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What is the stereotype of students at University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras? Is this stereotype accurate?


There is a little bit of everything there are students that spend their time playing video games in the hallways of the natural science buildings, students that spend their day just talking and hanging out during clases, students that seem to only study (wich are sometimes really helpfull), and kids that spend their time fighting for social changes and sometimes organizing strikes. Jocks are common but not in my faculty, Natural Science. Not all students speak English fluently but most due.


The stereotypes at the University of Puerto Rico Recinto de Rio Piedras are the following: stoners,jocks,nerds, geeks,artist and revolutionaries.


Well the most common stereotypes are made by what faculty you are from more than what your hobbies are as well as what you wear. The ones from Natural Sciences are always looked at those who never do anything but study and the one from Humanities are always playing instruments, hanging out and very patriotic.


At the university of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus the stereotype varies depending on of the faculty in which you are looking. Humanities faculty is characterized for the exotic and European cloth that most of the girls use. The faculty of social sciences are recognize for always being initiating manifestations. The Natural sciences faculty is recognize for not allowing students to do anything but studying and sometimes sleeping.


Unfortunately the stereotype of students in my university is basically stoner students, students that have long beards and hair (ungroomed) and that are always looking for some type of trouble as they challenge authority at every tun through protests. It is very unfortunate and sad because any time my university appears on the news this sad stereotype is what is presented to the public. This is a horrible view on the most prestigious university in Puerto Rico as we are the hardest university to get into and have the top psychology, humanities, natural sciences and architecture departments in all of Puerto Rico.


The University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus doesn't have one particular stereotype that defines its student population. Because it is such a big campus and it has a great variety of majors, you will find people of all kinds of stereotypes present. There are jocks, geeks, tree huggers, political activists, peace makers, etc. There is a place for everyone within our campus.


The stereotype of students at my school is that they're combative and they will go on strike at the slightest provocation from the Administration. Nonetheless, some people from the older generations refer to us as the "crème de la crème" of the students in the island. Also, we have stereotypes for every field of study. The people from Business Administration are always dress to the nines, the people from the Humanities field always have a beard and are almost always vegetarians and the people from the Natural Sciences are always stressed and are considered to be stuck-up a lot of the times.


In our school the stereotype is based according the Faculty you are in. For example, the students from Natural Sciences are stereotyped as geeks; on the contrary, students from Humanities are stereotyped as hippies or more relaxed people. Although there are going to be stereotypes, the reality is something different, in the UPR you are going to find any type of person in which you could feel identified and comfortable.