University of Puerto Rico-Bayamon Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Usually my classmates are very friendly helpfull people.


They are very different, almost all of them are friendly, and very focused in their studies.


There's a lot of diversity in my college, you see athletes, you see biologist, you see people from the choir. Besides from that you can't tell the rest apart, you can only tell them apart because of where they are or if their wearing specific clothing (athletes are almost all the time near the gyms and tracks practicing, biologist always wear their lab coats and are at the laboratories, and the band from the choir has a uniform). Other groups of people are the christian, but you can only tell them apart when their in their sections singing and reading the Bible. We need to be honest here: University Of Puerto Rico is a college to teach and educate people who have no money, being poor is not criticize or laugh at. The UPR offers lots of economic help for the students who can't afford college, whether it's by students funds, or study and work programs, but the goal is that Everyone has a change of getting their bachelors'; degree.I myself have no money to pay for college and thanks to a scholarship I'm one more step closer to my goal. Changing the subject, clothes is not that big a deal in the classroom (unless your half naked and showing what you shouldn't show then that's another scenario). Most classroom have air conditioners and most puertoricans can't handle the cold, so you'll probably see 20-30 jackets in a room.