University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My advice to myself would be to not be shy at all, to simply put myself out there and to expose myself to every situation or activity possible. College is a unique experience and you should enjoy it from beginning to end.


Knowing the college life, I 'll told myself to work harder than high school. But even more important, to keep always in mind that Im going to make it, there is nothing much valuable that knowledge and a student really involved with it. I'll said that education is a gift and there is just one oportunity to live it and enjoy it, no matter how hard it turns my responsability is to try.


First of all to be sure what I like to work and what career I want in the future. When I'm really decided of what I'm going to do, I will ask persons and search anything about my future career and what I can do immediately if I were being accepted to the program I want. Also I will find researches with professors that are involved in the area you want to work and find summer internships so you have experiences and the knowledge for your future work. Don't waste to much money in things that are not worth it and save money for college expenses, in case that you don't have any scholarship that will help you. Don't hang out with people or friends that don't care to much of the studies and university. Study everyday, so when the professor gave you an exam, you are ready and you can have good grades. Make good relations with professors and faculty of the university. Rest the time a people need to rest to have a healthy life.


To start on a different carreer. I change my plans during undergraduate years, deciding for a Bachelor Degree in Psychology. It was not worthy because I never need that degree for getting a job. I have dedicated my proffesional life to teach. That is what I really love to do.


Start pinching your pennies now. Every little thing you abstain from buying will help in the long run. Oh, and stop loaning money to your friends; they’ll never pay you back. As far as college goes, you will be on your own financially. Take those scholarship applications more seriously. Conversely, take yourself a little less seriously. Just keep going; college is well worth all the stress from high school. It’s true that you are responsible for everything and let me tell you, it’s a beautiful thing. So, to recap: start saving. Apply for scholarships more frequently. All the stress will be worth it when you do get to college.


The first, and most important, piece of advice I would say to my high school self is: “Don’t take a break after graduation!” It is so much easier to just continue going to school, rather than to take multiple years off like I did. Plus I would have been the closer in age to my classmates, instead of being almost 6 years older than them. That would have allowed me to better relate to people in my classes. The second piece of advice would be to take career assessment tests to help figure out what to major in. I had a very difficult time deciding my major when I first enrolled in college. In fact, I ended up changing my major four different times and I cannot help but think that maybe I should have taken some assessments before applying to college. And the last piece of advice would be to take courses that are interesting in addition to the required courses for your major. This balance of required and interesting has helped tremendously to get through some of my tougher semesters.


Basing in what I know now, if I return to high school I could advise myself of being a little bit more responsible and taking the things more seriously. Although I passed with honors 12 th grade, I could have been more responsible, since the pressure at the University for the studies and compliance with the class teacher and yourself is greater than it was in high school. The effort I had to do was higher than others (as I penalized for receiving any grant benefit because the income of my parents) because I tended to get A in class to keep our promise to my parents and let them see that the sacrifice worth it. Would value more the effort of my parents during my high school and would have given much impetus to higher education.


Assuming that I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what i know now about college life and making the trasition is to take it slow so i could have more time to take advanteges of the opportunities that undergraduate have that graduated students dont have. i would like to do an intership out of Puerto Rico, and particiapted on a exchanged program. the only time and opportunities are only when you are doing the bachelor degree. the best advised that i really wanted to hear is the same advised that i tell to the high school senior, there;s no rush, study something that you are passioante about and enjoy college life and get advantages of all the opportunities that the university offers.


The best advice I could give myself or any High School student if I go back in time is that they greatly enjoy this stage of their life before entering college and, above all the things, to take seriously each of the classes they take to get as prepared as possible for the college world which is great but also very challenging and competitive. When we are graduating from High School many of us think that college life will be better, others think it will be much harder and we worry about it, but the reality is that we forget to enjoy that specific time, which maybe will be the most important because it might define whether you will do well in college or make it more difficult. We must absorb everything, learn, make friends, know your strengths and weaknesses, work hard, enjoy it, but especially, LIVE THE MOMENT, so then you can have the best experience when entering college and face a whole new world.


