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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I woul advice about to use wisely the time studiying any material. Because the material is so accumulative and you would use it every time, even if im watching tv they talk about something that i just learn in the classroom, i dont even imagine when i work in something related to my bachelor.


In the transition from high school to college is very strong, as some students were uncomfortable with the transition to this great stage of their lives: college life. Others are easier, because the experience acquired in the course of their lives. Almost always Most students are upset when they mention going to a new stage of their lives and they do not know about or deconcentration what this new life. They seek help from your high school counselor in order to deal with your situation or concern also provide psychological or spiritual help. If I were a teen counselor or psychologist, I would halaría on my experience during my life as a college student and professional. Some are afraid, others unknown, but the reality is that the transition from high school to college is very strong but at the same time is very nice. Some say they are going to see their faces when they arrive to their new life, others say it will not be able to see (as they say in high school graduation). Almost always this is accompanied by changes to the physical, emotional, intellectual, academic or perhaps because seeing their new environment, is shocking.


My advice to myself would be to go to college right after high school and stick with it. To just get it done an over with because now that I am a mother and a wife it is very difficult to go. It will be worth it in the end and my daughter is my motivation but life would be a lot easier if I had already finished school.


I would advise myself to not be afraid of new things. Never to assume that because none of your friends are in the same college or university as you, you are going to be alone. You will always make knew friends, and meet different kinds of people. Also don't assume that because you succeeded and had good grades at high school it is going to be the same in college or university. You will have to work probably more than twice as harder to succeed and get good grades. Don’t forbid yourself to live new experiences, and always give your best at what you are doing.


First of all, i would tell myself: be organized and study really hard! When you procrastinate, you tend to fall behind and then everything, tests and projects, will drive you crazy. Try to learn as much as you can from your teachers, they can be your friends and help you with so many things. Try to meet new people everyday, you will learn so much. Be friendly and helpful. That will pay off very nicely. Don't be a snob, and don't ever believe that you're better than anyone. Play sports, exercise, and eat well; you tend to eat a lot of junk food in college, that's why a lot of college students are overweight. Don't only focus on schoolwork. You CAN have a social life and get good grades, it's all matter of being organized; this is the time to explore, to learn so many things. Try to do an internship and try to be an exchange student. If you join Facebook, try to not get addicted to it, it makes you lose a lot of time.


To be a college student means be independent, responsible and very committed. The advice that I would give me if I could go back in time is not only for me. It is for every high school student and it says this: make a good use of time; if you are very committed to your carrier and want to achieve all your goals, you should take advantage of the education that it?s bringing you now because if you don't in a future you will regret it. I regret don?t pay attention of useful information and now that I?m in college I have to waste time learning additional information that I didn?t learn in high school. The transition of being in high school to be in college it?s hard, and probably your friends will attend other universities. In some way, you will be alone during this transition. How committed to your carrier and goals you are it is what will make you strong to endure all the responsibilities that a college student has, but don?t be scare college is not so bad, if you know how to make a good use of your time.