University of Puerto Rico-Bayamon Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Being a students at UPR isn't easy, and it's no fun and games because the classes are tough. Take for example English where you need to make essays, but that's not the hard part. Once you finish the essay you need to take it to the writing room so you can see what you didn't write well and other aspects of the information that you can make better, because here in UPR you need to rewrite the essays until they're perfect. It's hard writing and rewriting the same sentences you thought they were correct and now need to change it but it teaches you how to make a better argumentative essay and how to describe more clearly your point of view.. Other classes such as Biology and Chemistry require you to study more for the exams because the test are mainly practical rather than theoretical (so studying what DNA means is not going to be really helpful if you can't apply it to a problem). Not to mention you need to be prepare for the Labs. The extra curricular classes, such as French, Chess & Grou Dynamics, show a diferent side of my college. It shows that they offer other classes that teach you diferent skill in a more pleasant and fun way. My favorite class right now has got to be French because it's an intensive course, you take it 5 days a week and I gotta say I really learned more about the french language now Je parle un peu le Francais (I speak French a little). Studying the students of each class, the students that are more connected are the ones that take biology and psychology (biology for the fact that is a strong class and we do study sections to understand it better and psychology because the class is really fun and you can speak your mind about everything). Right now I'm studying Forensic Psychology. It's about aplying spychological methods in the legal department, I finish my major In UPR at Carolina but for my first 2 years of college I go to the Bayamon campus, and so far I love it, the teachers are so helpful and friendly and they show great examples so that the students understand the class better. Finally, taking courses in UPR at Bayamon is very hard, but you really learn while taking each and every single class no matter if their elective or part of your bachelor's degree.