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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Be prepared for what is to come because beyond the walls of highschool is a new beginning where it takes time, motivation, dedication, and responsibility to become the person you choose to be through knowledge and hard work. Learning is our nature and college is the source of nature that will help you move throughout life. You as a person will determine the outcomes of your future so be wize and take the smarter road to success by attending college and i can promise you when you graduate from there you will not be dissapointed for the stuff you have achieved. So keep your head held high, motivation running strong, your heart filled with hope, your mind believeing in dreams, your eyes filled with discovery, and your ears open for business. YOU CAN DO IT NOW REACH OUT AND TOUCH FAITH.


Were I to give my high school self some advice about the transition into college, I would first tell myself to dedicate myself to the learning process more. Pay less attention to the distractions of college lifestyle and really focus on school work. I would tell myself to use everything the university offers, such as career and school advisors, career fairs, etc. I would also suggest living in an on campus dorm, and trying to find a roomate that is also more serious about education than extracurricular activities. Finally I would warn of the lures of drugs and alcohol and the negative effect they have on your ability to fully immerse yourself in school, not only by messing with your mind and body, but also sapping your time, energy, and money.


Choose what college are you going to study is a very important decision because not only will be the base of your professional studies but also your classmates and professors will become a new family for you. My advice to me would be to take the decision without fear and concentrate on my studies because down the road I will see the fruits harvested and I will surprise myself of all the achievements reach. This year I reach my college degree and thanks to all I learned and achieved in the university, I started early my post graduate studies. The road has been long and difficult but I am convinced that if I finally get where I am now, I can complete it successfully. My goal is to become a successful school psychologist to help improve education and mental health of children in Puerto Rico and I know I will make it. Today my family and friends are proud of me and the best of all and especially satisfying is to see how your dreams come true.


Based on my present knowledge about college life, I would give myself the following advice: 1) Going to college is not about getting straight A's, it is about learning all you can about what you love the most. 2) Passion is what you feel for your major; otherwise, you need to declare a new one! 3) Your dreams can, and will, change, and that only means you are growing. 4) Do more than what you are expected to do, and do it because you want to do it. 5) Enjoy each moment of your college life, especially those outside the classroom, because all of it includes your education. 6) Being capable of working with other people is what makes you an educated person. Education is a people's business, the rest is just knowledge. 7) The road is the goal. Every step you take in your campus, every conversation in the hallway, every lunch at the cafeteria with friends and colleagues, every road trip, and every single crazy Spring Break, is part of your quest and it is simultaneously your destination. Your education does not end with your diploma; it is an ongoing endless process, which takes place everywhere.


I am in love with education, I am passionate about Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), and I am excited about teaching English Language Learners (ELL). My experiences as an English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher Candidate have both satisfied and intensified my thirst for knowledge in this field. Through my development as a college student I have discovered that instead of destining ELL’s for failure, Bilingual Education serves as a key to success for students striving to learn English. Also, it has revealed that specialized knowledge is necessary to deliver instruction effectively, which is why I am committed to continuing graduate studies in TESOL. To offer equality of educational opportunities and to help our students to learn English is our duty as educators and citizens, a goal that the emblem “Justice and equality for all” absolutely supports. This goal is as personal to me as my identity, because it draws from my experience. College has, and I am sure it will continue to, prepared me to be the teacher I yearn to be for my students.


I will advice to research more and to also look into various scholarship options.