There are many things i would have loved to tell high school self if I go back in time. From the multiple warnings about increasing life difficulty to the many courses he should have taken or at least seen videos of, there is a lot of academic opportunities I failed to appreciate. However, if I had only a couple of minutes and only one piece of advice to give myself, I would have said: just be happy. One regrets all those wasted opputunities but when it comes down to it, the one thing I think I should have done was just appreciate the things I had: my friends, my family, my top-of-class grades and everything that meant something in my life. To many times I sat in front of a TV alone. Now that schoolwork is suffocating, i have lost many social aspects of my highschool life. I wish i would have made stronger connections.


I have nothing to regret about my university. But if I have that chance. I'll tell myself to think better what i want to study. I love the IT/programing stuff but I'll tell myself to learn in my own way to be ready of what really bring me chances to open soucers to my life. And to look for key personas that be able to help me without any problem.


Over time, I have learned that one of the achievements I have gotten out of my experience in college was the opportunity to develop myself as a leader and an agent of change. Ever since I was a little boy, my dream of becoming an engineer has motivated to be the best that I can be and to excel in every area of my life. These three years of college experience have helped me overcome my biggest fears. When in High School, I had the idea that college was something almost impossible to achieve, but when I started, I noticed that with my drive and motivation, college would be much more interesting and rewarding than expected. Also, college has provided me with the opportunity to help others even in projects and assignments on engineering design class. This helped me view myself as a leader in order to lead others to successful projects and designs. I have learned that I can be an engaging person and at the same time be ambitious for success in order to make a difference in my society. If I haven’t had the chance to attend college, any of these achievements wouldn’t been made.


Out of my college experience, I have developed a lot of skills so far to help me succeed. I've learned to manage my time more efficiently than I did in high school. With my busy schedule, I tended to put things off until a later time but in college, I learned to do everything right when I get the task. This definitely helped me to not be as stressed out and I would not have to worry if I'll get something done or not. I have also learned to be flexible. It is easy for me to adapt to changes because college isn't like high school where everything is usually a fixed plan. It has been valuable for me to attend college so far because I am receiving a great deal of education that will only help me succeed in the future. Everything I learn now will be useful throughout life and my career. Some people are not as fortunate as I am for being able to have the college experience where I will learn anything and everything to be successful in my lifetime. Deciding to attend college is the best decision I will ever make.


Attending the college/university contributed and enriched my personality, attitudes and human being. It was the best experience ever reached. I am very professional, highly capable and great leader in my work thanks to all academic exposure. I am actually interested in completing a Master's Degree in order to continue into the next career level.


Since I have been attending college, I have found myself looking at everything from different perspectives; "Thinking outside of the box" if you will. College has taught me to be analytical but open minded. For example, when one states the word "luck," one may instantly think "good." But, luck is not always good. Is it? This is just a small example of how college has helped me look at the world in a different light. Information and knowledge is key for progressing professionally as well as personally. My college experience has given me both. College, for me, has been so valuable, there is only one word I can use to describe it. Priceless!


After attending college, I realize that every step of the way towards your bachelors degree your are preparing yourself for the workforce you are going to enter once you start to work. If you want to suceed in life it is curcial that you take very seriously your education. I like to call it your pre-work environment. The tecnics and skills that you obtain throw your university life will determine what kind of professional you will be. The college experience will also mold your personality and values, you will become a new you with all that you have learned. If you gasp this experience with both hands, when you graduate your will be a very sucessfull person in every way you can. University is not only about books and academics but also in learing and experiencing new things that will make you a better person. Its your desicion what you absorb and how you perform in college, but please keep in mind that you are handling you furture with your desicions. With all this in mind my college experience was tuff but I survive and this experience has made me who I am now. A great human being.


The University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez Campus is the best university of Puerto Rico because have diversity of academics programs this programs are competitive and recognize in the world. For example the engineering programs is very important. Many multinacional companies recluting the students in this campus for example Nasa, Procter & Gamble, Verizon, Job Goverment Federal in others. The professors are very competitive. The different acredition that have the different school.


