University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Apply to a lot more colleges than you did. And don't limit yoursel to schools with prestigeous names or a pretty coastline. There's good people and good options everywhere, you have to be open to options that might scare you, wether it be the price, the weather or the distance. The risks you take now might ultimately save you from hating your school, don't ruin what should be the best and probably most vital 4 years of your life by limiting yourself.


Knowing all that I know about college life today, I would tell myself to not let any opportunity pass me by and to attend my top choice school so I would not regret it later because this transition process is not easy. Also, college is harder and, even though we're told about this all through high school, we don't believe it until we get there and realize that we actually do have to study ten times as much as we did in high school, so I would fully appreciate every high school class and begin college extremely organized and disciplined, no procrastination allowed.


I would tell myself to not worry about the little things. Holding that insecurity and brooding over it will only worsen over time, and you could be focusing on so much more. Cherish the friendships you had in high school, but do not think that nothing will change over time. People are influenced by places and others no matter what the circumstance and the only way to handle this change is to allow it to pass over easily and camly. Tensing up in fear and grasping to the past is counterintuitive and painful. College life is different for everyone and we all have our reasons to go where we did, but that does not mean that the future is set in stone. I know you feel older than you ever have and that you're scared that your life is moving by too quickly, but know that it only leads to more adventures and joy in new things. Happiness has thousands of ways to reach us, yet we ignore them at times. Allowing yourself to walk slower and think with a clearer mind is the only way to stay calm at this point in your life. You'll do good!


Hey Bu.Bu, let me give it to you straight. This not a game, baby! It is what you make it. You gotta get up and go, stay focused,pay attention, get plenty of sleep, and work hard now to play harder later. Keep Mami and Papi on your side. They can help you "big time" you know, with "the moo-la". "Make 'em" proud! I know you wanna cut class, chill with that "fly" brother you met last week. Don't do it! No hanging with the girls either. Drink?, no! not until after finals. I know this sounds tough, but you gotta keep it tight, girl. That GPA's gotta soar, can't let it droop "nena". You want a piece of the pie? You " gotta" do some serious baking with wholesome ingredients, and keep it real! Sacrifice whole-heartedlyright now, to reap the rewards of your hard work. Look in the mirror, say self, you are going to ace this. You are top of the line, A number one and you deserve it all! Reach out as far and high a as you can, maintain that momentum and you'll see yourself in your own dream!


I would tell myself to focus on finding what I would want to major in for college. If you do this, it will make your undergraduate years in college a lot less stressful since you know what you want to focus on. Trying to find one’s major by taking lots of classes can become costly and use precious time that can be saved. Stop trying to please people and do what you want. Not what your parents want. They won’t pick you’re major, you will. You will succeed and be good if you do what you love. Learn to cook a variety of meals.The same meals everyday get boring and learning to cook is easier when you’re at home than in college when you have so much going on with classes. I spent a lot of time looking up new recipes for dinner that if I would have known beforehand, it would have saved me time. My stomach would be growling sometimes because I was learning how to make a new meal which always takes longer your first time cooking it. I also needed other people to help and show me with some meals.


You should pick a university that will make you feel like your highschool did because otherwise the change in atmosphere is going to be really hard and bordering on umbearable to deal with. Make sure you know what you want to do before appliying for something everybody wants you to do. Also be really careful with who you pick as a roommate because people really change once in collegue.


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Make yourself be heard if you want a class any given semester, if you want to profit from a class/professor or if you want to benefit from all the great opportunities the university offers (programs, internships, scholarships, etc.). You have to be proactive in order to ensure you make the most out of your college experience.


What I have gotten out of the college experience is the traits to become a great student. In college there is no one there holding your hand every step of the way, you have to find your own way. What makes me a great college student is that I am dedicated no matter my obstacles. I am currently a full time student while fully employed so what makes me a great student is the fact that I still remain dedicated though at sometimes it seems tiresome. I love school and if not for the financial obligations would be a career student. You can never learn to much which is why I pursue an education. I do not want to limit myself I would love to become a doctor no matter the obligations, financial as well. Attending college is invaluable. It is true "Education pays". All of the sweat and tears will eventually pay off though it may not seem so at first. Attending college has transformed me into a mature young adult something that I do not think I could of done without attending.


I have gain valuable knowledge from my formal schooling but I also learned about life. In college, I learned about being responsible, communicating with others, and focusing on achieving my goals. College changed my life; it opened doors for me. Thanks to my college education, I have been able to provide for my children. Yet, what I really learned in college is the importance of being a life-long learner. The moment I stop learning, is the moment I am ready to die. College made me undestand that knowledge is power and that what I learn is something that no one can ever take away from me. Now, I want my children to experience college so they realize themselves fully as I have done.


I have gotten great experience by having to survive by myself and also a good education even though I have attended only 1 year to the university. I wish to attentd another school at Puerto Rico that will give me a great education but also I will feel comfortable and will have great memories. Unfortunately, the only way I can study at the new university if with financial help because I only work part time and my parents refuse to pay the tuittion for the new university. I don't want to keep struggling with the money and the strikes that are taking place right now at the University of Puerto Rico and that's why I would appreciate any kind of help.


