University of Puerto Rico-Bayamon Top Questions

Describe a day on campus you'll never forget.


There's that day where a random person is walking with a funny costume in your college campus and well.. I was that guy in the costume. It was Halloween and I decided to give a little laugh to the campus, so I went dress up a hot dog. I wasn't the only one. There where Catwomans and Harry Potter fans, it was great to see the college more alive than usual. The most awkward thing that happened to me that makes that day more memorable is that I entered the classroom and the teacher sees me and she was like "Oh a hot dog. Have a seat" (as if it was normal) and suddenly someone takes my hoodie (from the costume) off and she she goes into shock "OH MY GOD YOUR BALD! What happen??!!" (yeah I had a haircut malfunction that week...)