University of Portland Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Somebody who does not like to get involved and build a community would not enjoy attending the University of Portland. Students are very dedicated to helping their peers and taking advantage of as many opportunities as possible. Students strive to create a safe, inspiring environment where everyone feels like they belong. An individual who did not like to build community would have a hard time fitting in because they would be the minority and other students would constantly ask them if they wanted to be involved.


A person who does not like to think critically about their beliefs and their lifestyle should not attend the University of Portland. Everyone is required to take philisophy and think critically about life.


While the University of Portland is a Catholic University, it is also incredibly accepting. This is not a college for people who discriminate against peoples of other races, gender identities, or sexual preferences. That type of behavior is not tolerated on this campus, and could easily result in expulsion. People who do not enjoy community service or reaching out into the local community are also discouraged to attend.


University of Portland does not have the social atmosphere of say a large state school, or a school with a greek system. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of opportunities for socializing, meeting new people and having fun at the University of Portland but if as a prospective student you are looking to live it up party style and have the craziest time of your life, this school probably isn't for you.


There is a wide variety of people at U of P. That is one of my favorite things about this school. However, there are the few that attend large state schools such as Oregon State or the University of Oregon for social reasons as well as academic. While a good support system is important, there is more to college than parties and social gatherings. I feel that U of P has rather rigorous courses, so the students who attend should be very commited to their school work.


If you are the kind of person looking for a big school that you can lose youreself in, then this isn't the school for you. The University of Portland is a small school where at times it seems like everyone knows everyone. You also shouldn't come to this school if you're looking for a party everyday. There are a lot of things you can do to entertain yourself with your friends but generally you can't just find some random house party to walk into.


Friendly, focused, career-oriented, determined, outgoing, love the rain,


Any person who does not value hard work, dedication, and community should not attend University of Portland. This school emphasizes community involvement in the University, the nieghborhood around the University, and the greater Portland area. The University tries to produce educated citizens to go back into their communities. You must have this ideal for this University to be a good fit.


A person very biased against a religous community probably wouldn't thrive here because of the strong catholic influence here. A person that does not do enough studying to keep up in class because they will start to struggle. Also, if a student is looking for a school with big parties with fraternities and sororites and that kind of activities, this probably isn't the place for them. There are things to do, but not related to that, and not nearly as big.


Someone who doesn't care about school and connecting with others. If you don't like small classes don't come here either




Sadly, this school has limited diversity when it comes to race/ethnicity. A common complaint among the students is the lack of diversity at the university. It is working on increasing the diversity of the student population but the majority of the students are middle class Caucasian individuals. If a potential student is looking for a school where they are exposed to a variety of people, I would not suggest this school. However if a potential student wants to help increase the diversity by attending the university, I would highly recommend it as the school wants to increase its diversity.


Honestly, an individual that is incredibly artsy or interested in more artistic endeavors probably would not fit in as well. There are artsy individuals, and there is an appreciation, but it is not as artistic as it could be. The students tend to be more medical or science based in their interests. I would also suggest that if a person identifies as anything other than Catholic or Christian, that he or she should ask questions regarding the required religious classes before deciding to attend.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who's mind and heart is not truly motivated to obtain a higher level of education. This school costs about $50,000 a year to attend. If someone were to attend this school without the intention of making the most of their education, then they would not be utilizing the schools resources to its maximum potential and therefor not maximizing his or her potential and wasting a big sum of money each year.


People that just want to earn a college degree should not attend University of Portland. University of Portland professors exspect you to come to office hours, ask thought provoking questions and learn the material in hopes of being the best in your field or study. It is not a school were you can just float through your classes, but a school were you have to be passionate about every class you take. Other than that, anybody can attend University of Portland! The school does not discrimnate racially, ethincally, religously or by sexual oirentation. It is very accepting.


This is the type of school that is extremely rigorous, to a degree that can catch students off guard. However, those students who have a plan for thei r study and pursue it accordingly succeed. The University of Portland is really in a league of college quality that is just a notch below the Stanfords and the Ivy Leagues, and so the education that students receive there must be taken seriously. The type of student who will not succeed (I've seen it happen) is the one who regrets settling for U.P. Make the most of it!


If you are not dedicated to your school work, then this is not the place for you. Yeah, you can still have fun every once in a while, but if you go out every weekend and get behind on your school work, then you will not succeed.


Everyone who attends University of Portland is very goal oriented. If you are not willing to put effort into your classes and homework, UP is not the school for you. Also, it is very cold and rains frequently throughout the school year. If you prefer to be in a warm climate, I would not choose Portland.


Those who prefer to be drunk everday or attend parties often.


The type of student that should not attend this school is someone who works better in larger enviroments. University of Portland is a small school and you see familiar faces all the time. Some one who does not like the small school feel would not like this school.


A person should not attend the University of Portland if he is uncomfortable with there being a religious atmosphere on a college campus. If a person is looking for the "large-school" vibe while attending college then this is not the school for him. The University fosters a tight-knit community and before long students know everything there is to know about their classmates. Students who would like to sit back and work very little during their college experience will be hard-pressed by the difficult classes the school has to offer.


People who do not like rules, especially in dealing with no members of the opposite sex staying in your dorm room past a certain time. Also those people who like to drink or do drugs illegaly.


Someone who hates the rain and cold would not enjoy going to the University of Portland. From Mid-September to Early April it tends to rain almost every day. While it is a very diverse campus, some do not like that it is a Catholic institution and feel out of place here, but I do not believe this is a reason not to attend. However, if they do not want to work hard and learn, UP might not be the right place for them.