After my two and a half years as a college student I've learned and experienced so many different aspects of life that not even my mom could've prepared me for. The reality of life disturbed me in a way that I wished could be erased to get back the part of ignorance that I had lost, but then realized in a way I was more secure now than in the bubble I had been brought up in before. Right now the University's of Puerto Rico are going under a very stressfull period where our school's tuiton is raising to almost double what we pay now. The students instinct to fight back for this unfair solution of the own administrations debt has been protest after protest with no satisfiying result. Being a daily witness to strikes, I have concluded that although the environment is very powerfull and educational, there has to be a way of resolving these problems in a not so old-fashioned manner. I consider that us students have to take a different turn on our decissions which should correspond to the world we live in now. Esta es la esencia que valoro mas.


I could say, and not lie about it, that college has been the most important experience of my life. I have learned, grown and traveled around the world. Thanks to what I have been exposed to and to what I have learned, I am now a great, smart student. To have the opportunity to go to another country to study and to travel the world has been the best academic experience I have ever lived. Through these years I discovered aspects of myself that I didn't know before, and that has been amazing. I met great friends that have helped me grow more. I love so much this experience that I don’t want to stop studying. College is great, is the best thing in one’s life.


My college experience was wonderful in all meanings of the word. I meet a lot of friends, professors and all kind of people who make a better person of me. The college gave me a great opportunity to develop opinions about important things happen in my country and the world. Help me to have critical thoughts and that help me to be an excellent professional who has all the tools to manage me in the industry of work. All that things can be prove with my 5 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry like a chemist. All the people must have an experience in the college to be preparing for the constant changes in the world and achieve all the requirements the industry have. They don’t only wants technician that only can do the same, they wants professional who can work in constant change with the capacity to development in other roles in the company. For that reason I begin to study again for expand my knowledge that at the same time going to open doors with new experiences and challenge.


Well in my case I have yet to attend college so I can only partially answer this question. Ever since I have graduated from high school I have been striving to become enrolled in college. However, financial aid has become a major issue in refraining me from attending. I can not express how difficult it has been attempting to attend college. If there is one thing that I have gained from my time away from the school environment it is that education is vital if you wish to succeed in life. I have had the opportunity to work and save up a small portion of money in preparation of college. I have also had time to cultivate a better grasp of what the real world is like after school. I was very ambivalent when it came to choosing my major. I had decided so early in life what I wanted to become, and as I grew I found that I was not entirely sure. I have always wanted to help others so I have chosen a major in the health and fitness realm. I hope to have a more fulfilling college experience if I am given that opportunity.


I’ve had unforgettable experiences from my years of studying at the University of Puerto Rico. At one time I had the opportunity of taking Italian classes in Italy and realized that education must be a multicultural process. I was not sure of how important was that cultural exchange until I traveled as a dancer to Egypt and at one moment the Italian delegation approached us and I was the only person that could speak Italian. I felt proud of my educational harvest. I was putting in practice all my humanistic studies to speak about human constructions, using my artistic visions to appreciate art and I was taking advantage of my pedagogical preparation teaching Spanish to others. After so many years of studying I was able to excel in every single subject that I learned in all the aspects of life. After all this, I have great pride of who I have become and what I am made of thanks to the excellent education I was provided with and for now, I’m eager to keep learning and use all the tools that are within my power to be a greater student and teacher, as well as a humanitarian.


I believe that when the time comes in choosing a college, you have to weigh all your options and pick the one that will bring you the most opportunities. My college brings me the confidence of knowing that I have the best education I can get in my field of study. I have learned, taught, discovered, studied, socialized, pulled all-nighters, and many other things in order to fulfill my goal. This school has prepared me in every aspect: I have found passion in public relations, gotten the chance to have amazing experts in the field as my professors, and met the most extraordinary people. This school has given me the opportunity of meeting strangers who were my classmates, and are now my friends and people I couldn't live without. My goal is to graduate and get a great education that will help me in finding the perfect job for me. But I have to say, even though my goal was what I focused on, the journey has been simply incredible.


Teachers in highschool often told us we were living in tiny bubble inside society were everything we need is right there. It is not until you enter college you understand this is true, and your bubble not longer exist. At college you learn to find things by your own since no one would do it for you. It is your future, and so, you fight for it. But while running this race, there are alot of people to meet, many things to learn, and obstacles to learn from. Why it is valuable to attend college? This is what makes you who you are and enriches your spirit. As a college experience, you learn not only from teachers but also from students, their goals and experiences. You own opinion emerge from facts and history as you educate youself. You become and individual. But most of all, you learn to learn.


