University of Puerto Rico-Humacao Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself when I was in highschool. The only thing I would tell this person is that everything will be ok. To tell this damaged person that everything that he is going through will make him a great and compassionate person when he finally decides to further his education. When I was in highschool I was always for a sign (from a higher power) or that sudden click (epiphany) that I would figure out what I would want to do. What I came to realize is that the struggles and the adversity I had to overcome is exactly the journey I needed to be the person I am today. The adventure is not over and I am excited to be the first person in my family to go as far is to get to graduate school. Thank you -Kevin Huynh


If I were to go back in time as a high school senior there are many things that come in my mind. High school was much different than now being in college because you have more resposibilities, manage time in your hands, and freedom. The first advice I would give myself is complete all of my assignments, projects, etc on time so I'm on the same page. That's the most important aspect in college which everyone should obey. The second advice is managing my time well in college because many students tend to procrasinate a lot just as they might have done in high schoool. For example, if I have an exame 5 days from now, I would study at least 2 weeks before so I'm prepared to ace the exam. Finally, the third advice is get enough sleep when I'm college so that I don't deprive of sleep because it leads to more stress and tiredness. These are the three advice that's very important to me as I move onto college and I will try my best to obey them at all times. Thereforem College will be a big change throughout my life.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would tell myself that I should have thought more seriously about the future and about my education. Despite the fact that I was a straight A student my last two years of high school, I did not think about college during senior year, including even learning about the colleges that were available to me. I missed out on so many opportunites simply because I didn't give importance to the further edcuation in my life. I was naive in thinking that things would stay the same and that I did not have to plan for things after graduation. I am fortunate to be attending a wonderful community college but the best advice I would give to myself would have been to take my schooling, and the opportunties given to me at the time much more seriously. If I could show my old self, what my new self knows, and explain how crucial that planning and mindset is, I feel that my college setting could be much more on track.


Dear Joretsi: This is you from the future. I have wrote you this letter to guide you this few months that you have to decide you future career. Firts if you really, really decide to study International Business the University of Puerto Rico is your best choise, so go for ir. Second be very active you first year of university becuse all your college life will be determined by this year. This first year invest in a lunch bag becuse the money that you will spent in food is high, and the days you will pass without eating will come, a lunch bag is essential for you university life. Other advise my dear is that you must become a member of the AUECI asociation and the SIFE team, this are two students asociations that will help you to understand and love more the program you are studying. With love: Joretsi Form the future


I would tell myself not to worry and just work hard. As long as we climb more steps in life we grow and learn too, so we don't have to be scare about the new roads, we have to believe in ourselves and do as the famous quote says: "Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best." Is all about have passion for what we want to achieve, is all about don’t ever let somebody tell us we can’t do something. If we got a dream we have to protect it and go get what we want. Also I would tell myself to maximize the time and seize every opportunity to be part of organizations and groups within the university that allows me to develop professionally while studying, and make the most of extracurricular activities.


The most important things I have gotten out of my studies and why they are valuable to me are presented below. I began to discover the world, past and present. I learned new things that I never imagine where happening in the world. I got encouraged to visit other places that I thought never was I going to be able to visit. My experience in my college awoke my curiosity for knowledge. I have created a good habbit of responsibility. I have priorities established in my life, short and long term career goals which I want to acomplish. I have met great people, and in those people are my profesors and friends. Their relationship has given me the opportunity to learn how to cooperate with others and help out those who need it. This experience has also encourage me to keep my studies and believe that I can go futher with help and effort. I have the advantage of giving great advices to those who are not yet decided what they are going to do in life. I can help also my family and encourage them to stay in school and reach their goals.


My college experience so far has been amazing. I've learned so much.I'm currently studying industrial chemistry and I really enjoy working in the lab and preparing experiments.My classes aren't easy,and I study really hard and always give my all in order to get good grades.I'm also part of the wrestling team at the university and it's great,because wrestling is a great sport.I have made many friends and I always attend college activities.I've learned to balance my studies,my friends and family,and my job.College requires a lot of study time,plus I also have practice every day.But I'm doing well with everything because I have a balance in all that i do.


I have to choose a college where I can have a balance in my future life and a degree that I can work on right after graduation. Failure is not an option but if I fail I'll try again. There will be challenges to come, new friends, new experiences and a new environment. You have to be social. Set yourself realistic goals and have in mind that success does not come to those who do not seek . Working really hard today to be the person I want to be tomorrow.

Con el conocimiento adquirido y las experiencias que han nutrido mi vida, pienso que me aconsejar?a seguir adelante luchando por mis metas. Mantenerme investigando sobre las oportunidades de estudio y las profesiones que actualmente tienen mayor demanda. Me instar?a a ser fuerte y pedirle a Dios que me ayude a superar cada prueba que se presente en mi camino. Adem?s la clave del ?xito radica en tener una actitud positiva, ser responsable, organizada, dedicada y apasionada con todos los planes que me proponga. Los estudiantes deben ser auto-exigentes y disciplinados ya que en ocasiones no contamos con alguien que nos apoye, somo nuestro ?nica fortaleza con la ayuda de Dios podemos lograr nuestro prop?sito en la vida y nuestros m?s anhelados sue?os. Paso a paso hasta llegar a la cima ser?s un vencedor.


College life is very different to the life as a high school senior. Every step on life is important and the transition to it could be difficult. The advice that I will give to myself knowing the college life is not to be affraid to the change. When you are goinig to start college you feel affraid because of the lack of knowledge of what is going to happen from now on. If you can make the transition without fear you will enjoy and appreciate more the experience. But not all is pleasant, you have to work harder than in high school to accomplish your goals. I think that college life is better than the life as a high school senior, but also you have more responsability. The thing that will make you succes through college life is to focus on what do you want and do it without fear. Doing that you will accomplish your goals and enjoy the journey at the same time.