University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The college is like a micro society, there is a representation of a great variety of cases. It promotes respect.


My classmates are very cheerful and they are given to help you in whatever you need even they get late in their own works or researches.


We have students of all backgrounds in the department and university. Most of the student body is Puerto Rican. Even though there exist many backgrounds everybody gets along very well.


My classmates are like my family, I got the time to know them very well, and they are now part of my life; they always help me when I need them and I do the same.


Classmates in UPRM are really friendly and supportive. We tend to make study groups and help each others in class. In no time you feel you have family in college.


My classmates are hardworking, focused and social people who love to help others.


My classmates are nice and always willing to help! Something we could find each other but a whole bunch of work but we are portoricans so it doesn't matter how tired or full or work we are we are always willing to help. Like always, there is someone who is very competitive but in the way that the classmate will do everything to be the number one. But those actions would not bring us down! Instead it will give us strenght to continue moving forward and pursuing our dreams. That is the key to survive in a class room.


They are young people with high expectations and goal-oriented.