Thinking about my transition from high school to the University many advices comes from my mind. However, one of the most remarkable advices for me would be to trust more in my capacities and abilities, and to maintain the spirit of enthusiasm and service that my parent taught to me. Other advices would be to enjoy more being an undergraduate student, work less and study more and, take advantage of all the opportunities that my Campus offers? risk me more.


As I was traveling in time, swirling and getting all dizzy, I kind of rehearsed what would I tell to the curly haired geeky eyeglasses wearing girl who happened to be me five years ago. The difficult task wouldn't be making her, me, believe that I actually traveled in time, the difficult task will be making her believe that even if she is completely sure to be prepare for the transition it is not as easy as she thinks it is. So as I fell on my high school soccer field and searched for me on my usual spot I said to myself tell what your father always says: "The devil knows more because he's old than because he's the devil." So as soon as she sees me with shorter hair and more serious clothes she will know she should listen when I say "pursue your dream, study like you are still in high school (remember that teachers won't be nagging you about your homework), and don't date the bad guy". After all that said theres nothing left to say except that life doesn't give the chance to travel in time and fix mistakes.


I would advise myself that college life is rather challenging and worthwhile. It is a life changing experience, which will help me grow and conquer whatever obstacles I would face in the future. I would insist that studying hard and concentrating on my future goals would lead to an integral college experience, as well as gaining some perspective about diversity and social integration.


If there is another college really prepared with your major and what you plan, just go for it. Do not back down. Fight for your dreams, do not get tired of fighting and be persistent. When somebody says no to something, realli investigate with other people to see if it is true. Do not be afraid of asking if you do not know something. Do not let yourself get unfocused by what others may like or unlike.


At first I still didn?t know what to study at college. I was feeling disappointed at myself for not having a clear idea of what I wanted. But looking back I realize that it was part of discovering my role in society. I think it?s better to know yourself while you?re starting college because that way you learn many things that will help you find your niche. It?s good to not jump to quickly into decisions under pressure. Once you get into college you will change. Still, it?s important to do some research about careers and take aptitude tests to help you find out your real interests. But be careful, don?t take too much time doing this, or you will likely fall behind on your classes. Don?t pay too much attention to people who try to discourage you. If someone says that you?re going too slow, don?t pay too much attention. Just get hands on to discover yourself. Finally, don?t feel discouraged when you see that college students have greater ability to do things than you do. You?re going to college to learn and to become a professional.


Hi Luz, I know you are having a great time right now in your senior year at high school, but it's time to move on, and a new chapter in your life is near. The best thing you can do is to choose the University of Puerto Rico-R?o Piedras Campus, because it will open a new world of not only great things, but challenges that you will have to overcome and that will make you a better and stronger person. The best thing about this place is that it is very similar to real life, you will have good and bad experiences and the awesome part is that just like that is real life, with ups and downs! This place will also open your mind to new factors such as lifestyles, religions and politics, which you will have to deal with after you graduate. I know you will do awesome in this point of your life and afterwards! Always do the best you can, and good luck to you!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would advice to myself first not to be scared when I get on-campus because there are going to be a lot of other students just like me. Make sure that I make a list of everything that I need so I don't forget anything. It's important that I become an open person, don't judge people because I'm not in high school anymore. Get along with everyone, especially my roommate. Remember to have a balance with the academic success and the social life. I have to accept all the challenges that are going to help me grow up. Therefore, I have to be responsible choose my classes, make schedules arrangements and manage a full nutritional diet for my everyday college life. Is really important to have in mind that I have to do everything by myself and nobody is going to do it for me anymore, like in high school.


I would advice to keep up the good grades because a good GPA in a Bachelor's degree can gave a student a lot of educational opportunities and in the global economical situation that we had that is a plus. Another thing that I would emphatize is to make good study habits, because that gave you discipline and structure to achieve your goals and it is necesarry if you are planning to apply for graduate studies. I would say to be young, enjoy to the maximum college life, because when you are out, all grow-up, living as an adult, you would miss it, but always be self-concious and know when its time to party and when its time to study harder to be the best of you. Finally my advice would be that you have to take all the educational opportunities that you had, such as cultural travels, internships, etc., because that things gave you the experience on your study field and in life, and also puts you on a higher level among other students that reject such opportunities.


Don't waste your time in stuff that's not gonna help you academically. Keep focused on your goals and work hard to accomplish them. That's the recipe for success.


I believe that as we grow older we become the sum of our experiences. As an architecture student my time is consumed by my school work. Although I enjoy the work that I am given, it leaves little time for many extracurricular activities. Given what I know now about college life, if I could go back to my senior year in high school I would insist vehemently on taking a time management course my first semester in college. I believe that those kinds of courses must be compulsory to new college students. I didn't even think I had to take it because I was in advance placement classes and involved in many after school activities all through high school and thought that that was enough to justify not taking the course, but I still found that the liberty I experienced once in college was very distracting. If I could have learned all that I know now about time management without all the bumps and miscalculations I had to go through I think that my college experience could have been better because I could have participated in different activities designed to enrich students culturally as well as intellectually.