I was able to join Student Chapter Societies related and non-related to my studies. I worked in community service such as gathering garbage from surroundings. I had 2 valuable internship experiences through the university; one during the semester in a pharmaceutical factory and the other one in the summer with the Department of Defense in Washington DC. These internship experiences contributed to obtain various job interviews by participating in a campus job fair. Now in graduate studies I have noticed that the preparation I have is sometimes superior to those that attended other universities, making my education extremely valuable.


In this school year I had learned the importance of knowledge for my future. I've learned to be a better person and always give my best. Not giving my best, does not mislead others, but to oneself. It has been very importan to attend this University because it has helped me understand how important it is to be a person that it gives always their best. I have learned a lot of things there, but I think that these are the most important and the ones that I will use trough my life.


I did learn how to take advantage of every free time to study. I learned how to survived far away from home and how to interact with students and profesors from a variety of backgrounds.


College teach me learn, educate yourself and be able to work as a team member but also as an individual. Classes and research are explosion of information, one must learn how to introduce and link all this knowlegde to used it. I consider that college and professor and mentors is just a tool and that the person must do the rest. There is a always a probability that you would not remember all the class materials but you will be familiarize with concepts, ideas and theory and know where have you heard it before and do a review. Also give you the option to explore different field in campus. Valuable because its a achievement and is part of steps if one want to become and have a profession. Education should always be welcome


Before attending college, I could not even speak in front of a group of people. Now, I teach recovery techniques and substance abuse ed. to groups with addiction and/or mental health issues. College has given me leadership abilies/skills needed to make a difference in my community and help people rebuild their broken lives into productive, well balanced lifestyles. I have learned how to effectively counsel and motivate these unfortunate people, give them hope (that they can achieve their goals and produce rewarding results) and help them measure their growth/accomplishments which keep them excited about their changing lives.


Since I could remember, when I was a little girl I had always an interest in music. When I turned 18 years-old, I became a little unsure about what I was going to study and what kind of profession I was going to choose. I became interested in studying music. Some people encouraged me to study it and some did not. People used to tell me ?If you study music the only job that you can enroll is been a teacher. There?s no future in Music, you will barely make money.? My family did not encourage the idea about me studying music. So I decided to pursue a career in Biology. If I could go back in time I would tell myself: ?Be strong, don?t hesitate. Fight for what you think is going to make you happy. Everything happens for a reason. You have to love God and yourself in order to love others. But most of all do not lose your faith because you are a champion since you were conceived and you have the Almighty beside you, guiding you, making sure you are going through the right path.? Right now I want to study Music.


The advice I would give myself is to study hard for all subjects. All subjects are very important for the attaining of a college degree. Although not all subjects have as high an interest for my own personal life, having a broad knowledge in a diversity of subjects helps a person to be well rounded, it widens the horizon of possibilities career wise. The goal is to attain a degree and to do it well. Since the GPA you get in college is most important in being employed by a good industry, government or business, it is most important to do the best that you can in all subjects. While still in high school learn to manage your time and learn to make long term plans for your future. The second advice I would give myself is to go to graduate school directly after finishing the undergraduate studies. Graduate level degrees are now very important to obtain a good paying job. Do not delay going to graduate school. The longer you wait the harder it is to complete the degree. If possible go to graduate school before you have the responsibility of a family and full time emplyment.


If I could go back to being a high school senior, the only thing i would have change is my metods of studying. When you make the transition from high school to college, there ir a lot of different things. I would have study more and made the most of my high school year. When I arrived at my college, I thought since I was a honor student I could kept my metods of studying, but college is so much different and takes a lot more dedication. It's your future you are working on, so you have to work since high school to make the best out of yourself. A lot of students are eager to be the best on what they are studying, there is a lot of competition. The best way of giving a good fight is to be prepared always, work everyday, study every chance you got, and make the process fun by making friends and being active at your college.


