would like to see an omelette bar, possibly grilled food instead of deep fried, along with more choices for salads. In addition, the hours for the dining hall are inconvient. On weekends they do not open until ten and there is a huge rush of people. I would like to see changes in the food and dining hall hours.


The worst thing associated with the University of Portland is also the best think about the school and this is the size. While it is great to have small classroom sizes and actually be able to engage with the Professors, it can also feel like high school because basically everyone knows everyone. Whatever you do is quickly spread throughout the student body and before you know it, others know "information" about you before you even know said information. Sometimes the size can be a hinderance.


A negative aspect of the university is the pressure to succeed. Just like any family, a parent would only want the best for his/her child and a child's only wish is to make his/her parent(s) proud. At this university, there is a strong emphasis on good grades making successful people. This puts students in a highly stressful situation which potentially sacrifices the student's overall health for the sake of his/her grade. Overall, implying that failing in college translates to failing in life, is an unhealthy mindset that the university often instills in its students.


We have a new head of internet connections on the board. They've decided that our access to certain websites will be slower or faster based on what the website rates on a scale of "Relevance". This seems trivial -- and to students it is trivially important sometimes - however, in class, it's much harder to try and incorporate videos (especially YouTube) since most video websites are so low on the scale. Professors must also deal with internet connection problems in class. There is talk of an uprising in the Fall Term that may bring about change. This is greatly challenging.


The worst thing about University of Portland is the condition of some of its buildings. While most of the buildings are kept beautifully up to date, some are left lacking. For example, Howard Hall is the campus gym and it looks like it hasn't been renovated in years! Low ceilings, worn carpet, and a miniscule swimming pool make for a gym that needs work. Luckily, there is work being done to build an entirely new Howard Hall, but only after I graduate. Otherwise, the campus is spectacular and classes are fantastic!


I wish University of Portland was more liberal. Because it is a private, Jesuit university, the school takes a very conservative stance on controversial issues, which can sometimes become uncomfortable.


One thing that can be bad about the school is the select students that come from upper middle class/rich families who are attending the school only because their families pay for it. These people tend to not try very hard and do not take their work seriously, as they seem to have no motivation. This can be frusterating to people who work hard.


The wost thing about my school would be its size. The University of Portland has a little less that 4,000 students, and at times it can be difficult to meet people. I have had trouble meeting and created a core group of friends, however after a month into school I had finally connected with some great individuals.


The worst part about University of Portland is the small population size. All of the professors and students are very friendly, but it would be nice to meet more people. I would prefer a bigger school with more diversity.


We don't have a greek system and that loses the fun for campus activity. The weekends on campus is usually quiet and calm, with very little happening during the day time.


The worst thing about the University of Portland is that is sometimes feels very small. With such a small number of undergraduate students (around 4,000) people get to know each other quickly which causes some students to feel cramped and suffocated. The activities of one student can easily become the latest news on campus just hours after they occur. People are in close proximity and gossip travels quickly. Some days a person would rather go unnoticed by those around them but at UP you are likely to pass 10 of your friends on the way to each class.


There can be a lot of pressure to stay on top of a heavy workload. Also, there are occasionally conflicts between the conservative and liberal aspects of our campus- but of course, that's always good to move forward as a community. Ultimately, UP is whatever you make it.


The worst thing about UP is that at times it feels very small, with a high school like social structure. Everyone knows about everyone else and that takes away from the focus on academics. Also the small size leads to a lack of diversity. A majority of the students who attend UP have similar racial and socio-economic backgrounds.


I feel that UP could improve on job offerings on and off campus. I wish there were a wider variety of jobs available on campus and that students were made more aware of oppurtunities for jobs close to campus. Jobs where we could potentially walk or ride the bus to.


In all honesty, the worst thing about the University of Portland is probably the number of breaks we recieve. We get seven weeks off throughout the academic year and it seems like too much for how much we pay for an education. Not only that, but we get out in early May. For as much as the school costs, I'd like to spend more time learning.


