University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras Top Questions

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When choosing my school, I tried to picture where I saw myself the happiest and most prepared for my future. I was nervous that I would be thrown into something I wasn't ready for or that I would make the wrong decision, but I feel relieved in my decision because of the comfort and assurance I feel when stepping onto the LMU campus. I think that I would not feel confident in myself or my work at other campuses, I am able to achieve the most I can at LMU, in terms of education and life.


The university that I attend has a great variety of students that can be distinguished by social class, ethnic backround and personality. I believe that because of the many different majors one can choose from there is a mixture of ideas and beliefs which keep us learning from eachother every day. Specifically my campus is known for the students protecting their rights and expressing them throughout strikes and marches. Of course this can be seen as a default, but for me it makes the whole college experience more enriching culturally and socially to prepare us for life after school.


My school has great professors that love to teach and to help their students. They really want students to do their best and to succeed in their professional life. We are our country's future and they know that.


It was the only school here that offered me the opportunity to create my own concentration: dance and psychology. Students here really learn how to fight for what they want and get out to the real world prepared.


What is unique about my school compared to other schools is that it has the biggest campus in Puerto Rico, there are more opportunites for students to develop in extended environment. Professors are professionals with a lot of knowledge and they spread it to their students in a very effective way. It's not a college that is easy to get in, that's why is recognized.


I'd love my alma mater because there the students population were very diverse and the profesors teached you in an open-minded form.


The diversity of activities offered including the conference cycle given every semester by professionals from all over the world. The new facilities and faculty.


If you like studying, variety and don't like being noticed, this is the college for you, if not, don't even try.