Knowing what I know now about college life the advice I would have given myself back in high school would have been to not have gotten pregnant my senior year! The transition from parenthood to college student is kind of overwhelming at the least very stressful and hard to deal with. The cost of tuition and the cost of providing for a child at the same time is just the icing on the cake when stress is concerned. Knowing this now is the hardest part because if only I had known two years ago could have saved me a lot of frustration and stress. I don?t regret having my child but I sometimes wish I could go back and change the timing. The balance between the two is not an easy job and only being nineteen its like I really didn?t get a chance to enjoy normal life as a teenager I had to grow up fast and now being a single mother and a full time student I have a lot on my plate and I wish I had thought about all these possibilities while still in high school.


The advice that I would give myself is to not take things to seriously. In many moments through your college life you will feel pressured, and you will be surrounded by many people you don't know. The best you could do is your absolute best, staying positive. Don't get angry when a professor puts you in a group, it will make the work more easily. Try to not be a controller, let other ideas reach to you. You won't get to see all your high-school classmates all the time, don't worry about it. In college you'll find many people to talk to, don't feel pressured to find your "new best-friend". You'll find yourself frustrated because the class or the professor that you want is already full: be POSITIVE. There a lot of professors and a lot of options for classes to take, be courageous and decide what's best for you. Don't think of others or the time period, think of you. As a final note, no matter how bad things look to you, think that this experience is making you a better person and professional for the future.


Time is precious, don't waste it, work hard but relax every now and then. Make choices that will help you. Help others when they really show they're interested in working.


College life compared to my highschool days is very different. As a high school student time seemed to be more reliable and you were able to complete more tasks. When I entered college I thought it would be very similar to high school work. Nonetheless, college courses are very different from those we have taken previously. College demands harder work, more focus and it defines more responsability. If I was able to go back in time and advise myself about the transition, I would probably tell myself to be prepared to work extra and study harder since it will be more demanding. It would make it easier in getting prepared and enhancing my study habits and avoid procrastination. like that, I'd able to succeed completely in my college experience.


If I had the chance to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to maintain my focus on my an goals in life. I would also tell myself to do more research on different schools and even visit campuses so that I can familiarize myself in. Not only prepare myself academically but financially, for example, earn and save money so that in case of an emergency I would be prepared. Last but not least, don't think of the obstacles, just work your hardest to outcome them!


First of all my dear and naive child you need to make up your mind. You know that you are excellent with math and science and I know you would succeed as an engineer. -What happened? Why I can't see the exciment in your face! you are already admitted to the best school of the country. This is a one in a lifetime opportunity! You have all the benefits that a student could have. To begin, you have the best professors with the highest standards on the education, you have differents groups and organizations, you have everything that you need for you personal stuff just a few blocks away from you. So tell me what is the problem. - What worries me is that I do not want to study engineer I want to study Languages and travel the world! -You should have said that before! we want you to be happy! For that the university offers an excellent an affordable exchange program, you could practice your french, italian, english and spanish wherever you like to study. That way you could learn more about their culture, history and traditions. Thanks you for the opportunity. My dream will come true today!


Be a little bit aware about how things work in there, and also be wise at the time to choose my friends


University transition will be hard. Now you will be more time out of your home, away from your parents. In high school you were with kids and young people now you will be surrounded of "big people" and aiming to be a professional. You should take all your things and classes seriously because of this your future depends, what you sow, you will harvested. Take advantage of your talent in sports, give yourself the opportunity, don't be afraid. You will meet many people and will have a new and good social life but this should not unfocus from the goal ... to become a professional as you dreamed.


I will talk to tmyself about all the different programs at the university like intership experiences, investigation, the opportunity to interact with different people that could be your friends for the rest of your life. All the opportunities that the college offer and how to apply for it. Try to enjoy all the time that i will spend at college because are the best days of the life.


I would say to be more informed about my interests in sciences, so I could have a better research project designed by myself and not from my professors. Also, I would have taken SAT classes so I will be accepted onto better colleges and have more scholarships. Everything else, I?m sure I made an excellent job as a high school senior.