The kind of person who should not attend the University of Portland is the person who wants to be at a big party school. This person is at college for the drinking and parties that occur regularly. The University of Portland is a smaller school that allows students the opportunity to have many experiences other than partying. This school cares about the well-being of its students and wants them to take care of themselves and be safe.


UP is for people who are outgoing and ready to work towards a better education. Those who are slacking off in school or are not dedicated to their education in and out of the classroom should give UP a second thought. Those who attend UP have an open mind about all things and many are involved with the outlying community.


Extremely liberal, hard-headed people would have a hard time accepting the university and probably shouldn't attend this school. Other people who probably shouldn't attend the university are people who are seeking Greek life (there is none) or party after party. It is a dry campus and campus police are pretty stict on that - same goes for drugs. It is a Catholic university and although it is not completely obvious at first, it is once you know the school's morals and policies.


The University of Portland is an incredibly welcoming and friendly environment. Being from Portland, I've had students from acrosss the country remark on how unexpectedly friendly people in the Pacific Northwest are, and I love being able to say I'm from Portland. The University of Portland, while a private Catholic school, is very open-minded; if you have a serious problem with Catholicism or religion in general, the required Theological Studies classes might be a deterrant, but I've never felt in any way forced to believe a certain way on campus.


If you're looking to attend crazy football or basketbakk games, University of Portland is not for you. Also, If you are interesting in joing the greek system, you should not attend UP.


A student who seeks a "big school" environment should not come to the University of Portland. Moreover, a student who wants high spirit and lots of activity would probably not be satisfied. Certainly, Portland has school spirit for their athletic teams, but the lack of a football team or star sport result in a smaller athletic hype. In addition, the University of Portland's campus is rather small with not much activity on the weekends. The campus seems rather dead at night and when students are not in class.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who is not good with time management, who doesn't have goals past college and who is not motivated and strong willed.


A person who does not focus on school work has a higher probablity to fail classes at this school. If you don't like rain, clouds, or cold weather this is not the school for you. If you like the city life, this school is the total opposite.


Everyone can make the University of Portland their home. I believe that the University of Portland will become home unless a student decides to commute. Because the University has a smaller population I feel that it is harder for commuters to feel like a part of the campus. Living in a residence hall allows students to be a part of the vibrant student life. For example, I participated in the Villa Maria Drum Squad during the soccer season and performed a dance that raised $5,200 for Holy Cross Charities. Not living on campus is a mistake at UP.


One should not attend this school if they are lazy and not willing to put in the work required of them. It is most definitely more difficult than a state school.


Someone who is easily offended by people drinking would not enjoy this school. This is Portland, so there are lots of hipsters and football jocks aren't very common because they just don't really fit in here. People who are not willing to work hard in their classes should not come here because it is expected by all faculty. People who are not kind to others should not come here because UP is generally an outgoing school and students all tend to get along well.


The kind of person that should not attend the University of Portland is the kind of person looking to party all the time. That will not happen here.


The school is very expensive and the instructors expect a lot out of their students. If you are looking to just party and skate through classes without really learning the material and putting in any effort, you should not attend this school. Additionally, if you want to just earn a degree, without caring about the quality of the education, or the reputation of the University, and do so as cheaply as possible, UofP is not for you. This is a school for serious students who want the best education possible for their money and their time.


A conservative, narrow-minded individual that is opposed to living in a rainy environment. The University of Portland also lacks a wide range of varsity sports, and thus someone who is very involved in college football would be dispalced here. This school is very academically focused, yet has strong religious undertones that are unavoidable for any non-religious person.


I believe that a student of University of Portland must be an open-minded and diverse individual. A student must demonstrate the ability to accept all people. This school is vey diversified which makes the students open to many aspects and directions of life. A person who does not acquire these traits should not attend this school.


University of Portland is a small school that is dedicated to serving its community and knowing its students. Someone who wishes to have that big collegiate experiences, is less interested in community service programs, or wishes to fly below the radar should consider choosing a larger college to attend. In addition, UP is very proud of their soccer team and lacks a football team. Someone who hates soccer and/or would miss having a football team should rethink applying to University of Portland.


Someone who does not like rain, a small school, or Oregon, or a small community.


Lazy unmotivated people that don't care for the environment or serving others.


Someone who wants to "dissapear in the crowd", if you miss class, your teachers will ask you about it!


People who want a social environment with a greek system.


Someone who does not like to be involved should not attend the University of Portland. University of Portland students are very active on campus and around the community. The opportunities for extra-curricular activities are endless!


A student who is not interested in learning and completely disinterested in expanding their knowledge of religion should not attend this school. At the University of Portland, theology and philosophy classes are required as core classes. Also, if you hate rain, you might want to go somewhere else. In Portland, there is a lot of rain in the winter and spring.


Someone who should not attend the University of Portland is someone who is not serious about advancing their education and not passionate about learning. Someone who is not interested in improving the community around them should not attend this school.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who doesn't take their academic life seriously. This is because UP is one that honors learning, teaching, and service. Someone who does not enjoy volunteering or serving others would also not be a good match for this school. Also, because UP is a small, private, Catholic university, one who does not like being in a small classroom setting and/or does not see Christianity and its teachings to be important or interesting should not attend this school.


People aren't interested in learning shouldn't attend this school. It can be academically challenging, and if you are not willing to put forth the effort it will reflect on your grades and GPA. People looking for a good school with a great atmosphere should attend.


A student who wants to attend college just for a social life. Academics and community service is a huge part of this school. Also, if rules and regulations bother the student, this is not the school for you. There are harsh rules within the dorm and public safety is also strict. The student must be very organized and want to succeed in college and find a professional job. Also, if a small community bothers the person, this school is not for them.


Lazy people should not at all attend this school.