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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and give myself advice, I would tell myself to study hard and take school seriously. I would tell myself to stop being childish and work hard to achieve a higher education and to not blow it off like a spoiled brat. I would tell myself that education is a precious privelage and to learn to cherish it.


I know that attending a college is not easy, it is a big step in your life and you may exploit this opportunity. The kind of student that you show in the university is going to open you a lot of chances as a porfessional. You are going to have experiences that you would like to forget, but don't worry, these kind of experiences are going to make you a better student. I really advice you to be part of everything you like (extracurricular activities), apply for interships and be awared about you are living. Is not just study, but is not just friend either. You have to make a balance and make this journey the best experience of your life. It is your preparation for your future, so do everything you need to reach your goals. Don't worry about what could happen, be happy since you cross the door and show what you really are as a person and as a student.


Perseverance. Enjoy, learn and look to the future.


If I could turn back, I would say that regardless of all obstacles that occur never surrender. Follow your dreams, study to learn and to be the professional you dreamed as a child. Do not study to make someone feel better go to college to grow as a person, to help society, to make you feel good as a human being. Study what ever you want, study what you feel safe and comfortable. It does not matter if you do not find how to continue your studies because you have nothing to afford them in the end we are always rewarded for the good we do.


To choose a career that you like, not for the money or that your paretns want, becasue in the future this will bring problems in your college and even at your life as a professional. Be sure and focused in the career that you choose and don't let other people of things broke your goals.


Words can hardley describe my extreme appreciation and passion for college. I have always worked very hard at school and also put my education as a top priority, if not the number one priority in my life. This sheer determination and drive of mine has lead me to always have a very rich and rewarding experiece. Not only has college taught me to set speacific goals for myself but it has also taught me that with hard work I can achieve them. College life has also showed me that there is a strong community there that brings together students most importantly and allows us to work together and reach out to one another for whatever help we may need. The counselors and teachers are there to help and I feel so much gratidute and appreciation for them. The way my college brought people together was almost unbelieveable and I'm so honored to share my experience. Not only am I educating myself in a study that I am truley passionate about and always have been, but there are people in college that are willing to help you along the way including my fellow peers. I'm finally moving forward.


My college is unlike other colleges. It is small but we are a family there. It is a school full of women ages ranging from eighteen to fifty. Everyone at my college is just trying to make it in this tough economy. We all try our hardest just to make other people happy. We are training to become licensed cosmetologists. This school has been very valuable with the flexible hours and all the hands on experiences. Our instructors go out of their way to make sure we are getting the best education we can. This is why I am asking for this scholarship money. I wanna make a difference in the world and to people just as I have benefitted by others wanting to accomplish this same goal. Thank you.


My college experience made me mature and grow as a person, was where I took important decisions about my future, where I established my independence and built my life, where I became what I am. It is the most challenging experience because we started during college helps you become part of the new world of professionals that makes you join a new vision and mission where you promote community service and leadership development. I formed my biggest goals as a person and professional knowledge which is a partnership with your dreams. It is an experience for life. Entering college is not easy, you have to go through a rigorous process where they make you dig into your cultural roots and know yourself but it is an experience that you just montiva keep you current on your profession and want to continue educating you. Be college student helps you create and understand that in your hands have a great responsibility to educate yourself, but this responsibility comes with freedoms to become a professional. I keep studying it in college find the most effective and excellent for me a great human being and professional in a healthy way to advance my nation.


I will try to get more information about my career and other career related., and also, about the labor demand that this one has.