The worst thing about my school is that it is quite small, with under 4,000 students total and so if you get into an argument with someone and you don't want to see them for awhile to get some "space". Well, the space on campus is pretty small and you run into the same people over and over again.


The food can become pretty boring


We don't offer some majors that are popular at other schools; such as architecture or art history.


What might be considered the worst thing about the school would be the gymnasium. It is a very old building and the workout equipment is not as good as it could be. It would be wonderful if the gym could be made up to date.


The cafeteria choices are very limited and very expensive. Most days the food choices are limited and repetative but its the only thing to eat on campus so you are in a sense forced to eat there. However there are off campus options that are easy to get to by the bus or by car.


There is diversity, but it could be more diverse.


Not that well recognized


The diversity in University of Portland is really low. By having a more diverse amount of students, the school's atmosphere might improve.


Although the neighborhood around the school is beautiful and great for a quick stroll there is little else to do within walking distance. If you're not a big fan of the transportation system a bike or a car is a must if you want to see more of Portland.


There are always issues with any college campus. The worst for UP would be some of the buildings. The University is going through a major campaign to get more funding to revamp our workout facility and redo the library, but they are so outdated it should have happened years ago.


Although I'm from Seattle, the weather in Portland can prove tiring. Even when rain is not pouring and my hood is not flying off my head due to wind, the gray and dreary atmosphere is not always invigorating. There are times when I wish for nothing more than the feeling of sun on my face, when I'd love to abandon some of my winter layers for the positive energy that comes with warmer weather. I feel as though it's been seemingly forever since my hands haven't been numb with cold and my desire for warmth quelched.


I would say the worst part is the diversity. While there are ethnic students on campus, there is not that many cultural events that occur on campus. However, the diverse personalities of the students makes up for the lack of ethnic diversity.


The worst thing about the school is that the dorms could be nicer and more well-kept.


Personally thre is not really anything I dislike about the school, however, I am not used to the rain because I am originally from California. For the most part it doesn't bother me too much, but I do miss the sun a lot. It is pretty easy to get used to and makes all the nature beautiful around campus.


The recreational facilities at my school are not great. They could use some serious improvement, especially with how much tuition costs. The school is, however, promising renovations in the near future.


The worst thing about University of Portland would be the price of tuition. However UP is very accommodating with financial aid. Actually 93{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students use financial aid.


The one thing I don't like about my school is that we do not get the holidays off that other schools do. For instance we don't get memorial weekend off or President's day. We have other days off that most schools don't but the problem with this is that most of your friends attend public school so you can never get the same days off as them.


Honestly, the worst thing about this school is the cost of everything and how little the financial aid awarded seems dismal, but I really do have to say that the high tuition and everything is worth it. The classes, the professors, the feels worth it.


I believe the worst thing about our school has to be our athletic gym. The building is older than I can honestly remember, and whenever I am in it, I feel like the ceilings are going to cave in. Luckily for me, I have the ability to go to my local family gym that has been more recently built. By having a poor athletic facility it deters students from working out as much as they may possibly like. The student teacher ratio is perfect, the student body size is nice, but the gym needs remodling.


My school is very stressful and quiet during dead week and finals because everyone is really worried about their academic performance.




Some of the facilities are worn out and it might be a few years before they are replaced.


It's much easier for rich students to do better in classes and to get scholarships because they don't have to work and if you get a teacher that you have trouble learning from, you're pretty much screwed if you have to work a lot and pay your own living expenses.


The staff is WAY too involved with the student's personal lives, in that they do not often treat you as an adult. They try to solve your problems and make your decisions for you, instead of respecting yours and helping you make arangements to accomodate them. They are sometimes also very condescending.


The financial aid and student account offices. They're literally across the room from each other and have no communication whatsoever.


It's a bit hard coming up with a worst thing, but I suppose it'a a lack of anonymity that one has on campus. While there are always some people you don't know, and new people to meet, one can never go somewhere or do somehing and be guaranteed of not knowing anyone present. Nights out, or embarassing stunts or actions are often witnessed by several of your close aquanitences, rather then by an anonymous crowd. I suppose this is a rather weak negative, but it's the most substantial negative aspect that I can think of.