University of Puerto Rico-Bayamon Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The most popular clubs on my campus are mostly athletes clubs, follow up by the choir, then the students council. It's no surprise that us Puerto Ricans love to party, and we usually have "little" parties in the cafeteria, or in the parking, or near the Arena. They usually have fundraisers for good causes, like donating money for abandoned puppies and people who have cancer. We don't have sororities/frats in UPR. so those "O. M. G. I don't know what happened last Friday night" doesn't happen (unless the party is outside of the college campus). Most parties inside and sponsor by our campus are alcohol FREE, and they included awesome band like Cultura Profetica and contest sponsor by products. Last time we got fun games by Snapple and Snicker, plus free t-shirts by Ford. We also have party (alcohol free) going to boiling Allie, reunions on the mall, ping pong contest or cheering our team on sporting events, and sometimes we have karaoke nights on the cafeteria. Although studying for an exam is important, is better if your studying with friends who you know and love. Most of my friends I met them outside of the halls waiting for a class or inside the class itself. Other friends I have made i met then at the kilo metric lines in the Preregistration (trust me 6 hours standing in line makes you want to talk to any person you don't know seem interesting). Also you meet interesting people in the parties, tutorials, group work, and even in organizations such as the council.